Monday, November 24, 2003

This weekend is the third weekend we're doing our 'Check out a New Place'.

First place: Little Bali (Desa Sri Hartamas)

It was buka puasa time but nobody gave us anything to buka with. Not that I do it but still. The food came and was quite above average. I had the fish which was nice and D had the lamb which he liked.
+ points: Very nice food presentation and good taste and flavour
- points: Inexperienced waiters and no buka puasa dates even though we had to wait for our food past 7pm.
Value for money: Can do but not every week.
Recommendation: 4/5

Second place: Jake's Charbroiled Steaks (somewhere near Bukit Damansara....)

Again near buka puasa time and again nobody offered anything. D had the steak which was king size. Didn't fill him up too much but it Was big and very nicely done. I had the Charbroiled Chicken with (extra side dish) Mushroom Sauce. Chicken was dry and hard and didn't taste like it should if it was charbroiled. Mushroom sauce tasted quite average considering that it cost me RM4.50 for a tiny serving with 4 Shitake mushrooms.
+ points: Good steak with a nice size for an acceptable, reasonable price
- points: Bad chicken and expensive sauce. Can you believe the chicken comes plain? If I hadn't ordered any extra sauce, I would have been choking my dinner down, dry as it is!
Value for money: Expensive and the dinner was only half good!
Recommendation: 3.5/5

Third Place: Carnaval Chiarascurro (or something like that) (near Atria Shopping Mall)

Had to make reservations although it wasn't really necessary. It is a new place but had a very good walk in response considering. They serve a buffet of "a minimum of ten cuts of meat, fish and chicken". I counted I think exactly 10 and two of the cuts were chicken heart and gizzard. I am surprised that bishop's nose didn't come in!
Ok, different concept. There is a buffet line of cold and hot entrees and side dishes....consisting of stuff like rice, salad, potatoes, vegetables, cold pasta, egg salad etc. No meat, no chicken, no fish. The cool twist is this: waiters come out of the kitchen with kebabs of beef (lots and lots of different types of beef), lamb (lots of different types of lamb), chicken (yes, heart and gizzard too), fish (just one), turkey ham and caramelized pineapple.
So, what they do is, they come around the tables with their kebab swords of the meat, and a big 'machete' like thing. They ask you if you want the meat they're proffering and if you do, carve slices of it onto your plate!
A really different concept and quite quite cool although it does have its disadvantages.
D realllllllllllllllllllly like the beef especially one especially juicy (read: bloody) one. And I enjoyed the salad, the cold pasta and the turkey ham.
+points: Good food - very good beef, different concept, variety is pretty good
- points: The waiters stopped serving us after a while (wondered if it was because we had already eaten our money's worth), sometimes you had to wait for the waiters to come out of the kitchen serving the food, if you're not into meat......don't do this place, the fish wasn't very palatable (too much lime and kunyit made it too strong to bear), not enough fish.
Value for money: at RM45.00 per head, D ate his worth but I didn't I think. Again, if you're not really into your meats, it ain't worth it. But can trylah at least once to experience the different buffet style.
Recommendation: 3.5/5

So far we've been doing this 'Try new places' thing every week. But I guess we have to budge too huh? So far, the bills have run pretty high! :)

Any suggestions of places for us to try?!

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