Tuesday, December 14, 2010

50% Discount on Traffic Summonses

So, since 1st Dec 2010, the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) have offered, as they usually do, a 50% discount for all payments of outstanding traffic summonses. This in itself is reprehensible because it just goes to show that if you commit a wrong-doing in Malaysia, no problem - just ignore it - you won't get punished for it, you would actually get rewarded! Mat Rempits out there held out long enough to be offered trips to Alaska and their own racing track and most recently racing tips and education from professional bike racers.

I mean these are the dregs of society who are being rewarded while our brain drain continue out of the country. Seriously it pays to just be blur and useless here. And now we've got the Talent Corporation headed by Johan Mahmood, who will spend millions? billions? of my tax money wooing people back from abroad whom the government sent away in the first place because they wouldn't give them the deserved scholarship/opportunity. Ok - that is another gripe.

Back to the discount offered for traffic summonses - at first the police said it was available until 14 Dec but now they've extended it because, of course, everyone who ever committed a traffic offense and their mother, are rushing to pay their summonses to take advantage of the year end rush to 'add a credit to our books'. There are many who also actually have the cheek to complain via newspapers and the internet about the police not having planned adequately to manage the crush of people they knew would be paying off their summonses, they complained about having to wait 2 hours, having to rush from one payment location to another because queue numbers had run out! I mean - if this is not the epitome of 'looking a gift horse in the mouth' I don't know what is!

See for those of you who don't yet understand the scenario - the thing is that if you get caught for a wrong-doing where the POLICE issue you a ticket, if you pay it off immediately - you pay the full sum. However, if you are lazy, irresponsible, a repeat offender, all you have to do is wait until the end of the year and voila - you'll get a clearance price on your tickets. Hence, just wait! And that is what millions do. I am so sick AND numb of the entire situation that I can't even summon up the words to lambast. It is the norm here.

And it is practised in so many aspects of society - you can't study well enough to succeed on your own, no problem - let the Education Ministry set a special standard (read: lower, easier) minimum criteria for you to pass, get an A, get into university. You laze around for most of your life and suddenly decide, aiyaks! I don't have enough money to support my wife and 20 children on my fisherman earnings - appear on some RTM1 Help Give Me Money programme and some Societal Minister will also come visit you and give you groceries, a house, money, schooling for your children......., wait I'm 14 years old and I just can't wait to have sex, let's make it legal - I'll marry my Religious Education Teacher but state I will try to finish school before I have children - what the heck, my parents can't afford to raise me anymore, they've given me consent to marry! What? Just because I'm an elected official who is due in Parliament or whatever, I have to watch what I say, make sure it's well thought through, intelligent and stands for the benefit of my constituency - heck no! I'll say whatever the hell crosses my cow brain - heck I think I'll try to distract from my stupidity and ineffectiveness by complaining that another elected official is wearing the wrong clothes to a public place/event. Too revealing, I can't control myself! I'm a man! THAT's why I have a legal right to marry 4 wives cos 1 just isn't enough and plus, I can change my mind whenever I want, and if I particularly like my young granddaughter that's fine - but please don't whip me! I couldn't take it - I mean I am all of 70 years of age - I can get it up for my granddaughter but not much else!

Aiyo, whatever lah! I just can't take it anymore!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

Ok, so I've not mentioned this here in this blog at at all but I am pregnant - 35 weeks this Wed to be exact. And I am kinda freaked out.

I'm spending a night alone here while JH works late tonight. Just penciling in some thoughts to my pregnancy book and had some incredibly nerve-wracking flashes so I thought I'd share with you.

Baby Boy is coming along...... He will be coming along soon and sitting down and thinking about it just brought home the fact that this is actually the easiest part of the pregnancy - then the delivery (which will also be easy) and after that is where the REAL experience really starts! When he's here!

I am not sure I know how to handle this. I wonder how JH and I will handle it, how will we cope? Will we be stressed out? Or overjoyed and parental mannerisms and attitudes just come naturally? I don't know how I am going to hold him or bathe him or change him! I just told my MIL the other day that I am a planner but I have no idea how I'm going to plan about Baby Boy at all...I mean I can buy all these stuff, but planning how long I will sleep with him or how I would love to breastfeed him if we can both work hard enough at it to make it work...e.t.c......

This is scary! Downright scary! I've always said there will be a Humongous change to our lives but it's never held as much truth as it does now and it will strike home even more when he's come! So, no more just waking up and deciding to go out for breakfast so we just get a shower and throw some clothes on.....but I mean is it really as 'bad' as that? And wouldn't just popping out of bed to peek at him snoozing away cutely and chubbily be worth more than a breakfast outside?

I could go on and on but basically, I just wanted to share that having a baby never seemed as real as it did tonight and never scared me more, as yet....., because he's still in me now. Which is different but not soooo much, and I've had to go through some stuff I've never really gone through before.....but soon he'll be here and life will never be the same again. For myself individually, for Ju Han individually, and for both of us together as a couple. We will have a B.A.B.Y! - a human being we made, together, it's just too big to comprehend! And we will be responsible for him for the rest of our lives!

And EVEN scarier - it's not just that we are responsible for him - but we will care and love him and that will somehow open us up and make us that much more vulnerable to hurt and pain because we do want things to be good for him, and if they aren't, WE're the ones who are going to hurt and worry.

I'm scared. I really am.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pandora Bracelets

There is a new Pandora counter at Pavilion Mall - very cool - I really like their charm bracelets but like I told BIL - I'm definitely not a one to wait for special occasions to buy different charms to build the bracelet - hehehehhahaha.....They've got chains and leather straps and silver/gold/precious gems/diamonds.....The charm bracelets are under their line of 'Moments' and I also like their 'Compose' line which sees varieties of composition - earrings that come apart and go with others....so cool!!!!!!!!!! You buy the hoop (first pic) and just slip on the earrings/ pendants (second pic) of your choice to make different looks!

