Monday, November 24, 2003

We made pineapple tarts today!!!!!!!

Tried making some yesterday. Made the dough which had to be refrigerated. Then tried making the jam. Didn't cut the pineapple finely enough and ended up with pineapple toffee!

So, went out and bought another pineapple today and we succeded!!! Yeay! Made approximately 60 tarts today!

My God! I am growing by leaps and bounds. First a three course lunch for D's birthday and now tarts! Yikes! What next??!
This weekend is the third weekend we're doing our 'Check out a New Place'.

First place: Little Bali (Desa Sri Hartamas)

It was buka puasa time but nobody gave us anything to buka with. Not that I do it but still. The food came and was quite above average. I had the fish which was nice and D had the lamb which he liked.
+ points: Very nice food presentation and good taste and flavour
- points: Inexperienced waiters and no buka puasa dates even though we had to wait for our food past 7pm.
Value for money: Can do but not every week.
Recommendation: 4/5

Second place: Jake's Charbroiled Steaks (somewhere near Bukit Damansara....)

Again near buka puasa time and again nobody offered anything. D had the steak which was king size. Didn't fill him up too much but it Was big and very nicely done. I had the Charbroiled Chicken with (extra side dish) Mushroom Sauce. Chicken was dry and hard and didn't taste like it should if it was charbroiled. Mushroom sauce tasted quite average considering that it cost me RM4.50 for a tiny serving with 4 Shitake mushrooms.
+ points: Good steak with a nice size for an acceptable, reasonable price
- points: Bad chicken and expensive sauce. Can you believe the chicken comes plain? If I hadn't ordered any extra sauce, I would have been choking my dinner down, dry as it is!
Value for money: Expensive and the dinner was only half good!
Recommendation: 3.5/5

Third Place: Carnaval Chiarascurro (or something like that) (near Atria Shopping Mall)

Had to make reservations although it wasn't really necessary. It is a new place but had a very good walk in response considering. They serve a buffet of "a minimum of ten cuts of meat, fish and chicken". I counted I think exactly 10 and two of the cuts were chicken heart and gizzard. I am surprised that bishop's nose didn't come in!
Ok, different concept. There is a buffet line of cold and hot entrees and side dishes....consisting of stuff like rice, salad, potatoes, vegetables, cold pasta, egg salad etc. No meat, no chicken, no fish. The cool twist is this: waiters come out of the kitchen with kebabs of beef (lots and lots of different types of beef), lamb (lots of different types of lamb), chicken (yes, heart and gizzard too), fish (just one), turkey ham and caramelized pineapple.
So, what they do is, they come around the tables with their kebab swords of the meat, and a big 'machete' like thing. They ask you if you want the meat they're proffering and if you do, carve slices of it onto your plate!
A really different concept and quite quite cool although it does have its disadvantages.
D realllllllllllllllllllly like the beef especially one especially juicy (read: bloody) one. And I enjoyed the salad, the cold pasta and the turkey ham.
+points: Good food - very good beef, different concept, variety is pretty good
- points: The waiters stopped serving us after a while (wondered if it was because we had already eaten our money's worth), sometimes you had to wait for the waiters to come out of the kitchen serving the food, if you're not into meat......don't do this place, the fish wasn't very palatable (too much lime and kunyit made it too strong to bear), not enough fish.
Value for money: at RM45.00 per head, D ate his worth but I didn't I think. Again, if you're not really into your meats, it ain't worth it. But can trylah at least once to experience the different buffet style.
Recommendation: 3.5/5

So far we've been doing this 'Try new places' thing every week. But I guess we have to budge too huh? So far, the bills have run pretty high! :)

Any suggestions of places for us to try?!
(for 21 November 2003)

Today I saw a llife ended. Today I 'saw' lives changed.

Right in the middle of the afternoon, something happened. I don't know who caused it , I don't know what happened but somebody paid for it.

The motorcyclist ended up on his front with his arms up over his head and his legs sprawled apart. It almost looked like he was fast asleep. But there were rivers of burgundy coloured blood running from where his head laid, covered under newspapers, as were his legs. I guess the papers were there to shield curious passerbys from the horrors of protruding bones and smashed faces. Ah the sensibilities of the living.

His bike lay on its side, near him, almost like a faithful dog would. I don't know what caused the accident. I don't know if he 'deserved' it....but I do know that he will never go home again. He will never see his family again nor experience the ups and downs of life again.

Just like that. So easily. People go past, I go past. They look, I look. Does anybody care? Will anybody change? Someone is never going to see their husband/father/son/brother/grandfather/friend again but does it change life for us? The impartial observer.

IT SHOULD! It really should because it should make us learn to not take life for granted. To not take our bodies for invincible. To not believe that 'IT' would never, could never happen to us. I don't want for this to happen to me, I don't want for this to happen to my family. I don't want for it to happen to anybody!

