Friday, October 29, 2010

Jadore Mi Amore

Ooooh, today, after a longgggggggg time, I sprayed on a little Jadore by Dior womanly, so sexy, it's delicious... rich and heavy like a long slow suck on dark bitter chocolate.

Puteri Gunung Ledang Memorable Quotes

Ooooh, I just heard 'Bagaikan Sakti' on my Ipod recently and this is where Puteri Gunung Ledang's lover is going to on a journey and leaving her.....He says:

Yang tinggal, hati tak elok
Yang pergi, hati tak senang

....which I thought was just beautiful!

Translated it means:

The one who is left behind nurses a heart that is unwell,
The one who is leaving, nurses a heart that is heavy.....


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Najib said

recently that "It is neither affordable nor intelligent Malaysia to be satisfied with the way things  are" (Paraphrased a bit for clearer understanding)...and I agree completely. Snippets of his speech sound like a consultant wrote it out for him. Lots of big words, making a lot of sense albeit somewhat vague and ambitious with no stated clear reasoning nor action plans. Though it sounds all good - now I just would love to see him put it into action. I have not heard any other Prime Minister speak like this before and I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, if only because I know that he is intelligent and can formulate plans that work - but as he himself mentions, " institutional and structural change could only happen when leaders not only understand what must be done but have the integrity, humility and determination to bring this great nation to the next horizon."

He says Malaysia must transform or risk becoming a failed state - and what makes a failed state? Raja Petra Kamaruddin has some ideas. He compares us to Zimbabwe where current evolution has made their country that little bit more difficult to live in - but RJK provides examples where we instated similar laws and guidelines decades earlier. A state of economy that is non-economic, abuse of power and position, corruptioon is abundant, free speech (including blogging) is suffocated, the judiciary is not neutral etc etc etc, there we have the makings of a failed state. RJK says that these things happen in Malaysia too but no one considers us a failed state.

Like I said earlier, I have not heard of any of our previous PMs speaking the way Najib spoke in that speech. (Not sure how the first few PMs spoke) The recent ones used to speak in very simple layman's BM or English . So as to more easily communicate with the grassroots they always gun for I presume.

Everyday we see numerous, uncountable examples of when MPs and 'leaders' put into power by the deluded people embarrass themselves with no actual knowledge of embarrassing themselves (reminds me of "When a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it - does it actually make a sound? - so if the perpetrator doesn't know he has embarrassed himself - has he, thus, not done so? Or if the people do not fuss and make a hue and cry, yet elect him into power again, has the perpetrator actually embarrassed himself - since there is no one to show him any different?)

I used to go to school and university in a very very multi-racial environment. I had friends from all races, there was never an issue or a thought that I was mixing with 'the Malays' or 'the Indians'. But this is all we hear about these days!!!! People from singular races who cannot speak another language, who have no idea how others live, what others do and keep so much to themselves that there is no inkling that others share this great country. It is so strange to me! I think every Malaysian needs to stand up and fight for the good of the country, not to perpetuate an idea of races within Malaysian all living in harmony together - this may have been a good idea 50 years ago but now that's passe! We are not many races living in peace together, we are living in peace because we are one people - nobody says "Wow, the many peoples living the the United Kingdom live in peace with each other" - nobody says "Wow, the aboriginal and others live in peace with each other in NZ" so why do we have to say that here and much less be proud of it (Not even that it's more inevidence today than yesterday)!

Everyone contributes to the good of the country, everyone deserves a fair result culminating from the efforts they put in. Since we used to be an agricultural country - the analogy can be extremely simple. I plant 2 acres of paddy - I harvest the max of 2 acres of rice. I plant 40 acres of paddy - I can harvest more. To also borrow from a CHILDREN's story - the grasshopper who did not work at all during summer, starves in the winter while the ant who slogged away storing supplies, lives to enjoy his efforts. When that situation is reflected in Malaysia, then we will know that we have made it - there are definitely times when the richer must help the poorer especially when it comes to provision of medical care / education as these are human rights and humane initiatives. But nobody should rest on their laurels and think it obligatory for others to care and provide for perpetually by someone else - even in a marriage - each must do their part!

We all know how much spoonfeeding and handholding is bad for our future generations - we have scores of students who claim to be university graduates who cannot raise their hands and ask a simple question, multitudes who don't know how to 'push back' when confronted with something they don't agree with - probably millions who don't know how to disagree!!!!!!!! Our students in schools and universities are not taught how to think for themselves, how to analyse and surmise from information provided - we are goose-fed but we don't produce pate - we're just fatty. Children in primary school are already conditioned to accept and memorise what the syllabi are, no understanding is required. "Regurgitate your karangan boy and be done with it!" There should be signs in schools that say "No Thinking Required". Ask any involved parent - you'll see why private schools are doing such roaring business in Malaysia.

Aiyo, enough rantinglah - I could go on forever. Not to not give credit where it's due - there are good parts to Malaysia - all God-given - no natural disasters.....the rest, man has to answer for!

Civic Consciousness in Malaysia

I was stuck in a jam to work recently (what's new?) and I saw this Brabus Mercedes driven by 2 men of local origin. I thought ooooh, a Brabus - how much does one of those babies cost anyway? And then I saw ooooh, passenger man unwound his window and threw out a cigarette bud onto the road - it was still smoking away...My final oOOooh thought about the man with the man was "Oooooh, big car could mean big money could mean big career/business but sure as heck doesn't mean big socio-consciousness" And I can just imagine what will continue to happen if there were children in the back seat. Sigh! It will never change will it?

A little further down the road, I saw again this giant truck thing - an Arena but more tough/manly...HAhhahhahah (yeah I know my luxury cars but not my trucks - except for the ummm..., what is it now....the Triton), where the driver, stopped at a light, opened his door and spat out onto the road. I didn't expect much different from a man driving a truck like that (I know kinda stereotypical huh) but it just goes to show - no matter what strata of society you may be from - civic consciousness doesn't come with it. (AND I AM NOT SAYING POOR PEOPLE DRIVE TRUCKS AND RICH PEOPLE DRIVE LUXURY CARS - THIS WAS THE SITUATION I SAW AND I DREW ONE CONCLUSION FROM IT)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy - Where do chickens come from?

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a man delivering chickens to a restaurant/mamak shop. He had them all packed up in thin yellow plastic bags piled into a giant basket riding pillion on the back of his motorbike. He got off his bike and picked up the top two piles of chicken for delivery. Then for some reason or another, he placed them on the ground, none too gently at that.

So this morning, there were chickens bound for many people's plates sitting on the ground - dirty tar road - in thin yellow plastic bags.

That's all I have to say.