(All pics from Pandora.net - and my background colour makes the pics look a bit weird - so look closer to see the actual item ya)

They aren't alllll that expensive too unless you buy the Gold or Diamond ones....Perhaps after baby boy is born, I'll reward myself with something from there.....though the idea of adding to my already gargantuan set of hardly used accessories is daunting! Ooooh, I love their moonstones....

The Moments charm bracelets have some really nice designs but I don't care for the Murano glass so much. Firstly choose your bracelet and then just pack on the charms! Apparently, each Asian wrist should be able to take up to ummmm...20 over charms if I'm not mistaken....



The LovePod range

The Pencil and The Eraser

Pencil: I'm sorry.

Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.

Pencil: I'm sorry cos you get hurt bcos of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.

Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad. :)

I found this conversation between the pencil and the eraser very inspirational. Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil. They're always there for their children, cleaning up their mistakes. Sometimes along the way... they get hurt, and become smaller (older, and eventually pass on). Though their children will eventually find someone new (spouse), but parents are still happy with what they do for their children, and will always hate seeing their precious ones worrying, or sad.

"All my life, I've been the pencil.. And it pains me to see the eraser that is my parents getting smaller and smaller each day. For I know that one day, all that I'm left with would be eraser shavings and memories of what I used to have..."

This is to all the parents out there...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Impulsive Move Regretted

I wanna get rid of these emotion flag points just below each of my postslah - but can't seem to figure out how to do it! Don't like them and can't stand the fact that they aren't showing in full also.

See! Don't just jump on the bandwagon impulsively! Lesson Learnt! :((((

Want to Shrink Your Hip Size Post Delivery????

Ooooh - LittleWhiz.com has ShrinkxHips for RM211.50! Shrinks your hips after delivery. Cool eh?

Yeah it only works post baby delivery though cos the hormone Relaxin which actually relaxes your ligaments and joints at the hips remain in the body til about 8 weeks after delivery - so if you shrink wrap your hips then, you knowlah, the conditioning of the ligaments etc there will cause them to become, hopefully, pre-delivery! :)

Check this out though for user reviews and more description and what it looks like!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Touch N Go - Unfair!

I don’t think I blogged about this but Touch N Go frequent users can claim 20% rebate at toll offices nationwide! There isn’t much communication about it and no advertising (that I have seen)…..sneaky sneaky!

AND apparently, the rebate is only valid for 6 months……hmmmmm…..

FURTHERMORE, I’ve just discovered that you need to have incurred a min of 80 transactions a month before you are eligible for the rebate! 80! Regardless of how much you actually use. DUMB! If someone goes through 3 tolls a day paying RM0.50 per time, he would still contribute to PLUS’ profits less than me!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88 - KL's latest mall

So recently two malls have newly come onto my radar - Empire Subang Gallery and that was only cos me sis had a wedding dinner in Subang and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. It started to rain the afternoon I was supposed to go and I thought, aiya, forget it - but sis went and she finished walking the mall in 2 hours. When she called me to report this, I thought - oklah - good thing I didn't go. Hahhahahaha....Apparently, nothing much there. And I haven't been still.

Yesterday I visited Fahrenheit 88 at Jalan Bukit Bintang right opposite Pavilion Mall - the very same building where KL Plaza was. And when JH went in, he remarked that it looked exactly the same - the columns were the same, the floor tiles were the same, the escalators changed but other than that - there wasn't much sign of life in terms of shops still - especially on the ground floor which is weird cos you'd think people would open up already. There was also a shop right on the ground floor that was empty, not boarded up and still had a signage in its window that they had moved to Sungei Wang Plaza! OUCH!!!! Terrible I think.

On the ground floor - we enjoyed some Gelato Fruity and Su's Cakes for Kicks - both were yummy. Su's Cakes for Kicks gives away free samples - just ask for them. The lychee and cempedak cheesecakes, respectively, were good. I also bought a chocolate eclair - rather pricey for the wee thing - RM3.50 - but haven't devoured it yet - Since the last month, I've had a thing for chocolate eclairs!

There was also a GIANT SNAKING queue with queue ropes and security guards on the ground floor - guess what? To enter Uniqlo! What's that I hear you asking???? Well, the latest anchor tenant in Malaysia to come all the way from Japan. They are apparently veryvery big there. I researched them when I found out they would be the anchor tenant and found that their range was very skewed to the 4 seasons - or at least what I saw was fashion for cold climates. And yesterday was no different - there were coats and gloves and HEATTECH (read that - HEAT TECNOLOGY) leggins and underwear for sale in the shop. It wasn't very impressive at all if I had queued up 2 hours just to get in. BUT What was Impressive was that, when they saw I was pregnant - who could miss it I mean - I am gigantic! - they let me in to the front of the line! WOW! yes, DOUBLE WOW! In Malaysia! As compared to another experience I had with Air Asia who insisted I queue up when their system wasn't even working! YIKES! Tony Fernandes take note! Air Asia doesn't seem to be very pregnant friendly.