I saw and I made a quick prayer, for me and for my loved ones.

Please, the next time you step out your door and into your car or onto your bike, please spare a thought for the person you could kill. The lives you could change. Nobody deserves to die annonymously on the road, spread out for all to see. Respect your fellow motorist and if this thought could go all around the world, nobody need die like this every again.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

but can say life so far oklah.

kl duck race. ed deux swimming. don't know win or not

next week, new assignment. nervous. start brain again

how to help friend who seems to have lost her way?

sat. cooked 3 course lunch! happy birthday d!

FOOTBALL......some people go way crazy over it!

learning french. ca va? j'mappelle errolyn. j'habite en malasie. j'parle anglais, bm et un peu de francaise. au revoir messiers dames.
ack! lost my blog. too tired to write a repeat. bleah!

Monday, September 29, 2003

Hi Hi Hi!!!! Today is the beginning of a thousand new good things!

Times Square is opening, D is back, house moving soon and who knows anything could happen ;) !

Well, having finished my home leave for the past two weeks not doing anything in particular except perhaps gorging on fantastic food one cannot find in KL......ok, hard-pressed to find.....sometimes I feel it was a waste to spend such a long period of time not actually doing anything. Would have loved to have had a vacation somewhere especially since it's going to be another year before I get to do this again. But then, one cannot always get what one wants eh? At the very least, I am still happy, healthy and safe and sound.

Am actually quite excited about moving house. Hope this one will turn out better than the last one. God knows, I cannot do this again in the near future. Moving house is such a damn chore especially since it's not like I am moving into my own new home. Have been thinking about that alot lately, getting me own place. But God knows how I am going to afford it since I am not into buying and selling or renting but into buying my HOME. Somewhere I can do up nicely and without a third thought about expense but actually doing it up the way I like it and being able to call it my own. Hence, I want someplace cool with a nice space with good neighbours and nearby facilities. What any normal sane person wants actually. Shouldn't be too hard eh?

By the way, just wanted to say that I went to watch 'Jit Hits the Fan' at Actor's Studio recently. It wasn't too bad but at RM42 for a measly hour, it definitely is too expensive. Not to detract from Jit, I mean the man can be funny (although even he himself admits he ain't no Robin Williams or Ray Romano ((read: stand up comic)) ) but come on, 40 big and 2 small ones for 60 minutes? No can do. I ain't doing it again. Although Jit, if you're reading this and you're gonna give me free entrance to 're-evaluate' your comedic prowess, I would be happy to oblige.

(Am beginning to sound like someone I know....)

Think Happy Thoughts!

Monday, September 15, 2003

This is only the second time that I have seen this new template of Blogger's so you can guess how long it has been since I've written anything. Actually the truth is I have written stuff....time-sensitive material which focused on my moods and opinions of the moment. Yes, I wrote them at work but then I never brought home my good ole pen and paper jottings and thus, no one has seen the poor forgotten things!

Anyhow, am currently on long leave and looking forward to going back home; good food, good friends, family. What more can a girl ask for eh?

So, here's to two weeks of me lazing about the house, no access to email except Astro, The Star and good food, good friends and family! I don't know to say if I am enjoying the essence of life or that life is passing me by. I guess it is a matter of personal perception and priorities isn't it?

Some people hunger and hanker for the RICH life and therefore, the here and now is filled to the brim (forgive the accidental exciting phrase!) with work, microwave dinners and more work. I guess it's harder for guys isn't it cos if you were a girl then what the heck, MARRY a rich guy! Hhahahhahaaaaa.....but seriously, I guess it is important to work really hard and let your career fill your days......only if you achieve job satisfaction and you actually love the job that is! Because if you don't but yet you spend 80% of your time on it, then life isn't worth it eh cos who knows, before you get RICH, you could get HIT BY A BUS!

If you ask me, job satisfaction is one of the top five qualities to achieve in life. Jump around, look for better and better jobs until you find one that makes you not want to go to the doctor's every morning which pays you enough (and a bit) and then stick around. Stick around because not much could make you voluntarily give up the job.

Simple isn't it - life. Graduate, fall in 'love', first job, break your heart, second job, fall in 'love', buy a car, third job, fall in love, settle mutual hopes, dreams, goals, buy a home, get married, move up the ladder, have first kid, buy better car, make Assistant Vice President, second kid (perhaps), buy another car, celebrate husband's making CEO and your making it good in the industry as well, live happily ever after.

Ok, the fairytale comes true for one in a ....thousand? But at the very least, fall in love, achieve job satisfaction, nurture a happy healthy family, find financial security and enjoy and appreciate all the life has given you.

