Monday, April 07, 2003

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, on my trip here, I had to transit in Changi Airport and last week, when I started coughing and nose running as well as a slight fever, I had a bit of a scare but it's all gone now and I am fine.....(to those of you who care!).

Anyways, it has been a week since I have been here and two weekends both of which we have spend walking around Edinburgh City Centre. The shops here close at 6pm and some are closed on Sunday but I think we have covered a whole lot of the city. When I first arrived, I was abit of a jakun cos I kept going 'Wah!' at the architecture but now I know that so much of the city is like that. Was supposed to go to Glasgow today cos it seems to have fantastic shopping but our team kinda decided we've had too much spending and walking lately so we just went for a bit of a scare.....went to the Edinburgh Dungeon tour!

Cost us 8 pound fifty and wasn't half worth it since it wasn't scary and wasn't nearly long enough but we are planning to go on a Witchery tour and Haunted Trails tour so that hopefully will make up for it though trust me, all these are not cheap!

It's sale time now but we haven't been buying alot cos am trying to save for travelling around.

Took some pictures of Scott Memorial and Nelson Monument and walked and walked and walked. Princes Street is the main shopping street here and it's kinda like Bukit Bintang except cold and therefore, you don't get tired so fast! Today it's 11 degrees C and we kinda got lost after locating Holyrood Palace but not going in and walking up a large large hill but only getting halfway! I must say, from today's experience, there are not alot of public toilets around so if you're holding yourself in, it's a bit of a difficult job! Hahahahhahaha

Let's see...what else. I am staying at the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh and the time here is 7 hours behind Malaysia. Anyone wanna call me, can contact me at 10-11pm at night (my time)!

I miss my family, my dear dear friends and even my HDPM new colleagues! Surprising especially since I've only met them like 1.5 months ago! But you guys are great! Lots of love to Mum, Dad, Jan, Kong Wai, Dzof, Khat, Nigel, Elene, Vivien, Lisa, Thing May, Szu Ping, Melinda, Rena, Ah Tiong, Keat, Nicky.......

I hope to lose weight with all this walking the way, shall I have a poll to see if you guys wanna see a pic of me in my spanking new black bikini???????????

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