Monday, July 28, 2003

I must be getting old.....otherwise I would't be feeling as tired as I feel now!

It definitely has to be a combination of the late late nights and earlyish mornings coupled with the great demands of work, thought and exercise; but I have to be changing something or else my body is going to rebel! The only thing I am surprised about is that I haven't fallen ill yet.

Have not been able to catch 'The Amazing Race' as it shows on Friday night. Have had to watch video tapings of it and again this seasonl, I find it hard to remember all the names of the contestants except for the more 'exciting' ones. Is the interest waning or is the show losing its touch? But I was however, very pleasantly surprised when they were in Malaysia (Sabah, guys, not Borneo!) for more than an hour!

Also they highlighted so many interesting places in Sabah that I think I would love to visit! Gomantong Caves, the Sepilok Orang Utan's time for us to get to know our own country don't you think? many venues so little time. I haven't shopped in ages! So many things on the mind. Wish I could just get away and relax...........yes definitely time for that now!

No energy for big and heavy thoughts intellectual discussions.

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