It is becoming easier and easier to see that people marry quite easily nowadays. Everywhere you look there's a wedding happening and people just seem to jump into the boat like they're buying a holiday package. But it isn't! It is infinitely more difficult and fulfilling than that. Growing older without the pressure of getting married and having the wonderful experience of seeing others go through it first certainly has its benefits. You realise that so much goes into a marriage. So much to settle before and after the decision to commit your life to another person.

And then there's the kids, I mean, how much more difficult do you want to make a marriage? I just have never been one for kids so I guess that's a rather prickly issue for me.

Anyways, I guess I have highlighted a few important issues for people on the verge of marriage. There are a shocking number of marriages that fall apart but guess what, if you jump with the right one (meaning the one you're willing to fight for through thick and thin), marriage can be least that is what I visualise it to has to be eh? Otherwise what is it all for????

Monday, July 28, 2003

Please check out the end to Temptation Island for those who were in Livingston watching it with me!

One surprising ending and two not at all revelations.
I must be getting old.....otherwise I would't be feeling as tired as I feel now!

It definitely has to be a combination of the late late nights and earlyish mornings coupled with the great demands of work, thought and exercise; but I have to be changing something or else my body is going to rebel! The only thing I am surprised about is that I haven't fallen ill yet.

Have not been able to catch 'The Amazing Race' as it shows on Friday night. Have had to watch video tapings of it and again this seasonl, I find it hard to remember all the names of the contestants except for the more 'exciting' ones. Is the interest waning or is the show losing its touch? But I was however, very pleasantly surprised when they were in Malaysia (Sabah, guys, not Borneo!) for more than an hour!

Also they highlighted so many interesting places in Sabah that I think I would love to visit! Gomantong Caves, the Sepilok Orang Utan's time for us to get to know our own country don't you think? many venues so little time. I haven't shopped in ages! So many things on the mind. Wish I could just get away and relax...........yes definitely time for that now!

No energy for big and heavy thoughts intellectual discussions.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Yes, another month of non-news!

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I wonder if I would quit working! Just travel the world for a bit, go home and relax. Spend time with my family perhaps start my own business where I go around the world, looking for unusual trinkets to sell in Malaysia.

Life is good but not very good. Unsure of how I can explain it. It seems like I have everything, good job, good family, good friends and relationships but then....sometimes, life is always what it looks like on the surface. I don't know how to explain it even to myself. Is everything alright or is alot not? Have you ever had periods like this?

There's so much to think about but when you try to scrutinise the big picture, you think to yourself, there's not much cause for complaint. But somehow, something somewhere deep inside you knows things could be better.

What can I say, I have reached my mid-life crisis! Hhahahahahahhahaa

Anyhoo, another just that, another day. Doesn't life change? Why is everything routine? It's especially bad, I guess, if the routine were ROUTINE!

We should just learn to be happy. But should we be content with what we have or should we strive to better what is? Stir the stagnant pool. Everyone deserves the best and if you don't grab it for yourself, you sure as !!!! can't expect it to fall from the sky.

The thing is, do I have the courage to stir the stagnant pool?

Saturday, June 21, 2003

OK, one month of laziness! I know! Don't chastise!

I have been really busy at work. Have started training my team already and it's hard work. Not because of them, but because you have to be constantly on the lookout and on the alert. Your mind is always thinking of ways to explain. Not as easy as one would think it to be.

So that's all life has been so far.....Have also been packing up to move. Hired a lorry and shifted my stuff over this morning and am damn glad that tomorrow is a holiday still!

Wonder what happened on Temptation Island! Have to go check it out. Look out for more updates from me!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

KYOO TV - Temptation Island

Ok, this is another reality show I am watching every Wednesday night at 9pm. It's getting better now since things are heating up and I do think the sluts of the group are Alana and Clinton. Other than that, everybody's been pretty goody two shoes so far.

Nothing much happens on Temptation Island. I wonder how they made a reality game show of it. They basically drink, party, swim, date and cheat on their partners. There is no genius to it, there is no plot to it. The only thing you need for this show is people who want to cheat on their partners on national television in front of the whole wide world.

Voyeurism - that's what it's all about. But I guess as long as there are people like me watching the show, it'll go on and on and on. - E4 - YOUR FACE OR MINE?

Can you believe this game show? All they do is sit around comparing each other's faces to other people's and say which is better looking. In the end they have to compare each other and decide to bet all the money they have picked up on who is the more gorgeous of the two partners.....Hmmm...I wonder what my partner would say....

Sunday, May 11, 2003

First of all, London last weekend. An 'interesting' weekend to say the least.

Sookie and I were met at the train station by our Project Manager from London, the sweet sweet man! I didn't even know he was coming. We had spoken on the phone and all I thought was that we were planning to meet up but sometime after our arrival but there he was grinning like a Cheshire cat when we caught sight of each other. Boy, were Sookie and I surprised especially when at that very moment, we were deciding when to call Les to tell him we had arrived!

