Monday, September 29, 2003

Hi Hi Hi!!!! Today is the beginning of a thousand new good things!

Times Square is opening, D is back, house moving soon and who knows anything could happen ;) !

Well, having finished my home leave for the past two weeks not doing anything in particular except perhaps gorging on fantastic food one cannot find in KL......ok, hard-pressed to find.....sometimes I feel it was a waste to spend such a long period of time not actually doing anything. Would have loved to have had a vacation somewhere especially since it's going to be another year before I get to do this again. But then, one cannot always get what one wants eh? At the very least, I am still happy, healthy and safe and sound.

Am actually quite excited about moving house. Hope this one will turn out better than the last one. God knows, I cannot do this again in the near future. Moving house is such a damn chore especially since it's not like I am moving into my own new home. Have been thinking about that alot lately, getting me own place. But God knows how I am going to afford it since I am not into buying and selling or renting but into buying my HOME. Somewhere I can do up nicely and without a third thought about expense but actually doing it up the way I like it and being able to call it my own. Hence, I want someplace cool with a nice space with good neighbours and nearby facilities. What any normal sane person wants actually. Shouldn't be too hard eh?

By the way, just wanted to say that I went to watch 'Jit Hits the Fan' at Actor's Studio recently. It wasn't too bad but at RM42 for a measly hour, it definitely is too expensive. Not to detract from Jit, I mean the man can be funny (although even he himself admits he ain't no Robin Williams or Ray Romano ((read: stand up comic)) ) but come on, 40 big and 2 small ones for 60 minutes? No can do. I ain't doing it again. Although Jit, if you're reading this and you're gonna give me free entrance to 're-evaluate' your comedic prowess, I would be happy to oblige.

(Am beginning to sound like someone I know....)

Think Happy Thoughts!

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