Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Wish I Could Just Be Fat!

Ok, I'm back on the exercise wagon….sometimes I think I look good in clothes but sometimes I don't…not saying that I look better out of clothes but….hahahahah..

Ok, whatever, back to basics - 3 activities per week - running/jogging, swimming and preferably one tennis or swimming. Though I do enjoy swimming so that can be my bonus….ahahhaha, like oooh, I've done my hated jogging so now I can reward myself by swimming.

In checking up information for a friend, I have discovered that I am just on this side of normal weight as per the BMI. Of course I have tremendous thigh muscles and I would love to imagine that my big upper arms are actually toned muscle but who's kidding whom huh? It's all fat, Fat, FAT!!! Cellulite to boot - why don't men get this one???

So, 30 minutes per session/ 3 sessions per week plus healthy eating - more fruits, less portions but sometimes still rewarding myself. I used to love the feeling of my muscles - yeah I had those when I was dancing too but I hardly noticed them but during the Gym Era, I used to love feeling the tight muscles under the abdomen, in the gluteus maximus and my biceps/triceps including the added strength in my back. Now they've all turned to jelly. My skirts and pants don't fill out so nicely anymore but whatever it is, even if not for aesthetic reasons, I need to start stopping the sedentary lifestyle - less movies and lazing about in bed and more getting up and out there and not worrying about 'Aiyo, I just washed my hair so I shouldn't swim today'…..jesus jones that's why I bought my waterproof cap!

Getting older is a reason for getting fitter and it's always nice to look good anyway!

Ok, this I promise!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Buntu Jalan???

Never fear - Help is Here!!!!!!!!

Check it OUT - UBUNTU Linux!

The key word is kalau You Buntu Jalan, Linux can help! Hahahahahahaha.....

(I guess you can tell I'm not a techie huh?!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

When I Lay Me Down To Sleep....

Have you heard of EcoFunerals? I read in the papers today that England is the forerunner when encouraging these environmentally friendly funerals with environmentally friends caskets and funeral processes. And apparently, it's not necessarily the most expensive way to go as we would normally expect of anything novel or new. I personally hope it will stay around though because I am all for saving the Earth. I admit I don't practise every single thing I could but I try and I think that in a world of several billion, if all of us at least tried, it would help some.

So, upon investigation, I found some sites (1,2,3) which help with more information on EcoFunerals (ummm, this could be a particular brand name….so perhaps I should just call it Funerals Towards Earth Saving or FEST (TM Errolyn hahahaah).

Ok, just found out that Eco Funerals is a generic term….but anyway, I still like mine…..

If you google it, there are many funeral service providers in Britain who offer the EcoFuneral, but here's one in Australia…..

I wonder if we would ever have them in places like Tibet or India…just to name a few since there are already funereal practices there that are already 'eco friendly'. In Tibet, they leave the corpses out on a high plateau or mountain and wait for the birds and buzzards and vultures (do they have these in Tibet) to come eat the bodies. In India, the most usual is the funeral pyre set afloat the River Ganges which is also environmentally friendly in a way because there is nothing left behind that is non-biodegradable…..except for the release of the BLACK BLACK SMOKE which could dampen ozone saving efforts (not sure about this). They say that when vegetarians burn, ok….are cremated, the smoke is a clear white smoke….

Not everyone is happy about it though. I guess it's still something to ponder.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing .....Miss CELINE DION!!!!

Celine Dion was gorgeous with an voice excellent bar none!!! I ended not going to Stadium Merdeka and lining up from 2pm since JH needed to buy some downlights and other lighting fixtures - the innocent guy thought it only takes a half hour to get these things done…aiyoyo, but then well, he ain't melah. I bombarded him with nightmare stories of going shopping all alone when my house was getting set up and learning about the different aspects and features (this in response to a compliment from him that I am a very thorough (?), conscientious (?), diligent (?), smart (?) shopper. Can't remember what he said precisely but it WAS a compliment! Hahahaha

So anyway, we all had lunch together and then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours circling around the tiny area of Sunway Damansara looking for appropriate downlights that measure up to JH's exact preferences! Hahahahah. And then of course also looking at other lights - something I love to do - I do not like downlights so much in the sense that they completely limit my creativity in buying novel lights/lamps in the ambitious hope that they fit together in an eclectic yet befitting manner.

Sigh, the lights in Sunway Damansara are really expensive compared to when I did my shopping in Puchong and Kepong. Thank god I had moral support back then from people of a similar mind (read: budget) and got shopping ideas from them. But then JH treasures convenience over savings so…..

Finally we got everything down about half past five and rushed back to his house to leave the light there before rushing all the way down to Stadium Merdeka. I tell you that part of town is scary!!! I don't even feel like I'm in Malaysia anymore. Told JH to be careful driving cos most likely if we knocked someone down, they would allll come barging at us!