Anyway, he brought us over to where HQ is located. Boy, is the building stylish. It's just something you have to see to appreciate. We went inside to view the view from the majestic heights of the Tower. There is also this great photo wall in the reception area which was truly amazing. Will upload my photo of this wall and you can truly appreciate what I fail to convey through words.

AFter that, we muddled throught the Tube again to get to my friend's (Razif) place at which we are bunking for two nights. After plonking down our luggage, we hop on the Tube again and rush to Westminster, Borough Food Market, Leicester Square, walked through Covent Garden, ambled thorugh Chinatown, experienced a 'traditional' English pub with my innocent Orange Raspberry drink......and THEN, went on to catch my oft-dreamed about musical....Les Miserables!!!!!!!!!!!! at the Palace Theatre. It was a fantastic 3 hour performance and the voices were superb. It only makes me wish I could sing half as well.

Well then, go home, sleep, Sunday morning we get up all ready to attack Oxford Street. We did just that and bought cute handbags for GBP2! Can you imagine that! Well, after a little meandering and spending, we got caught by the h'ea'tful sun. It was swelteringly hot and was I melting in my long sleeved knit and coat! Anyways, that kind tired us out fast. We went on to revisit Leicester Square and Covent Garden hoping for a bit of shopping more but I guess it had been too hot a day and we were basically drained.

Had dinner with Razif and his flatmate and off home we went. Monday morning the Bank holiday we were up at ready to attack London again. Went off to catch Buckingham Palace and its Changing of the Guards at 11am. God, does the insitution like to draw out ceremonies. The blasted thing lasted an hour and Sookie and I were starving! We hurried off to Leicester Square tube station to buy 4 samosas each (a colleague had earlier raved about this Indian guy's samosas), tubed again off to Harrods this time.

I must say that Harrods was certainly an experience you won't find anywhere else. To think that people help perpetuate its self-importance. I found out there was a Harrods world where they sell the ugliest Harrods' bags I have ever seen! I guess I must plead guilty though to helping keep Harrods' head in the clouds. I bought myself a cute little keychain and got myself the famous green and gold Harrods bag. Sookie wanted to have her picture taken outside Harrods with her shopping bag but I steered clear of malufying myself. And from there, we headed on home to fetch our luggage and catch our train back to good old Edinburgh.

And this is where the fiasco begins......Sookie and I being geniuses, decided to take a not-so-busy line into King's Cross.....needless to say, a not-so-busy line will not be in any hurry to reach King's Cross. We fussed and stewed in an often waiting train and reached the train station at 6.05pm. Alright, we reached at least........but 5 mins LATE for our train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to rush to the counter, upgrade our ticket (read:pay another £31 each), ride the tube to the next station and catch the 6.30pm train back into Scotland. Ok, we rush, we reach Euston Station, we look for Edinburgh train platform, we don't find it! We, however, do find -- Glasgow! We ask.....praying fervently. Well, Mr. Helpful at the ticket counter, being in so much of a rush to get us off to the 6.30pm train, forgot to mention that our train got into Glasgow and NOT Edinburgh!!!!!! We took this old old train into Glasgow at 12.10am, walk in the night drizzle to the Glasgow bus station and tried to wait for the Glasgow-Edinburgh city bus which starts at 5am.

Then, things started getting 'better' for us when two guys came over and asked if we wanted to share a cab back into Edinburgh. Splitting the £60 cab fare between the four of us would be much easier on our pockets and backs if we could get back safe and sound. Me being the paranoid that I am, was unsure about sharing a cab with two unknown guys the end Sookie won me over. They looked ok and the cab driver looked ok too.

We started off at 1.07am. 2 mins into our road trip another cab pulls up to ours at a light and starts mouthing off.....seems that the guys had earlier asked cabbies for a quote which was £80 but our cabbie had agreed to break the code and do us for sixty. Mr Rude screamed that our cabbie was gonna get reported, it was quite worrying.....but after that, we got back to Holiday Inn, Edinburgh at 2am and got to sleep for the next 4.5 hours until we had to wake up for work again.....Hope Mr. Cabbie didn't get into any real trouble. He was a good man.

Well, it would seem that London wasn't very very good for us huh? I must say of all the locations we have visited so far, I most liked Paris for its scenes and lifestyle. Romance could be tasted in the air and seen everywhere. London was more staid and its scenes more cold. Buckingham Palace was a bit of a let down as I pictured it bigger, more commanding and awe-inspiring.....

Well, I am happy to be back in my own little private room, having my never-changing breakfast at the hotel and working my butt off.....One day I understand my work, the next, somebody tells me something different and the light goes off again. Help!