So - anyway, JH and I were left wondering when we took a quick round of the 3 levels - Men's, Women's and General Fashion, if Uniqlo would survive? Of course, they were doing rather ok sales cos people were snapping up their half priced items - like jeans Normal Price RM99.90 became RM49.90 for the opening period  - which will last til beginnning of December I think. I hope the stuff I saw in the shop was only because it's now Winter in Japan cos if they sell this kind of stuff all year round, they ain't going to be lasting long. There were gorgeous coats going for RM499.90, RM599.90 and etc but I really cannot picture myself wrapping myself up in that for an afternoon out at One Utama! :)

Needlesss to say we didn't buy anything. Oh yeah, a little more update about the queue - they were managing the queue and only letting in a certain number of people at a time! And there is a signage that says 'Last In' will be at 7pm to manage expectations and browsing/shopping time I guess. Hmmmmmm......very ummm....and the thing is if you go when the line is snaking - you're not going to be able to get in the Express Line (for pregnant women/maybe old people/voucher holding peeps) cos the extended end of the line is just general. We were clever - walking around the mall, having a small tea, before visiting Uniqlo and by that time, the queue was where the Express Line started (rather like almost 3/4 into the General Line)!

The mall isn't very impressive - I would not drive into KL to get to it - there is nothing that stands out about it - the look and feel is not cohesive - like JH said, it feels like someone just slap-dashed a bunch of shops together and called it a mall. The look of the general areas and the shops were not aligned - just visit and you'll see what I mean. It's got a very old-fashioned feel to it though the individual shops try to be very individualistic and hip and modern. The target market, after all, is the young and trendy who like to dress and accessorise the way the Japanese and Koreans do.

Bernard Chandran has a boutique there - strange.....

So, anyway, it had a very Berjaya Times Square and upper scale Sungei Wang feel as well as contents. Though those two are infinitely bigger and cheaper so if I was looking for looks like that, I would rather visit those two. No cinema too. So, 5 floors all together - the ground floor is pretty much empty so I don't know what the theme is there. First floor is Accessories I think, Second is Shoes, Third is Fashion, Fourth is Electronics (also pretty deserted). F&B is scattered all around - I really don't know what Subway is doing in the midst of all the Shoes....hahahahahah.....Lower Ground then is also a mish mash - you know Guardian, some F&B, snacks, artists from China.....

I personallly didn't enjoy it at all - parking was RM9.00 (RM3 per hour) though JH said he could come back just to take in the looks of the people - yeah, it is a different crowd who goes there.

Think I'll stick to my side of the state huh, in terms of malls - the furthest I will go is Sunway Pyramid. Hheheheheheheh

Friday, November 05, 2010

Cars for a GIRL

Mmmm....the other day I saw a Lexus - looks niceeeeeeee!!! And I came home to ask JH what brand the Lexus was....and I described the logo - you know where it kinda looks like a Hyundai's or half a Toyota's?

Yeah, well, I found out it's a Lexus Lexus....hahahahahhahha

And I also like the Hyundai Tucson lah - actually I like the Harrier and Murano but that is wayyyy to much money to spend on a car! So Hyundai should be cheaper lah. So apparently the 2.0l 2Wheel Drive Standard Spec sells for RM126,888 OTR. High Specs digs out another RM10k. The Murano is RM330,000 OTR!!!

But....no resale value right?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jadore Mi Amore

Ooooh, today, after a longgggggggg time, I sprayed on a little Jadore by Dior again....YUMMMM......so womanly, so sexy, it's delicious... rich and heavy like a long slow suck on dark bitter chocolate.

Puteri Gunung Ledang Memorable Quotes

Ooooh, I just heard 'Bagaikan Sakti' on my Ipod recently and this is where Puteri Gunung Ledang's lover is going to on a journey and leaving her.....He says:

Yang tinggal, hati tak elok
Yang pergi, hati tak senang

....which I thought was just beautiful!

Translated it means:

The one who is left behind nurses a heart that is unwell,
The one who is leaving, nurses a heart that is heavy.....


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Najib said

recently that "It is neither affordable nor intelligent Malaysia to be satisfied with the way things  are" (Paraphrased a bit for clearer understanding)...and I agree completely. Snippets of his speech sound like a consultant wrote it out for him. Lots of big words, making a lot of sense albeit somewhat vague and ambitious with no stated clear reasoning nor action plans. Though it sounds all good - now I just would love to see him put it into action. I have not heard any other Prime Minister speak like this before and I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, if only because I know that he is intelligent and can formulate plans that work - but as he himself mentions, "....an institutional and structural change could only happen when leaders not only understand what must be done but have the integrity, humility and determination to bring this great nation to the next horizon."

He says Malaysia must transform or risk becoming a failed state - and what makes a failed state? Raja Petra Kamaruddin has some ideas. He compares us to Zimbabwe where current evolution has made their country that little bit more difficult to live in - but RJK provides examples where we instated similar laws and guidelines decades earlier. A state of economy that is non-economic, abuse of power and position, corruptioon is abundant, free speech (including blogging) is suffocated, the judiciary is not neutral etc etc etc, there we have the makings of a failed state. RJK says that these things happen in Malaysia too but no one considers us a failed state.

Like I said earlier, I have not heard of any of our previous PMs speaking the way Najib spoke in that speech. (Not sure how the first few PMs spoke) The recent ones used to speak in very simple layman's BM or English . So as to more easily communicate with the grassroots they always gun for I presume.

Everyday we see numerous, uncountable examples of when MPs and 'leaders' put into power by the deluded people embarrass themselves with no actual knowledge of embarrassing themselves (reminds me of "When a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it - does it actually make a sound? - so if the perpetrator doesn't know he has embarrassed himself - has he, thus, not done so? Or if the people do not fuss and make a hue and cry, yet elect him into power again, has the perpetrator actually embarrassed himself - since there is no one to show him any different?)

