Tuesday, December 14, 2010

50% Discount on Traffic Summonses

So, since 1st Dec 2010, the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) have offered, as they usually do, a 50% discount for all payments of outstanding traffic summonses. This in itself is reprehensible because it just goes to show that if you commit a wrong-doing in Malaysia, no problem - just ignore it - you won't get punished for it, you would actually get rewarded! Mat Rempits out there held out long enough to be offered trips to Alaska and their own racing track and most recently racing tips and education from professional bike racers.

I mean these are the dregs of society who are being rewarded while our brain drain continue out of the country. Seriously it pays to just be blur and useless here. And now we've got the Talent Corporation headed by Johan Mahmood, who will spend millions? billions? of my tax money wooing people back from abroad whom the government sent away in the first place because they wouldn't give them the deserved scholarship/opportunity. Ok - that is another gripe.

Back to the discount offered for traffic summonses - at first the police said it was available until 14 Dec but now they've extended it because, of course, everyone who ever committed a traffic offense and their mother, are rushing to pay their summonses to take advantage of the year end rush to 'add a credit to our books'. There are many who also actually have the cheek to complain via newspapers and the internet about the police not having planned adequately to manage the crush of people they knew would be paying off their summonses, they complained about having to wait 2 hours, having to rush from one payment location to another because queue numbers had run out! I mean - if this is not the epitome of 'looking a gift horse in the mouth' I don't know what is!

See for those of you who don't yet understand the scenario - the thing is that if you get caught for a wrong-doing where the POLICE issue you a ticket, if you pay it off immediately - you pay the full sum. However, if you are lazy, irresponsible, a repeat offender, all you have to do is wait until the end of the year and voila - you'll get a clearance price on your tickets. Hence, just wait! And that is what millions do. I am so sick AND numb of the entire situation that I can't even summon up the words to lambast. It is the norm here.

And it is practised in so many aspects of society - you can't study well enough to succeed on your own, no problem - let the Education Ministry set a special standard (read: lower, easier) minimum criteria for you to pass, get an A, get into university. You laze around for most of your life and suddenly decide, aiyaks! I don't have enough money to support my wife and 20 children on my fisherman earnings - appear on some RTM1 Help Give Me Money programme and some Societal Minister will also come visit you and give you groceries, a house, money, schooling for your children......., wait I'm 14 years old and I just can't wait to have sex, let's make it legal - I'll marry my Religious Education Teacher but state I will try to finish school before I have children - what the heck, my parents can't afford to raise me anymore, they've given me consent to marry! What? Just because I'm an elected official who is due in Parliament or whatever, I have to watch what I say, make sure it's well thought through, intelligent and stands for the benefit of my constituency - heck no! I'll say whatever the hell crosses my cow brain - heck I think I'll try to distract from my stupidity and ineffectiveness by complaining that another elected official is wearing the wrong clothes to a public place/event. Too revealing, I can't control myself! I'm a man! THAT's why I have a legal right to marry 4 wives cos 1 just isn't enough and plus, I can change my mind whenever I want, and if I particularly like my young granddaughter that's fine - but please don't whip me! I couldn't take it - I mean I am all of 70 years of age - I can get it up for my granddaughter but not much else!

Aiyo, whatever lah! I just can't take it anymore!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

Ok, so I've not mentioned this here in this blog at at all but I am pregnant - 35 weeks this Wed to be exact. And I am kinda freaked out.

I'm spending a night alone here while JH works late tonight. Just penciling in some thoughts to my pregnancy book and had some incredibly nerve-wracking flashes so I thought I'd share with you.

Baby Boy is coming along...... He will be coming along soon and sitting down and thinking about it just brought home the fact that this is actually the easiest part of the pregnancy - then the delivery (which will also be easy) and after that is where the REAL experience really starts! When he's here!

I am not sure I know how to handle this. I wonder how JH and I will handle it, how will we cope? Will we be stressed out? Or overjoyed and parental mannerisms and attitudes just come naturally? I don't know how I am going to hold him or bathe him or change him! I just told my MIL the other day that I am a planner but I have no idea how I'm going to plan about Baby Boy at all...I mean I can buy all these stuff, but planning how long I will sleep with him or how I would love to breastfeed him if we can both work hard enough at it to make it work...e.t.c......

This is scary! Downright scary! I've always said there will be a Humongous change to our lives but it's never held as much truth as it does now and it will strike home even more when he's come! So, no more just waking up and deciding to go out for breakfast so we just get a shower and throw some clothes on.....but I mean is it really as 'bad' as that? And wouldn't just popping out of bed to peek at him snoozing away cutely and chubbily be worth more than a breakfast outside?

I could go on and on but basically, I just wanted to share that having a baby never seemed as real as it did tonight and never scared me more, as yet....., because he's still in me now. Which is different but not soooo much, and I've had to go through some stuff I've never really gone through before.....but soon he'll be here and life will never be the same again. For myself individually, for Ju Han individually, and for both of us together as a couple. We will have a B.A.B.Y! - a human being we made, together, it's just too big to comprehend! And we will be responsible for him for the rest of our lives!

And EVEN scarier - it's not just that we are responsible for him - but we will care and love him and that will somehow open us up and make us that much more vulnerable to hurt and pain because we do want things to be good for him, and if they aren't, WE're the ones who are going to hurt and worry.

I'm scared. I really am.