Plus, it gets lonely staying all alone in your hotel room. Granted colleagues are there and all that but family and friends aren't around and the days just run into one another without too much fuss or variety. Write me....soon.....

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Hiya! Ok, off to London tomorrow for 3 days. Wish me fun!!!!!!! See yous all when I return and write!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Dear Everyone,

If you have been unable to acccess my may be because you need to get a Yahoo Id....which means you need to sign up for a Yahoo account or something....
Hi ya!!!!!...again! Have bought a whole day pass to the Internet Cafe so I won't have to rush things this time! Anyways, have got some new pics up on Besides that, there are also some on Some of yous (Scottish slang) may not be able to access the sites...don't know why since I have given full access but anyways; for those who can; enjoy!

So, yesterday (Saturday) went shopping in Glasgow the whole day and I never spent so much money shopping in Edinburgh so Glasgow is fantastic for shopping. It's more affordable and there are just so many things to buy all on that one street. Don't know what the name of the street is but...well, we didn't go anywhere else in Glasgow. Had to rush back for a night out and I willingly had drinks last night! And I didn't get drunk but tottered about on my high-heeled new boots which I bought for 10GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Glasgow! (See what I mean by shopping haven?)

Let's see, what else...this weekend I am free and easy, whiling my time away in Edinburgh but this afternoon, I will meet up with some colleagues and have home-cooked haggis! Well, I told Jenn (my hostess) that she needed to slaughter and dissect a sheep in order to YANK out the intestines and offal to cook but she side-stepped me and will be buying a store-made haggis to pop into the microwave. Aiya! But nevertheless, am looking forward to this afternoon though. Easy hanging about unlike the last few weekends where we have spent so much time rushing and sight-seeing and buying and basically just getting darn tired!

It was my dad's birthday on 23rd April and he has just told me that he has stopped smoking for 1 month now! Am so proud of him!
Also, a friend just told me about a new relationship. Congrats! Hope you will still think of me though!

This coming weekend, a colleague and I will be off to London for 3 days and we hope to take in all or at least most of London's sights as well as a musical. Les Miserables or Chicago or my favourite of all time, Miss Saigon. We'll see. And I will let everyone know about all that has happened on this site......or at least I will when I get the opportunity to write!

Am a little upset with my camera though. I didn't know when it was bought that it couldn't save the editing changes I made to my pics. So alot of times, I would probably have to edit it, save it to a diskett and then send it to the photo shop for a print. So, guys when you see the pics, don't criticise eh....cos I will be editing and printing them out for all to savour!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hi ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have had a lovely time visiting the Highlands and last long Easter weekend (we were off from Fri-Mon), we flew up to Amsterdam and Paris!!!!!!!! Amsterdam was kind crowded and dirty and quite a few of the sights were hours away but we managed to occupy ourselves....somehow! ;) Saw a 'show' but damn was it tame. I must say I expected a lot more and I guess I would have been better off watching Thai shows. The people were friendly though and they spoke English which was a life-saver. I can say this now cos my next destination, Paris, left a lot lacking from the people.

They were unfriendly and unhelpful to people who looked different and didn't speak their language. At least that was the impression I got. It's basically a very ingrained, natural reserve, aloofness and arrogance that they carry with them that just doesn't jibe with the fact that so many people, from ALL parts of the world visit Paris. I may not have been there for very long but I covered the normal tourist sights. DIdn't have time to visit the museums so maybe I can't say that I have been to the Musee Dorsay or the Louvre but at least I have seen the outside and I have been up the Eiffel Tower.

I kinda feel like the more I travel, the more I see and experience, the more I appreciate how beautiful and lucky Malaysia and her people actually are. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently! We are a world-class country in terms of customer service, food and people. I cannot even begin to compare how readily we help foreigners and how exciting our food is when compared to everywhere else. Perhaps it is because not alot that I try is new since we get such a cosmopolitan atmosphere in Malaysia.

I miss my family so much and I miss my home and food in Penang. I am enjoying spending my free money here in Scotland and wherever I may get the fancy and time to travel to but what I wouldn't do to curl up at home on the living room sofa and watch Astro with my mum and chat with my dad. Age and maturity really gets you missing home.

Life is very busy here. I have been here 3 weekends and always feel like I don't have enough tiem to do anything. Every weekend, we are out exploring and spending and time just flies. Half my training stint here is gone already and I have only updated my blog like 3 times. Kinda hard too when there's no email/Internet in the office or near the hotel! The only thing I haven't tried here yet is the drinking and visiting the pubs! Seems like a LOT of drinking goes on here in Scotland.........

Am trying to upload more pics but I know a lot of people out there cannot access my pics. Well, guess I will have to do something about that when I return and meet up with my techie genius but in the meantime, I am sorry cos I to share so much with you guys!