I used to go to school and university in a very very multi-racial environment. I had friends from all races, there was never an issue or a thought that I was mixing with 'the Malays' or 'the Indians'. But this is all we hear about these days!!!! People from singular races who cannot speak another language, who have no idea how others live, what others do and keep so much to themselves that there is no inkling that others share this great country. It is so strange to me! I think every Malaysian needs to stand up and fight for the good of the country, not to perpetuate an idea of races within Malaysian all living in harmony together - this may have been a good idea 50 years ago but now that's passe! We are not many races living in peace together, we are living in peace because we are one people - nobody says "Wow, the many peoples living the the United Kingdom live in peace with each other" - nobody says "Wow, the aboriginal and others live in peace with each other in NZ" so why do we have to say that here and much less be proud of it (Not even that it's more inevidence today than yesterday)!

Everyone contributes to the good of the country, everyone deserves a fair result culminating from the efforts they put in. Since we used to be an agricultural country - the analogy can be extremely simple. I plant 2 acres of paddy - I harvest the max of 2 acres of rice. I plant 40 acres of paddy - I can harvest more. To also borrow from a CHILDREN's story - the grasshopper who did not work at all during summer, starves in the winter while the ant who slogged away storing supplies, lives to enjoy his efforts. When that situation is reflected in Malaysia, then we will know that we have made it - there are definitely times when the richer must help the poorer especially when it comes to provision of medical care / education as these are human rights and humane initiatives. But nobody should rest on their laurels and think it obligatory for others to care and provide for perpetually by someone else - even in a marriage - each must do their part!

We all know how much spoonfeeding and handholding is bad for our future generations - we have scores of students who claim to be university graduates who cannot raise their hands and ask a simple question, multitudes who don't know how to 'push back' when confronted with something they don't agree with - probably millions who don't know how to disagree!!!!!!!! Our students in schools and universities are not taught how to think for themselves, how to analyse and surmise from information provided - we are goose-fed but we don't produce pate - we're just fatty. Children in primary school are already conditioned to accept and memorise what the syllabi are, no understanding is required. "Regurgitate your karangan boy and be done with it!" There should be signs in schools that say "No Thinking Required". Ask any involved parent - you'll see why private schools are doing such roaring business in Malaysia.

Aiyo, enough rantinglah - I could go on forever. Not to not give credit where it's due - there are good parts to Malaysia - all God-given - no natural disasters.....the rest, man has to answer for!

Civic Consciousness in Malaysia

I was stuck in a jam to work recently (what's new?) and I saw this Brabus Mercedes driven by 2 men of local origin. I thought ooooh, a Brabus - how much does one of those babies cost anyway? And then I saw ooooh, passenger man unwound his window and threw out a cigarette bud onto the road - it was still smoking away...My final oOOooh thought about the man with the man was "Oooooh, big car could mean big money could mean big career/business but sure as heck doesn't mean big socio-consciousness" And I can just imagine what will continue to happen if there were children in the back seat. Sigh! It will never change will it?

A little further down the road, I saw again this giant truck thing - ummmm....like an Arena but more tough/manly...HAhhahhahah (yeah I know my luxury cars but not my trucks - except for the ummm..., what is it now....the Triton), where the driver, stopped at a light, opened his door and spat out onto the road. I didn't expect much different from a man driving a truck like that (I know kinda stereotypical huh) but it just goes to show - no matter what strata of society you may be from - civic consciousness doesn't come with it. (AND I AM NOT SAYING POOR PEOPLE DRIVE TRUCKS AND RICH PEOPLE DRIVE LUXURY CARS - THIS WAS THE SITUATION I SAW AND I DREW ONE CONCLUSION FROM IT)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy - Where do chickens come from?

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a man delivering chickens to a restaurant/mamak shop. He had them all packed up in thin yellow plastic bags piled into a giant basket riding pillion on the back of his motorbike. He got off his bike and picked up the top two piles of chicken for delivery. Then for some reason or another, he placed them on the ground, none too gently at that.

So this morning, there were chickens bound for many people's plates sitting on the ground - dirty tar road - in thin yellow plastic bags.

That's all I have to say.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Race is 1Malaysian

Hahahahha - I was looking for some reviews on the new Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang and found Kenny Sia's blog where he said he completed a form requesting his Race and Religion with 1Malaysian and 2Religion respectively. Not sure how to spin the latter but love the former. That's what I will do from now on too! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tony Roma's - Of Cod and Surveys

We recently went back to Tony Roma's (at the Curve) to give them another chance. I haven't been to Tony Roma's in like years cos the last time I had them, during a girl's night out at Sunway Pyramid - the food was bland and tough and a complete waste of money! The first time I tried them was in Singapore where I had the baby back ribs (pork of course) and when they were first opening up in Malaysia I was extremely excited but lo and behold, no porky here.

So, anyway, like last week, we decided to try them again and wowee! were we glad we did! I had the Pacific Cod (with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce) and a Strawberry Lemonade (recommended by the waitress - who by the way, always recommends this! as proven by my second visit with the same waitress) and JH had the ummmm....ok, I can't remember what he had. But we were both in rapturous delight with our food - a FINE FIRST for Tony Roma's in Malaysia! The cod was so sweet and juicy and it was extremely flaky, kinda like lobster! Knowing that cod was a flavourful fish on its own, I ordered the Sweet Thai Chili Sauce to go with it - didn't want to drown it.....and it was YUM-MEE!!!! The sauce comes separate so you can just try anyone you like. The second time around I tried the Kicking Sauce which was basically like butter oil which JH loved and I didn't, so we asked fo rmore chili sauce for me! Hahahahhaa.... The bread basket was good too but the butter, which looked like garlic butter and gave me that expectation didn't taste like garlic butter and I was let down. But the bread was good and warm and soft and fluffy.