We got there about 6 something after parking at the wrong place. A helpful pet shop owner told us there were 2 Stadium Merdekas (???) did he mean 1 Stadium Merdeka and 1 Stadium Negara? Anyhoo, apparently we parked close to the wrong Stadium - the one we wanted (with the singing), was a disastrously long walk away so JH pulled out of our RM5 parking (it's so cool when he doesn't make you walk around a dangerous part of town in wedges just to save RM5!!) and drove some ways away into RM6 parking! Hahahahaha.. (I knew the silly first car park attendant was lying to us when he said he didn't know where Stadium Merdeka was after we grilled him a little bit - he just wanted his RM5 since we were close to ONE stadium, didn't matter which one……)

So then we parked and I parked JH at the end of the snakey line which wound around 'Fatman Steamboats' and 'Ramli Burger' stalls (I wonder if the Singaporeans who came ta-paued any back??) and numerous satay and drink stalls - I betcha there was 300 people in the line! Then of course, when you least need it, the call of nature rung its knell!!!! I walked down the hill to the Ibu Pejabat Polis Dang Wangi (looked like some low cost flats to me - police store rooms I think) and round the block to a dark dank dangerous toilet which had no lock on the inside. I had to go I had to go, I had to go!!! And so I gritted me teeth and kept a firm hand on the door to prevent lecherous ahem ahems. Oh my god, it was bad let me tell you!

We got in a little after seven which was quite ok - wasn't such a long wait after all but we sure as heck didn't get to sit anywhere close. I decided not to go in too deep, wanted to be able to make a quick getaway to avoid all the jams. We had a pretty good rock to sit on anyway so it was quite good - we then stuffed ourselves a little bit and drank a little bit since I am NOT going to use any public toilet there! Celine started around 8.50pm after the Agong arrived and started it off with a BIG BIG Bang - I Drove All Night! Some people booed the royalty and our Dep PM was there too, I saw Siti Nurhaliza on the big screen once getting all animated to 'We Will Rock You!'. Ummm, the boo-ing, I do not agree with it at all, whether it was because of their lateness (which wasn't even accurate cos Galaxy already said royalty was arriving at 8.30pm - 8.45pm…or if it was because of the recent elections, or whatever the hecklah, I never believe in washing our dirty linen in public - so malufying showing Celine Dion our numbless, mindless, juvenile behaviour!

Celine's Taking Chances Concert, first time ever in Malaysia was a really short one - I don't know how it compares to her other stops around the world but I left feeling a little empty inside. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show - I was close to tears at some points thinking 'Gosh, I am here, listening to Celine Dion!!!!' and of course 'If I had a voice like that….!'. I even asked JH if he thought she was ever in awe of herself! :)

She only changed costumes once and I wonder if it is a trademark of hers or she was really left without a choice due to our inexplicable need to force celebrities to not show skin on our hallowed earth! But nonetheless, her hair was gorgeous and so was she! She has certainly changed her image many times around getting more and more sexy and young each time. They say she was at the Ritz Carlton with her husband (of course), her beloved son and her mom….

I can't imagine a life like that - it's fantastic! A dream come true! Jetting off from point to point, getting up on a stage each night, singing your heart out and hearing the rapturous applause (yeah, well you knowlah, in Malaysia, people don't really know how to clap). What I find harder to understand is the carting of the family around although I guess it would be hard travelling 3-6-12 months a year without your loved ones! I know it's hard work, I can never hope to really understand or relate to her performing experience but I have performed before and even on such a small scale, the adrenaline pumps each time….I just imagine multiplying that by 100 times to get to Celine's level and it's so exciting and breath-taking to me!

I had put off buying her Taking Chances CD and her 'Live In Las Vegas' DVD in the hopes that they will be sold at the concert, perhaps even with a signature from the Goddess herself but nope, Galaxy obviously earned enough from the RM2500 VVVIP tickets……The concert I felt was very badly organised by Galaxy or Artiste World (or whatever) maybe because it was their first majorrr international event but still, the tickets were announced for sale on Valentine's Day, then that stalled and Galaxy employees just couldn't speak enough English to help anybody get more information!!!! THEN they raised the prices of the tickets!! - Aiyo, such a gauche act! Pai Seh but I am glad for the concert! The audio and video were great and I even got me a handphone recording of My Heart Will Go On…..somewhere from the second chorus.

My sister should thank me (or should I say JH) for running out to get another t-shirt for her and for calling her up so she could hear 'River Deep, Mountain High'! She didn't sing me favourite song though - The Colour of My Love……

I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
Paint my soul to be with you
I'll sketch your lips in shaded tones
Draw your mouth to my own

I'll draw your arms around my waist
Then all doubt I shall erase
I'll paint the rain that softly lands on your wind-blown hair

I'll trace a hand to wipe out your tears
A look to calm your fears
A silhouette of dark and light
While we hold each other oh so tight

I'll paint a sun to warm your heart
Swearing that we'll never part
That's the colour of my love

I'll paint the truth
Show how I feel
Try to make you completely real
I'll use a brush so light and fine
To draw you close and make you mine

I'll paint the truth
Show how I feel
Try to make you completely real
I'll use a brush so light and fine
To draw you close and make you mine

I'll paint a sun to warm your heart
Swearing that we'll never part
That's the colour of my love