By the way, visiting places is so much cooler when you're with a loved one so take heed!

Write me at or

Monday, April 07, 2003

P.S. Check out
The Scotland Album! Have lots of other photos on other people's camera and yet to be uploaded. Patience!
Hello everyone! As some of you may know, on my trip here, I had to transit in Changi Airport and last week, when I started coughing and nose running as well as a slight fever, I had a bit of a scare but it's all gone now and I am fine.....(to those of you who care!).

Anyways, it has been a week since I have been here and two weekends both of which we have spend walking around Edinburgh City Centre. The shops here close at 6pm and some are closed on Sunday but I think we have covered a whole lot of the city. When I first arrived, I was abit of a jakun cos I kept going 'Wah!' at the architecture but now I know that so much of the city is like that. Was supposed to go to Glasgow today cos it seems to have fantastic shopping but our team kinda decided we've had too much spending and walking lately so we just went for a bit of a scare.....went to the Edinburgh Dungeon tour!

Cost us 8 pound fifty and wasn't half worth it since it wasn't scary and wasn't nearly long enough but we are planning to go on a Witchery tour and Haunted Trails tour so that hopefully will make up for it though trust me, all these are not cheap!

It's sale time now but we haven't been buying alot cos am trying to save for travelling around.

Took some pictures of Scott Memorial and Nelson Monument and walked and walked and walked. Princes Street is the main shopping street here and it's kinda like Bukit Bintang except cold and therefore, you don't get tired so fast! Today it's 11 degrees C and we kinda got lost after locating Holyrood Palace but not going in and walking up a large large hill but only getting halfway! I must say, from today's experience, there are not alot of public toilets around so if you're holding yourself in, it's a bit of a difficult job! Hahahahhahaha

Let's see...what else. I am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh and the time here is 7 hours behind Malaysia. Anyone wanna call me, can contact me at 10-11pm at night (my time)!

I miss my family, my dear dear friends and even my HDPM new colleagues! Surprising especially since I've only met them like 1.5 months ago! But you guys are great! Lots of love to Mum, Dad, Jan, Kong Wai, Dzof, Khat, Nigel, Elene, Vivien, Lisa, Thing May, Szu Ping, Melinda, Rena, Ah Tiong, Keat, Nicky.......

I hope to lose weight with all this walking the way, shall I have a poll to see if you guys wanna see a pic of me in my spanking new black bikini???????????

Write me at!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Dear All,

Scotland is fantastic! I love the cold and am currently planning for all my other trips! To Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, Ireland.... any must-visits?

I have tried haggis, have tried black pudding which is blood and am trying very hard to hold back my bladder as I write this!

The flight was horrendously long....Singapore to London was 14 hours and in an Economy seat, you know it ain't cool! I was squirming around so mucha dn wondering how the heck the big people managed to manage it.

I have walked around Edinburgh quite a bit and have taken quite a few photos....check them out at It's a public album so eat your heart out!

I will write more and I love it here! Am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. Can call me if you guys want! Hahhahaha...Ms Tan in Room 442.

Miss me anybody????????????

Sunday, March 23, 2003


Yes! Raikkinen (?) won! The only reason why I even know his name is because a colleague entered his name for me in an internal HDPM (office) F1 winner Guessing I guess now I have some part of a prize??

Anyway, thanks to my beloved friend who got me a ticket to the F1 race! And such an extremely good ticket at that! No it wasn't the PAD-DOCK but it was the Tower seat which gave me an exfellent view of a corner where each driver had to slow down to take. It was fabulous though I did feel a bit sleepy some time into the race!

Another great thing that I truly enjoyed was the aerial show by TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia- Royal Airforce of Malaysia). It was such a turn on I said because the sheer size and power of those machines and they way the just manouvered and 'conquered' the skies! It was awesome and not forgetting the awe-ful noise! The only time I had ever heard something as loud was when I was young and saw a helicopter landing in a field.

Saw a very cool very nice and dvery expensive driving top from Ferrari which cost RM 120 .....didn't get it. Don't ask me about it. I don't wanna think about it. Also saw a Schumacher (Michael) t-shirt which thought I may get for mum but that was RM 100 so.....didn't get that too....not the least because it didn't actually look very nice!

All in all, it was a great experience; once in a lifetime. Don't think I will do it again unless it is a PAD-DOCK experience....the heat, the crowd just gets to me not to mention the longgggg walk from the car park to my seats.

I musn't forget to mention that part of the fun was in the morning where my friend and I made a special trip to Tesco's to buy buns and water and snacks to munch on during the F1 show! We seem to always do stuff like that. Plan picnics and all that.

Well, this coming Sat will probably be my departure date for Scotland. I will be in transit for 5 hours in Singapore (!) and then 2 hours in Heathrow London before the final flight to Edinburgh. Really looking forward to it espeially since it's my first time there and I will be there for 2 months with some very nice colleagues/friends so I look forward to travelling, exploring and learning.