I am also not one to go for strawberries but the Strawberry Lemonade was good. The second time around I had a Shirley Temple which was very cherry like and I didn't like that quite as much. (I'm used to a more orangey Shirley Temple.....) Also, the second time, my cod was rather fibrous and there looked like tiny red bits that weren't cooked so JH ate those bits....he said they tasted fishy - as compared to the rest of my cod which was still good but not as good as the first time.....expectation management huh?

Also, the point of my posting is that the second time we went, JH noticed that we could get a RM10 discount off our next visit with a minimum transaction of RM30! IF we went online to http://www.tonyromasurvey.com/ and told them how they were doing. (We're supposed to get a validation code and all that after finishing the survey). Well, today I went in and....ummmm...I don't freaking know how to complete the survey, there wasn't any particular TONY ROMA link to click on and when I entered the store code in the 'Find' section, it didn't bring me back anything so I am a bit flummoxed. Hmmmm.....what is this? The site definitely looked like where Tony Roma's just subscribed to one of those companies who made up surveys for businesses and compiled the results. I just didn't get it. I don't know how to work it, I didn't work it and I most definitely, DID NOT get any validation code for RM10 off on my next visit. Boo Hoo!!!!!

Free Range Chickens for Sale!

For those of you who want to find out where to buy Kampung Chicken or Free-Range Chickens, fret no more! I thought it was a matter of typing on a few keys and there would be people talking about where to buy genuine Kampung Chicken but no.......- don't believe me? Google it! I couldn't find anything anywhere that told me where I could buy these pure free-range chickens that when double-boiled, would give me real goodness and not a cocktail of hormones and chemicals! Yup! Trying to make my own Essence of Chicken!!!

So finally, I chanced on Allo Expat and found DQ Clean Chicken. I was so happy I went screaming down the stairs to my MIL that I had found allegedly pure grass-fed chickens! in KL! AND they DELIVER!!!!! Just sms or call them or email them and get an order for yourself! (I haven't tried it out yet so not sure if their process or customer service is as good as their website).

So, it's RM3 per delivery regardless of number of chickens ordered and DQ actually suggests that you pool your neighbourhood chicken orders to save on delivery cost! I'd prefer if they were free but what to do right? Everyone needs to make a buck. Maybe they should say that if I buy above a certain amount or an accumulation of a certain amount, then they provide free delivery for a couple of times....... :)

So, anyway, for those of you who are looking for clean chicken and convenience, then check out DQ Clean Chicken! However, caveat emptor! I haven't tried them and and I don't promise anything so don't complain to me if service/quality is not up to your expectation!

Yippee! I'm going to be able to double boil my own essence of chicken - they even provide the technique and some recipes!!!! Good good! Sets my mind at ease abit with the fact that I haven't been fortifying my body with herbal goodness......

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Banking Industry Gives 3 Months Maternity Leave

Yeah! Not entirely accurate though and I am surprised The Star who wrote an article on this a couple of days ago didn't get their facts right.

Yes the banking industry is giving its employees 3 months maternity leave BUT only for the Unionised Workers. So on top of everything else like extra holidays, contractual bonuses every year, increments that are backdated to like January 2009.....I tell you, if I was a bank clerk, I'd probably be earning more in terms of the entire employement package than I do now!

So, just to clear things up - the Banking Industry has followed the lead of many more Third World countries (think Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Zimbabwe) than Malaysia but only for the Unionised Workers (NUBE - National Union of Bank Employees) and those amount to approximately more than 30,000 employees out there.

For comparison sake, Maybank, Malaysia's largest banking group, boasts a staff force of more than 40,000. And that is just the one bank.

And even worse, recently there have been thoughts (if I can even call them that!!!!! I mean what the TOOT???) that the existing maternity leave of 60 days should be shared with fathers whose wives have just given birth! So they too, could share in the joy of bonding and raising and taking care of baby. This is just typical of Malaysian mentality - when there is an issue, a problem, a concern, shift the spotlight somewhere else and some smart alec suddenly starts questioning this and that and coming up with so called solutions that weren't in question in the first place!!!!!!!!

Observe the common problem-solving technique used in Malaysia:
  1. Problem is identified
  2. Lots of people make a hoo-ha and the press gets wind of it and publishes about it
  3. Gomen gets involved
  4. Some senior official tries to think out-of-the-box (benefit of the doubt) OR tries to shift the spotlight (some doubt) OR being their normal dumb self (no doubt), comes up with some harebrained mind map that leads to unheard of/new problems which are neither as critical nor timely as what was originally put on the table
  5. Everyone starts talking about the new problem and potential solutions, arguments go back and forth
  6. Some senior official decides to keep situations status quo - no change needed
  7. Furore dies down
  8. Original problem continues to exist and perpetuate
  9. Perhaps 5 years down the line, No. 1 pops up again!
  10. Repeat.

Alternate scenario:
  1. Steps No. 1-5 are played out
  2. Some senior official decides change is required and proceeds to implement change as prescribed in step no. 4. Some lip service is paid to the fact that 'studies need to be implemented, analysed, blah blah'
  3. Solution implemented in 3 years plan
  4. People start realising that original problem not solved and HEY! the solution implemented by senior officials actually aggravate the original problem
  5. Some senior official retracts and changes the whole situation again - revert to status quo. 3 year plan.
HHAhahahhhahaah - I kill myself! :)

In this particular situation - paternity leave gets increased from 3 days to 14 days with the extra 11 taken from the mother's maternity leave leaving mums with 49 days. Which leaves us (read: me) all worse off!!!!!! HAhahahhahahah!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bonjour Nak Makan Apa at Delifrance

Today I grabbed a quick healthy lunch at Delifrance in One Utama. I was pleasantly greeted with merry greetings of 'Bonjour!' when I first entered and reacted accordingly - smiled at them. Then I had my order taken - when I was in the midst of ordering orange juice and asking if the RM7.90 price was for freshly squeezed juice, the server told me 'Botol'. I had to gather myself for a minute cos I am sure you guys out there know it's not easy to swivel from French to English to Bahasa Malaysia. I genuinely thought though at that point that, 'Ok, he just doesn't pronounce properly'.

