Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wearing a Pashmina

Ok, I'm trying to research how to wear a pashmina or wrap or scarf on youtube....How difficult can it be? I can't seem to find a nice pretty way to wrap the pashmina around my shoulders and keep me warm at the same time! Anybody got any ideas?

Kamensk-uralskiy, Sverdlovsk

I just saw this on location on my Live Traffic Feed - Kamensk-uralskiy, cool!

I'm reaching poeple from around the world! Let's find out something abou the place shall we? (OOOoooh, my life must seem so weird/different to this person!)

"Hey there! If you ever come back, leave me a note and tell me if life where you are with its own concerns and issues is the same as all the way over here in KL, Malaysia, ok? DEAL?"

Kamensk-uralskiy is in Sverdlock, Russia!!! I've always wanted to visit Russia! It's one of the fastest growing cities in the area and its main economy/industry is cast iron smelting/foundry works.

One of the interesting things about it is that in the New Year when it gets to freezing, they build ice towns and ice figures there - including Chinese Zodiac Animals! I'm an Dragon - can you build one of me???


High Flyer!

I've been travelling up and down to Johor Bahru recently and it's just been crazy busy at work! Also, bro in law got married and that was interesting and exciting to see someone else do it and not have to worry about what got lost/missing/forgotten.. Our wedding was crazee to plan and there were a multitude of hiccups but then, without hiccups what is there to remember huh?

JB is not a fun place - there is nothing to see, buy although! The last time i was down there, there was a pasar malam (night market) near my hotel and my colleague and I went a-visiting. We remarked to ourselves that it seemed like we had just been released from the big KL jail cos we were oohing-and-aahing over almost everything!!! I think it didn't help that we were hungry but we bought all sorts of things to stuff our gap with! We even tried some deep fried chicken feet! Not much to gnaw on but it was interesting since the ones I normally eat are the dark soya-sauced boiled ones.....

Will be travelling again soon - tomorrow to be exact - back to Penang to be with the family! Gosh, it will be so good to see everyone again and have EVERYONE back together again. It seems like ages since I've seen my sister! I wish she was here and my parents were here! No Fair!

But I'll be back in good ole Penang until the New Year so HEHEHHEHEHE!!! Then CNY is coming up and it'll be the first time we have to give angpows! Aioyoyoyoyooo.......Luckily bonus is coming along. We've spent quite a bit of money this month cos I had an aircon installed in my condo and we moved stuff over with a lorry etc cos we're renting it out.

I also wanted to custom make a shoe cabinet for outside the house but jezz Louise! It costs RM900!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll just buy one for RM200 huh? I think I need to tone down on my shoe shopping toolah.....Sigh....what else do I have to tone down on???? It's not fair! But I guess that's what you have to do when you live with other people....Sis in law also has many shoes (nuff said).

Can you believe it that for next year's CNY new clothes, most of them were bought by mum???? That shows when I can't even buy my own clothes, or not have the time to go shopping. Seriously, whenever I go out nowadays, nothing looks interesting....NO SHOES EVEN! Can you believe it???? NO SHOES!!!!!