Sunday, May 18, 2003

KYOO TV - Temptation Island

Ok, this is another reality show I am watching every Wednesday night at 9pm. It's getting better now since things are heating up and I do think the sluts of the group are Alana and Clinton. Other than that, everybody's been pretty goody two shoes so far.

Nothing much happens on Temptation Island. I wonder how they made a reality game show of it. They basically drink, party, swim, date and cheat on their partners. There is no genius to it, there is no plot to it. The only thing you need for this show is people who want to cheat on their partners on national television in front of the whole wide world.

Voyeurism - that's what it's all about. But I guess as long as there are people like me watching the show, it'll go on and on and on. - E4 - YOUR FACE OR MINE?

Can you believe this game show? All they do is sit around comparing each other's faces to other people's and say which is better looking. In the end they have to compare each other and decide to bet all the money they have picked up on who is the more gorgeous of the two partners.....Hmmm...I wonder what my partner would say....

Sunday, May 11, 2003

First of all, London last weekend. An 'interesting' weekend to say the least.

Sookie and I were met at the train station by our Project Manager from London, the sweet sweet man! I didn't even know he was coming. We had spoken on the phone and all I thought was that we were planning to meet up but sometime after our arrival but there he was grinning like a Cheshire cat when we caught sight of each other. Boy, were Sookie and I surprised especially when at that very moment, we were deciding when to call Les to tell him we had arrived!

Anyway, he brought us over to where HQ is located. Boy, is the building stylish. It's just something you have to see to appreciate. We went inside to view the view from the majestic heights of the Tower. There is also this great photo wall in the reception area which was truly amazing. Will upload my photo of this wall and you can truly appreciate what I fail to convey through words.

AFter that, we muddled throught the Tube again to get to my friend's (Razif) place at which we are bunking for two nights. After plonking down our luggage, we hop on the Tube again and rush to Westminster, Borough Food Market, Leicester Square, walked through Covent Garden, ambled thorugh Chinatown, experienced a 'traditional' English pub with my innocent Orange Raspberry drink......and THEN, went on to catch my oft-dreamed about musical....Les Miserables!!!!!!!!!!!! at the Palace Theatre. It was a fantastic 3 hour performance and the voices were superb. It only makes me wish I could sing half as well.

Well then, go home, sleep, Sunday morning we get up all ready to attack Oxford Street. We did just that and bought cute handbags for GBP2! Can you imagine that! Well, after a little meandering and spending, we got caught by the h'ea'tful sun. It was swelteringly hot and was I melting in my long sleeved knit and coat! Anyways, that kind tired us out fast. We went on to revisit Leicester Square and Covent Garden hoping for a bit of shopping more but I guess it had been too hot a day and we were basically drained.

Had dinner with Razif and his flatmate and off home we went. Monday morning the Bank holiday we were up at ready to attack London again. Went off to catch Buckingham Palace and its Changing of the Guards at 11am. God, does the insitution like to draw out ceremonies. The blasted thing lasted an hour and Sookie and I were starving! We hurried off to Leicester Square tube station to buy 4 samosas each (a colleague had earlier raved about this Indian guy's samosas), tubed again off to Harrods this time.

I must say that Harrods was certainly an experience you won't find anywhere else. To think that people help perpetuate its self-importance. I found out there was a Harrods world where they sell the ugliest Harrods' bags I have ever seen! I guess I must plead guilty though to helping keep Harrods' head in the clouds. I bought myself a cute little keychain and got myself the famous green and gold Harrods bag. Sookie wanted to have her picture taken outside Harrods with her shopping bag but I steered clear of malufying myself. And from there, we headed on home to fetch our luggage and catch our train back to good old Edinburgh.

And this is where the fiasco begins......Sookie and I being geniuses, decided to take a not-so-busy line into King's Cross.....needless to say, a not-so-busy line will not be in any hurry to reach King's Cross. We fussed and stewed in an often waiting train and reached the train station at 6.05pm. Alright, we reached at least........but 5 mins LATE for our train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to rush to the counter, upgrade our ticket (read:pay another £31 each), ride the tube to the next station and catch the 6.30pm train back into Scotland. Ok, we rush, we reach Euston Station, we look for Edinburgh train platform, we don't find it! We, however, do find -- Glasgow! We ask.....praying fervently. Well, Mr. Helpful at the ticket counter, being in so much of a rush to get us off to the 6.30pm train, forgot to mention that our train got into Glasgow and NOT Edinburgh!!!!!! We took this old old train into Glasgow at 12.10am, walk in the night drizzle to the Glasgow bus station and tried to wait for the Glasgow-Edinburgh city bus which starts at 5am.

Then, things started getting 'better' for us when two guys came over and asked if we wanted to share a cab back into Edinburgh. Splitting the £60 cab fare between the four of us would be much easier on our pockets and backs if we could get back safe and sound. Me being the paranoid that I am, was unsure about sharing a cab with two unknown guys the end Sookie won me over. They looked ok and the cab driver looked ok too.

We started off at 1.07am. 2 mins into our road trip another cab pulls up to ours at a light and starts mouthing off.....seems that the guys had earlier asked cabbies for a quote which was £80 but our cabbie had agreed to break the code and do us for sixty. Mr Rude screamed that our cabbie was gonna get reported, it was quite worrying.....but after that, we got back to Holiday Inn, Edinburgh at 2am and got to sleep for the next 4.5 hours until we had to wake up for work again.....Hope Mr. Cabbie didn't get into any real trouble. He was a good man.

Well, it would seem that London wasn't very very good for us huh? I must say of all the locations we have visited so far, I most liked Paris for its scenes and lifestyle. Romance could be tasted in the air and seen everywhere. London was more staid and its scenes more cold. Buckingham Palace was a bit of a let down as I pictured it bigger, more commanding and awe-inspiring.....

Well, I am happy to be back in my own little private room, having my never-changing breakfast at the hotel and working my butt off.....One day I understand my work, the next, somebody tells me something different and the light goes off again. Help!

Plus, it gets lonely staying all alone in your hotel room. Granted colleagues are there and all that but family and friends aren't around and the days just run into one another without too much fuss or variety. Write me....soon.....

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Hiya! Ok, off to London tomorrow for 3 days. Wish me fun!!!!!!! See yous all when I return and write!