My juice came first - in a little plastic glass 2.5 inches high - yup for RM7.90 orange juice from a bottle - and it ain't even the WHOLE bottle! Fine, I then asked the guy if I could still get the Free Soda with any order of a Main Course or Pasta between 12 noon to 2pm.  He gestured for me to wait. Another server came. I asked him the same question, while pointing to the section that mentioned the offer. He nodded.

Yeay - so for basically RM7.90, I get 2 drinks lah, ok lah. Whatever.

Then another couple came and sat down close to me, and my waiter took their order too. To my utmost surprise, the poor guy didn't speak a word of English! After several failed attempts to order and ask questions in English, the couple had to resort to BM to match the server's language responses. Following that, I hear several snippets of workers' conversations that took place in BM.  I was just flabbergasted - here I am in a French restaurant (haha), was appropriately greeted in French and no one at the place could speak English! There were only 2 servers on duty and only 1 who could understand English and speak BM. The other one, when faced with a request for ketchup - just walked away scratching his head and asked his one and only other colleague to serve the customer!

Now I know there are lots of Malaysians nowadays who complain about the recruitment of foreign workers - thinking them difficult to manage, untrustworthy, difficult to communicate with. Well, what do you say when 2 Chinese youths, who look like they just graduated Form 5 or Form 6, working part time in Delifrance cannot speak English? This is our future!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I support Namewee

Yeah! I do! I also support UMNO Youth and MIC Youth chiefs when they say that anybody who has made racist comments should be dealt with and if the feelings of other races have been hurt, then punitive action should be taken.

Now if a school principal had indeed addressed some of her Chinese students as 'penumpang' and asked them to go back to 'their own original country', I would deem this remark as incendiary and punitive action should be taken, if the principal did indeed utter such heinous words in our civilised country of 1Malaysia.

The below excerpt is taken from The Star newspaper


School head under probe over racist remarks

KULAIJAYA: Police are investigating a school principal who allegedly used racist remarks against non-Malay students during a Merdeka celebration at the school here recently.

Kulaijaya deputy OCPD Asst Supt Mohd Kamil said police had received 12 reports against the principal since Saturday and that the case was being investigated under Section 504 of the Penal Code.

Over 50 parents and students had lodged the reports against the principal, who allegedly described the non-Malays as “penumpang” (passengers) in the country during her speech at the start of the celebration on Aug 12.

“I was shocked that my principal had used such a word against non-Malay students in our school.

“This is not the first time that she had made racist comments against Chinese and Indian students in our school,” said 17-year-old student Brevia Pan.

She added that the principal, who joined the school early this year, would only target Chinese and Indian students.

“During the Merdeka celebration, she had told non-Malay students to go study in a Chinese school or go back to China,” she told reporters in a press conference organised by Senai assemblyman Ong Kow Meng.

Another student, Ashvini Thi-na­karan, 17, said many Malay students were influenced by the principal’s remarks and made similar comments and called them names.

“Before she came to my school, all the students got along well,” she said. Her father R. Thinakaran, 47, said this was a serious matter and that principals should not behave like this.

“This principal has caused racial disharmony at the school,” he said, adding that if no action was taken, he would take his daughter out of the school.

Ong called for stern action against the principal, adding that such school heads and educators would affect the minds of students.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tao Japanese Buffet

Tao has opened in Sunway Giza!! It's great!!! RM58.90++ for buffet lunch and dinner on the weekends and a wee bit cheaper on the weekdays! It's great - it's come from Penang, so of course it's great!

There is plenty of choices and the quality is superb I would say - the decor doesn't hurt the eyes too! I betcha they have affected Ichiban Boshi's business. Ichiban is good too but now that Tao has opened....ummmm.....the hubby's gonna wanna eat there all the time now! :)

They've got a 10% Opening Discount now (til further notice) cos they just opened on 10 April. They were due to open in Feb or Mar I think and we were getting quite antsy about it.....and finally! AHA! Our first visit was on 11 April and it's become JH's new favourite place! Like seriously, I love Sunway Giza...it gives me a good feeling, not least cos it's not so jam packed and it feels homey plus it's close to home....hehehhehehehe.....

The Italian restaurant there is GREAT too! d'Italiane I believe it's called. Decor is quite minimalist but cutlery and dinnerware looks like much thought was put in and food mmmmm....yeah!!!!!!!

This one gets the JUER Award!!!!

Remember this now, we have the Sakai Award which means URGH - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY....or SOMETHING REALLY PISSED US OFF BAD AT THIS PLACE!

And then there is the JUER Award which means MISS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

(I think I need to build an award list on the sidebar!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Scrub/Massage Place in KL

Today I am on leave - yeah, after a whole weekend of working at the MATTA Fair - it's time for some R&R. This is a post on where to get the best massage and scrub from my recent experiences. Since I had them all within the last 2 months, everything is quite clear in my head - so here's hoping, they'll be some help to you.

I recently had a free voucher to Jojoba Spa for a free spa experience. They have several outlets and I picked the one at Royale Bintang Damansara. First of all, I made an appointment at like 11am (?) the time they open....I arrived (my fault) at 10.55am so they weren't open and I had to amuse myself around the little pool area of the hotel - STRIKE 1.

