Monday, March 10, 2003

Ok, does anybody have any idea what digital camera is good for an amateur photographer who just wants to take nice pictures?

There are so many to choose from and I don't have the resources at hand to research, experiment with, question, doubt, endorse, pick any which one in particular.

Olympus or Nikon or Kodak???! Which one is the best for my needs? Someone help!

By the way, Scotland here I come from 28th March til 31st May 2003. Then, when I return, anybody that has a nice room in a secured apartment or condominium block can offer to rent it to me!

I will miss all my friends and family here but I can't help just being so excited about the whole episode! It's always been my dream to visit Scotland. I've always had this image that it's beautiful beyond words and now I will get to live my dream! I just can't believe the good luck of it all!

Although on other possibly more important issues is the fact that the world is rushing headlong into the lives and deaths of potentially tens of thousands of people. Some choosing to do it, some having no choice but to do it and even worse, some who have to endure it and 'live' with the consequences come what may...through no fault of their own. What can be done?

I have a friend who has decided to stand his ground against the almighty use of might and power by some parties. He has decided to impose a self-ban on all American brands/foods/outlets etc. It takes discipline and great faith to carry this out I think because so many times, so many people start out with a 'mission', but get side-tracked along the way without completing their objective.

Is this the only way we can get a message across? I heard too that the sale of Coke somewhere has fallen by 50%. Great! But who are these other people still drinking Coke? Well, to each his own. This is not something I want to Force on others.

I just hope something can be done in time before tragedies take place just because mankind has contracted a bad case of swollen head!

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