Stay tuned and let me update you on my adventures in Scotland/England/Europe.....Thanks all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Another question:

8) How can a country be so arrogant as to straight-facedly tell off a world body that "If you do not agree to do it my way, I will make you obsolete AND go on ahead and do it my way!"??
This war thing is really upsetting me. I am not trying to be flippant here but sitting here listening to the BBC debate between the Liberal and Conservative parties.....some very basic, perhaps naive questions come to mind:

1) Who made America the big brother?
2) Who supported Iraq when it was in their favour?
3) Where is the evidence linking Iraq to Al-Qaeda?
4) If Iraq is suffering so much, and have been suffering so much, under Saddam Hussein, what took America (the self-elected leader of the world) so long to take action against this inhuman murderer?
5) Why are we not boycotting American establishments and American products?
6) Why does the common man sit back and continue to live in oblivion of the perils and tragedies of war?
7) Why does no one realise that two wrongs do not make one right and the easiest, most fuss-free way would be to just get rid of one person instead of murdering (too) hundreds of thousands of soldiers (on both sides) as well as innocent, harmless, constantly persecuted, and unthought-of except when they're in use, citizens of Iraq???

Please let clarify if anyone can!

Thank you.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I hate computers.

Can you imagine, it took me one and a half hours to check my email, check out Paris, and try to get blogger on. Hence, I hate computers.

OK, on to happier thoughts.

I've almost finished packing today for Scotland. My suitcase is extremely heavy and I'm trying to pass off a duffel bag as a backpack.

I've packed my beautiful MNG knee-high boots. I hope that they will make me look smart.

I spent this weekend doing exciting things, like shopping. I was given a great gift that I shall never forget forever and ever and ever and ever - MY DIGITAL CAMERA! It's a Fujifilm FinePix A303 - I'm really looking forward to using it, especially since we seem to have made a good choice. But then, I am cautioned against being too happy at the start, but, what the hey!

Also bought a nice puffy lilac jacket (although some don't like the colour). Got a nice hat, nice scarves, nice gloves - life is sweet.

But sometimes the beginning is also the end.

Anybody who's got European (especially France, Ireland, England) travel tips please feel free to educate me...

... I don't know what else to say. It's especially hard when someone else is typing. I shall return.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Ok, does anybody have any idea what digital camera is good for an amateur photographer who just wants to take nice pictures?

There are so many to choose from and I don't have the resources at hand to research, experiment with, question, doubt, endorse, pick any which one in particular.

Olympus or Nikon or Kodak???! Which one is the best for my needs? Someone help!

By the way, Scotland here I come from 28th March til 31st May 2003. Then, when I return, anybody that has a nice room in a secured apartment or condominium block can offer to rent it to me!

I will miss all my friends and family here but I can't help just being so excited about the whole episode! It's always been my dream to visit Scotland. I've always had this image that it's beautiful beyond words and now I will get to live my dream! I just can't believe the good luck of it all!

Although on other possibly more important issues is the fact that the world is rushing headlong into the lives and deaths of potentially tens of thousands of people. Some choosing to do it, some having no choice but to do it and even worse, some who have to endure it and 'live' with the consequences come what may...through no fault of their own. What can be done?

I have a friend who has decided to stand his ground against the almighty use of might and power by some parties. He has decided to impose a self-ban on all American brands/foods/outlets etc. It takes discipline and great faith to carry this out I think because so many times, so many people start out with a 'mission', but get side-tracked along the way without completing their objective.

Is this the only way we can get a message across? I heard too that the sale of Coke somewhere has fallen by 50%. Great! But who are these other people still drinking Coke? Well, to each his own. This is not something I want to Force on others.

I just hope something can be done in time before tragedies take place just because mankind has contracted a bad case of swollen head!

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Yahoo! Movies: The Quiet American (2002) - Critics Reviews

The Quiet American!!!

Yes, left me extremely quiet at the end of the movie....except when my friend started going, "I thought it was very well-done".

Now, I don't want to be emotional and hasty but what the heck, it was so flat! Michael Caine was one of the least dishy old men to play the role of Fowler and Brendan Fraser didn't actually get any big opportunities to 'strut his stuff'.

Did they not realise that all the girl wanted was a safe and rich existence somewhere safe where there's no more selling herself, bombs, death and destruction?

Anyways, watch for yourself but caveat emptor!

I shall be leaving for Livingston, Scotland on 28 March 2003 looks like. Will continue to update this page and for all of you who have faithfully kept in touch with me through this page, thank you! I look forward to a long and happy dynamic relationship with you.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Dear All,

Of course, it's been two weeks since I've started my job. Everything seems ok so far. Although there is an update now....I have been confrimed that I will be going to Livinston, Scotland instead of Bangalore......well, we'll see.