The place looked pretty good when it opened up but then I was led to this small tight cramped room with 2 beds right off the reception area - with only a small curtain at the doorway....so here I am lying there, ummmm..., naked, right off the reception area - with only a small curtain at the doorway....STRIKE 2!!! Cramped as hell! STRIKE 3!!!

I have a scrub, a shower and a massage. They asked me if I wanted to buy more time for a longer massage than the 1 hour I got for free but somehow, instinct told me to hold off of that! Me, the massage connoisseur who only goes for 2 hour massages....and boy was I right!

The masseusse' technique was so bad.....she very noisily and very crudely 'scrubbed' me, it didn't feel relaxing, I didn't feel clean, she wasn't very thorough. Sigh - STRIKE 4! And the massage technique was even worse - completely unrelaxing. When I was asked for feedback after my session, the receptionist had the cheek to tell me that the masseusse had to work fast to finish within the hour!!! GEEZ - if you don't have enough time, just don't spend so much time at each section of the body - it doesn't give you the license to shish-shash-shish-shash to an allegro pace! So - Jojoba Spa - I would NEVER visit again!

Then JH treated us to an Anniversary Day at the Spa at the Energy Day Spa....yikes, what a mouthful! He had earlier wanted to do the Spa Day at the award-winning Mandara Spa but at RM780 per person for 2.5 hours, I most definitely had something else to say about it! So off to the Energy Day Spa we went - at Great Eastern Mall. We had lunch first at the Cosy House Restaurant or something like that - I remembered it to be quite tasty and always full - well, it was full but not so tasty - so whatever, I was really looking forward to the Spa.

The place is quite nice with a nice big changing/shower room. We changed into robes before going off to sit near a window wall on deck chairs, overlooking the trafffic and roads below. Contrary to what I just described, it was quite quite nice. I wish I had a room like that in my house! Very relaxing!

So first off, we got a Foot Bath, and had a bit of a drink. Then we were shown to our couple room where we got our Scrubs...Ummm...it was ok. Then off to shower and came back for a Massage - the massage had me falling asleep and I kinda didn't feel my back massage - What A Waste!!! And then we were shown back to the Glass Room and got a great drink - Sparkling Grape Juice with Ginger! YUM!!!

And today, I treated myself to a 2hour massage at my normal place - BioMax at SS2. It's a veryvery simple place, but their massages are great! I've been going there for years now, not just because of their strong/firm massages but also cos they have fantastic prices and they do not hard-sell me anything! The last one who hard sold me something discovered very quickly that they lost me faster than they can say, "How about......"

Yati 'did' me today and she was strong and dedicated and really got out all the knots....UMmmm..., the last 4 nights of sleeping at a hotel had my body all whacked out but Yati made me all better again....heheheheheeheeee.....

So All in All - my conclusion is - BioMax is the best massage place for me - cheap and good! YEAY!

Best scrub I have had was the one for my Girl's Day Out before my wedding at Chakras Spa.

And there you have it - E's Top Massage and Scrub in KL!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok, I really really love browsing the online shopping portals and I really like the stuff on thepoplook.com.

But I really don't understand how people can buy online....except for the slim, tall people who most generally can fit into anything. I am a really ...um...curvy, fat, voluptous girl and I tend to just drool at the pretty stuff online....sigh!

And OF COURSE! all the girls modelling the clothes are slim, leggy and fair! SIGH!!!!

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Currently managed by Berjaya, Bukit Tinggi Resort was launched about 9 years ago and was taken over by Berjaya, and renamed, about 3 years ago -it's such a sad little place. Fake fake fake is all I can say about it - we were up there the past weekend - just a day jaunt Thank God! I saw some tourist buses there, I can't imagine what I would do if I went on a tour of a country and the agents brought me somewhere like Colmar Tropicale.

It's up on a hill and almost in the same direction as Genting Highlands but so far different. The air was hot and it was like a lost little amusement pit stop that people forgot. There were still people visiting - strangely! The entire 'French Village' was made up of the Berjaya Hotel with different buildings in the 'village' actually different wings of the hotel. There were several restaurants - all with French names and the French music piped into toilets to lend that 'authentic' Viva La France feeling.......ummmm....

So, anyway, there were cafes, bakeries, a Roast Chicken place, a supposed Fine Dining restaurant, an Italian place and a 24 hour Food Place that was just sad. Everything was sad - gosh, it's so sad!!!!!!! We ate at the 24 hour Food Place which is like you know, the normal bistro or whatever at a hotel. There was a buffet 'spread' and we basically had rice and some cuttlefish, fish, eggs, lamb and vegetables - chap fan basically. At only RM75 for the two of us! HA!HA!HA!!!

There was a poor little fake wishing well, which I didn't even feel inclined to peek into - but there were several people making wishes and dropping coins and taking pictures - sigh.....

There was a caricaturist who I think was the most interesting attraction there - besides him, ummm....a wax hand shop, a massage parlour and a regularly scheduled Chinese Acrobatic performance.

We then took the free shuttle to the Japanese Village which was a little better - no cooler but at least a little more authentic and original and enjoyable with its streams and Japanese Kimonos. We were quite interested in checking out the Tatami Spa but looking at the number of visitors and its price menu, we didn't think they were open anymore. The most affordable - like 30 mins of massage or something was RM400!!!!

We were so anxious to get away from the place - it even cost us RM10 to get in!!! IAYOYOYOYOYO!!!! Oh ya, there is also a Rabbit Farm there and a Horse Riding Facility.

This gets our Sakai Award!!!