I'll draw the years all passing by
So much to learn so much to try

And with this ring our lives will start
Swearing that we'll never part
I offer what you cannot buy
Devoted love until we die

(lyrics courtesy of Errolyn knowing the song by heart)

Ummm....wanted put some pics of my goddess up but afraid of copyright issues - so YOU can do the next best thing - Google her! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My friends are pregnant. Two of them! And that's besides the fact that another friend of mine is also pregnant and about to give birth in perhaps 1 month's time. It seems just like yesterday when we were running down the Champs Elysees under a raincoat. Time flies and even though I DO NOT feel the ticking of the dreaded maternal clock, I do sometimes wonder what it would feel like to be pregnant. To have a baby inside me…. Ok, that sentence just sounded really corny!!! Ack ack!

Anyway, rewind. I DO wonder. Maybe it IS the maternal clock as I have never felt this before the last 2-3 years. I used to marvel at the thought of a baby with a beloved partner because it would be the fruits of our union, a testament to our love together but now I think about it more for myself. In the sense that I (what's another word for wonder?) what it is like to feel it growing within me, to feel the burgeoning belly, (having the excuse to eat whatever it is I wanted), the impending life of duty and responsibility and not throwing caution to the wind.

I do not think I am ready for kids. I have never thought it. My thoughts about babies have always been because of the romance of a relationship and the desire to be so close to the other person that yahoo! out pops an 'Us'. I always agonise about how I would bring them up, if I ever had them. How I would teach them, make them good because being good and decent is not easy. People can so easily be selfish, slow, lazy, inconsiderate, tactless and all the other stuff……and yes, just like I just admitted to a colleague the other day, I realise that I am pessimistic. That is my outlook in life. I prepare for the worst case scenario, I like to think of it as being realistic and prepared. If I prepared for the worst then whatever is the sub-part will already have been covered!

Coming back to having one of my own…..I see many kids go right and even more kids go wrong. Honestly, I don't even like kids very much. Only when they're cute can I muster up enough of a something to try to talk with them or play with them but I inevitably get bored. (Kinda like my friends accusing me of starting conversations with random people then letting them pick up the conversation when I get bored and silent!) I even hate kids sometimes. I hate them when they run amok and scream their giddy little heads off. I always seethe when parents apparently develop hearing loss when their kids do that and continue reading the paper or having their meal. I guess if I had 300 decibels trumpeting in my ears all day long, I would also become deaf!!

I've always had a strict sense of discipline. My friends always used to lament that my kids would be sooooo terrible afraid of me. They don't say that anymore….I guess when one hits the big 30 without any indication of wanting kids, you tend to realise the kids-to-be are better off…..

I tell myself that as long as I only like certain parts of children (like cute faces, tiny hands and feet, your miniscule daughter smiling pixie-like up at you or the feeling of your big grown son hugging you - note the non-mention of screaming, crying, talking back, weird in between years….) then I shouldn't have them. The responsibility is for a lifetime and not something you can undo and I just don't feel at all ready for it.

Perhaps I am selfish, I want my freedom to do the things I want. I don't want to spend 2 hours getting ready to go out with my kid. I don't want to have to pick up after a little being and I cannot handle the responsibility of teaching them the right path. God knows, I sometimes have the greatest conflicts inside myself - how can I be right enough to bring someone else up?????

A lot of people step onto the path of motherhood and fatherhood because it is the next logical thing to do and they wing it as best they can. Which is fine….for them….but not for me. Even the thought of marriage for me now is a little daunting. I swing between wanting to commit to someone special for the rest of my life because I can't imagine ever wanting anybody else and fear that it will turn sour just like the other 50% of marriages that end in divorce. The fear of being hurt, being lied to, being made fun of, being irritated. People do not realise that when you marry someone, it is supposed to be forever, I don't necessarily subscribe to 'for worst' because I think that when you love and like and care enough for the other person, I think you just knuckle down and it's alright - it's not the 'worst'. But even the most comfortable life can be sterile and boring if he isn't the right one. Sigh…..I used to have an easier view of life and marriage. Now I think too much within my own head.

Needless to say now that I say I do not think about having kids of my own, I shall probably end up wanting and having a football team! Go Figure!

Friday, April 04, 2008

I Couldn't Resist This One....

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.

And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.

What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Well Said!

Ok, this is the last one..I promise......for today!

You Are Most Like Gisele Bundchen

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Hmmm....I wonder who the others Gisele the best?

Damn It - I'm a Husband Stealer!! Don't like it one bit!

You Are More Like Angelina Jolie

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You are smart, sexy, and strong willed.

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Really or NOTTTT????

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If you took this quiz, you may be doubting that...

Don't! No guy is perfect but yours comes really close

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A word of caution: Any hint of 'Resting-On-Laurels' syndrome and the subject will be terminated immediately!

Aiya - never really thought I was a romantic!

You are a Romantic Date

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"Date to fall in love"

You prefer your dates to lead you down a romantic path

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I'm Not Addictive????!!!

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You Should Be A Capricorn

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