Anyhow, Thursday night, I took the train down to Singapore and watched Sir Cliff Richard's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Met up with my sister too who's just started her 6 year pay-back bond. So it was a cool weekend there and I just took the train back today.....Quite romantic the train....good to share with people you love.

Hey, am quite ashamed at myself for spending quite a lot of money in Singapore.....bought clothes....there was a sale there! Not my fault but most of those who know me, would know how I feel about *this*.
Just started my new job for one week and last week we were in induction. My work hours now are 10am-7 pm but in the future I may have to work shifts. Actually, I WILL have to work shifts and they are following the UK hours and those are usually 3pm-12 mindnight or 4-1am or 5-2am.

No overtime.

I will be travelling to Bangalore, South India sometime early March/late March or early April.....
But they say Bangalore is nice cos garden city of India, pub city of India.....Anyways, I will communicate through this email/ cos I can't write at work and got no external email there. Can call me still in my handphone except when I go travelling. Then I will give you my temp number but I don't think you guys will wanna call melah....hehhehehee....Anyway, thats all for now....

I am an AM in Training. Anyhoo, take care over there in EDS or wherever you are. And write to me either here or ya!

Friday, February 14, 2003

Well, today's Valentine's Day!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all who read this. I didn't get any flowers today but am trying to console myself that flowers are ridiculously, appallingly, horrendously, astronomically, unnecessarily expensive this day of the year.......but then which girl doesn't like to receive them eh?

Congratulations to Elene who received not one but TWO bouquets! Good going girl, gotta take lessons from you!

Ok, today's not only Valentine's Day. I have been busily packing up my cubicle stuff since the beginning of the week cos today's my last day at EDS. Yes, hard to believe two years have flown by just like the blink of an eye....and especially now when I am enjoying my job so much, I wonder if anybody really understands how sad it is to leave.

I tell myself that yes, we will keep in touch, but how many people actually do that? We all have the best intentions at the beginning but as time passes, people forget, get caught up in their own lives; get too busy sending girls bouquets of flowers! Hahhahahaaa....

But then, life goes on. Tomorrow will be another day. I will go home tonight, cuddle in the bosom of my family and get energised to face the NEW CAREER on Monday! It's an exciting job, no doubt about it, it's just that right at this moment, it's kinda hard to feel sad and excited at the same time. Me, the jetsetter. I shall look forward to writing about my adventures and exploits.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, old and new. I shall miss the EDS family but I look forward to being accepted into the HSBC one soon......

Monday, February 03, 2003

It's that time of the year again....albeit yes I am writing on the Third Day of CNY. Although I must say I have only been spending time with my family lately. So no gambling, no clubbing, no hanging out with friends yet.

Why you ask? Cos my sister and mum are travelling to Shanghai, China for 2 weeks and it is only natural that I want to spend time with my whole family as much as possible. Since my sister will be going to work in :(Singapore:( already and ESPECIALLY since I will be moving (up, hopefully) to a job that will require me to travel! To such far-off places as Bangalore, UK, Hong Kong, US and others. Though I really don't wanna be anywhere but home should the Third World War start! .....With somebody like W. Bush at the helm of a country declaring war on another.....with missiles no's just too scarily comedic or comedically scary....take your pick.

But then, on to more happy matters. Yes changing jobs....after two years at's time to move on I guess and I will be writing (frequently I hope) to give you more updates on my new horizons. Especially those friends of mine who are far far away in locale but close in my heart!.

Salut! and Happy Chinese New Year.....Still receiving ang pows this change......

Write me if you want: (though I may not always have access to this account at know....firewall and all that jazz!)

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Hi! It's been so long hasn't it! Well, I guess I can just blame it on work that has been basically non-stop since I last wrote in December. It's interesting how time flies.....

My manager went on Christmas holiday back home in Scotland and left the two remaining team members on duty....I have had to field calls from the customer while handling requests from our internal company staff as well as churn out proposals that never seem to stop coming!

Anyways, I went home for a while for the New Year and am now just looking forward to Chinese New Year where I will be able to 'rest' for 10 days! As well as collect ang pows! As is the tradition of the unmarried Chinese girls......

However, will there be a change of job or position for me in the future. 'Predictions' for the Dragon in the Year of the Goat 2003 is that there will be plenty of career opportunities available for the discerning Dragon should he wish to change careers or even just companies......I wonder....will I be traversing the oceans soon? Will I be conquering the skies? Who knows....

Mid this year, this Errolyn will be venturing to New York, Boston, London and Oxford for the first time ever.....Stay tuned for more exciting peeks into the life of Errolyn......HAHHAHAHAHAAAAA.....