Friday, April 14, 2006


Just to let you all know that one week ago today, I committed Involuntary Manslaughter of a Biawak's Tail.

I confess to the crime but I plead temporary insanity.

At 10.23am last Friday 7 Aoril, I was driving my car at a steady pace below the Allowed Speed Limit on my way to work. I was happily humming a tune (the name escapes me at the moment) and had never before nor then entertained thoughts of murder.

Then, I suddenly saw this medium sized biawak (read: giant/monitor lizard) in the middle of the road. He was sunbathing on one of the dotted white lines down the middle of the winding road. And this is when Insanity set in!

Of course, being an animal loved, I turned the steering wheel to avoid the biawak. However, as if in a dream, I saw myself turning the wheel TOWARDS the poor guy! I gasped in horror but the deed was done, I felt the da-bump, and that was it.

My hand was at my mouth, there was a short scream of guilt.....and I continued driving towards work.

I put him out of my mind until later that night, when I confessed to a colleague, that I had committed Involuntary Manslaugther of a Biawak's Tail.

~head hangs down in shame~

Sunday, April 02, 2006

PPS Pinging???

Alright, just registered to ping Project Petaling Street - to no avail. Can't ping it - think maybe it's me browser who's screwing up and not knowing how to apply the credentials the way they should be.......if you can tell that I just copied that verbatim off the error message, you know me too well!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, nothing much to update - except me ab muscles are building up, me gluteus muscles too - OOH LA LA! Today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday and DAMN IT!!! I need to get to work again! Shite - by the way, if anybody is willing to pay for an extra pair of hands to help them out with business, proofreading, etc, let me know.....saw several pairs of LOVERLY (meaning Lovely and Sexy!) shoes at Nose yesterday but didn't buy any! Aggrrrrhghghghgh! The last time I bought shoes, it was January.....I think!

Nose shoes are fantastic - the designs have gotten better and better and their prices keep rising of course. They are officially now my favourite brand of shoes as compared to Vincci! (Hey John! Are you reading this??)

I can still remember the time I bought this pair of leopard spotted stilletos and asked my boyfriend, "But don't they look sexy??? Doesn't it just make you want to......???!" (By the way, a word of caution, not everyone can carry off a pair of leopard spots!)

So Errolyn now has 40 over pairs of shoes in KL - cool but you know, when is it ever enough? There are so many shoe stores to conquer out there and so little! Aldo is another fave - what's not to like???? Stilletos, pointed toes, sex appeal written all over!!!!

On to another topic, contrary to what a friend said, M The Opera (I heard) was lousy beyond redemption! (What do you call a girl who uses too many exclamation marks?) A work colleague went and walked out and I find it funny when my friend said "it was a full house every night (until the interval, at least)." Glad I didn't get to buy a ticket - yes, I was told it was all SOLD OUT!

Anyway, very much looking forward to Grease in May, I'll be chilling and rocking away!

Sing along with me now:

I got chills, they're multiplying,
And I'm lo-o-sing control,
There's a fire, you're supplying,
It's ELECTRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

P.S. I think some silly man in Damansara, tried to rob me just now as I was stepping into the Internet Cafe. Asked me where the nearest barbershop was - the freak! If he thought I was going to come walking over to him, he's got another kick in the B@@LLS coming!

P.S.S. Very upset with all the people who have got Ipods and Creatives and Zens and whatever little tiny mobile music players! Gotta get me a computer and internet conncetion man, if I'm going to stay at the forefront (LAUGH!) of the music scene.