Thursday, April 03, 2003

Dear All,

Scotland is fantastic! I love the cold and am currently planning for all my other trips! To Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, Ireland.... any must-visits?

I have tried haggis, have tried black pudding which is blood and am trying very hard to hold back my bladder as I write this!

The flight was horrendously long....Singapore to London was 14 hours and in an Economy seat, you know it ain't cool! I was squirming around so mucha dn wondering how the heck the big people managed to manage it.

I have walked around Edinburgh quite a bit and have taken quite a few photos....check them out at It's a public album so eat your heart out!

I will write more and I love it here! Am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. Can call me if you guys want! Hahhahaha...Ms Tan in Room 442.

Miss me anybody????????????

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