(P.S. I can't even summon up the energy to proof-read...no fire to complain, no passion to wax lyrical - sad)

Friday, March 05, 2010

RM775 on SKincare?

Today I was told about SKII's Tea Event on 26 March at Sogo KL. Seems like all I need do is buy a voucher for which I receive a Door Gift, and if I purchase above a certain amount like RM650 at the event, I get another Free Gift worth kinda about the same price.....SO - I spend like RM150 on the Voucher to go and RM650 for the products and receive RM1400 worth of SK-II - that'll last me 6 months I guess, since all their items last approximately 3 months.

The thing I'm afraid of is that I'm gonna spend a chunk of money on items that don't work. If they work, well and good - it's the other side of the coin I'm worried about.

I know there are lots of good reviews about the brand but heck, I've survived so many years with some off the shelf products and some branded items and was just told by the Skin Analyst that my skin is good - I guess I could say it's younger than my biological age...MUAH HA HA - oklah, I said that last part myself......

But I am developing some fine lines and I guess it's about time to whip out the 'A-N-T-I-A-G-I-N-G' bottles...........WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is what I call GREAT SERVICE!!!

I just called HSBC's Call Centre and seriously of all I've ever tried, they are most definitely the most well-trained, helpful, committed bunch. They know how to address me properly, they speak well and they know how to use their grey matter when posed with a situation or concern or problem to address.

They never have to lapse into BM like what Astroe staff have to do. They don't just tell me 'It cannot be done' like Citibankk staff and they never forget any of the multiple requests I have made - shows active listening, shows ownership of their function and responsibility as a Call Agent and it never hurts to be polite eh?

So kudos to HSBC - I would pay to keep your Credit Card! HEhehaehahahahahahah

Sunday, January 10, 2010

OSIM Is Customer Friendly

I recently transported my OSIM massage chair to my parents' house in another state. I must say that I had quite a hard time looking for relocaters who knew how to handle the chair, knew how to unhook and hook it back up as well as be responsible enough not to 'lose' it over the course of the long journey. I have no idea why I went through all the trouble looking for an honourable transportation company when all the while, the answer was right at my fingertips!

I called OSIM and yes, of course they have a relocation service. Damn! I WAS surprised - but it makes sense right? I mean this is not an easy to handle piece of equipment - it weighs 130kg and has sensitive parts.

So, anyway, they transported it for a VERY Reasonable price - that's the second reason right there why I love them.....Sorry - the third - the first is that I love their chair first of all.

But I would say one of the biggest reasons why I love them would be that upon arrival and test checking, we found that one of the arm massagers wasn't working anymore.....And guess what, they made it all ok - they replaced the sensitive part - all without COST! Now I know many of you out there would say that yeah that's what they HAVE to do since they moved it and caused the fault in the machine. But the thing is that, they did it without any fuss, without any issue to me about even paying a portion of the cost or labour charges, ANYTHING! And the thing actually cost quite a bit!

All you need to do to contact them is to write in to them via their website - and they'll call you back soonest.

So there you go - FIVE Major Reasons Why I Love OSIM.

1. It's easy to contact them
2. They are professional and efficient
3. They understand the services you require as an OSIM 'shareholder'
4. Their chairs are expensive yes, but they do also offer reasonable pricing for other services.
5. Their chairs are DA BOMB!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NO Resolutions

Why do people lie to themselves??? If they really had the balls and gumption and willpower to make a change in their lives, they don't need to wait til a new year to state, hand on heart, that they are going to , , (sorry, watched 'Obsessed' on BIO last night....Hehehhehehehe....

So, for me, it's just tell myself I'm going to exercise on Tuesday and Thursday nights cos Wednesday nights are for American Idol Season.....Latest....and swimming with hubby on Sun morning. Other than that, I shall do what I can.....

Of course I didn't start today cos...you know...I attended a Press Launch and reached home at almost 9pm. So.....

TEEK Brasserie Lot 10

Today I attended a Press Launch at Teek Brasserie on the Rooftop of Lot 10. It was quite nice. I especially loved the rounded sofas and their table stands which looked like layers of meat stacked one on top of the other but a bit wonky to align with the quirkiness of the place. It's not really quirky though, but the sofas lended it that persona while the rest of it looked pretty conventional.

The food there is good and I Likee.....especially the Pan Seared Scallops which are apparently 2 for RM24.....but yum! The restaurant serves a mixture of Western and Eastern dishes and a 'Sar Hor Fun' goes for like RM32 so that gives you an idea of the price of the place. Probably good for a once in a while but not too often cos I don't see it having THAT much appeal to keep people going back for more. There is a bit of a drinky, hang out feel to the place that will probably put off the real food connoiseurs. Teek and the nearby club Rootz belong to the YTL Group so I got the message that the quality is there if you're willing to pay for it - not really prices of an arm and a leg but definitely pricier.

The h'or deouvres served that I liked tonight included the curry chicken pau which had very nice curry chicken (with santan) which I seldom go for, and the minced chicken salad was ok, there was also this very special spring roll dipped in passionfruit puree which was cool!!!!! The spring roll was filled with pieces of mango I think but it was different and very refreshing. And I really enjoyed the way the food was presented.

Someone asked for coffee, which I didn't have so can't say if they serve good coffee. But for you peeps who enjoy your cappucino - Starbucks in SS2 and Secret Recipe in Giant Kota Damansara serve them well.....in fact, the last time I went - the coffee was the only thing I really enjoyed in Secret Recipe! :(

Btw, Starbucks does not have an ISO Rating right???? Cos the Cappucino in the Penang and JB City Square Mall outlets were KRAPPPP!!!!