Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm in Love!

The past two times this has happened, it's come more slowly but this time I just saw and then the first thought that came to my mind was "I'm In Love!"

I love this book called Bet Me by Jenny (Jennifer) Crusie. The way it is written is fantastic - I love the way the two leads spar with each other and the wittee repartee keeps you turning page after page after page. I tried to get my then-boyfriend to read it (as part of a "let's try to read a book the other found fascinating to further build our bond of understanding and closeness") so that I could in one fell swoop, do the above paranthesized as well as get him to talk to me the way Calvin talks to Minerva (funny name I know).

Anyhoo - he didn't get around to it. And I had my own 'Off Limits' books because he had tried to get me to read this 'love letters from a man in harvard/oxford or something' which started off really boring.

Anyhoo (2) in 'Bet Me', both Calvin (male protagonist) and Min/Stats (female protagonist) has Fate telling them, drumming into their heads "THIS ONE!" whenever they see each other. You see, they keep trying to ignore and deny the delicious pull the universe has placed on both of them. Cutting the long story short - when I saw this one, Fate didn't say "This One" but "I'm In Love".

Up to you to decide which one is better!

[Big Smile now]

Friday, July 21, 2006

All The Men In My Life…..

It’s only been recently when I’ve had the full force of charming men visited upon me. Not the first time in my life a man has turned it on for me but the first time I’ve realised the effects of personality + charm + confidence at the same time!

Two men are involved here – both different but both confident in their own right and charmed the pants off of me (not literally though!!!) One is sweet and quiet (when it comes to sweet-talking me) and the other is outspoken, aggressive and rough! (My God! Now everyone will be wondering what the heck I’m talking about)

So anyways, the soft sweet one (whom I shall refer to as W henceforth) usually sits quietly beside me, which should be an indication in itself because he can be quite raucous and flirty. He quietly privately asks me how I am, if I am cold, if I need anything, if I need something to eat (I think it’s a Malaysian thing – if you care about someone, feed them). Which is all well and fine, but man oh man, when he starts the sweet talking – LOOK OUT! And he ‘whispers’ these sweet somethings with such quiet confidence and stability. The other day, when he was sitting beside me again, he asked, “What perfume are you wearing?”

“I know.”
“How do you know?”
“Because you are one”

I was completely bowled over!!! It wasn’t exactly WHAT he was saying (because people can say all kinds of tacky things) but the way he said it. I got the impression he was so sure of what he was saying – like he absolutely believed it and therefore, so should I!!!!

I am not saying this guy has got the hots for me or anything like that at all – but just needed to demonstrate the effects of someone’s charm/flirting/personality/confidence..

Now the other one – god! Was a train that knocked me over and made me blush!!!! Now, if you’ve seen me before, you’ll know I’m quite tanned – so it took some heck of an effort to make me blush!

Anyways, I met him (P) at an important gathering – this is a guy I’ve met before whom I thought, and shared with my family, was good looking. It’s been a few years since and we both actually didn’t recognize each other. But then we were introduced……….

He started to take pictures of me – made a point of asking me if he could (which is cool) and didn’t over do it at all (which is cooler). Then during the wedding, he came over and wanted to share a toast with me. It didn’t help that his dad was sitting with us (if you know what I mean). Anyways, I saw him headed in my direction and being the shy one that I am, I looked away. He strode purposefully towards me, leaned over and raised his glass. Dad said something embarrassing of course, as parents often do when their child gets together with someone of the opposite sex!

He said (something like), “Errolyn, will you drink with me?” looking straight at me like nothing else in the room mattered.

“I don’t drink …..” while raising my glass of ice water.
“Come, let’s share” while he tried to pour some wine into my glass (granted this was gauche but maybe he wanted to dilute the wine since I don’t drink eh?)

Drops of wine fall onto my brand new dress –

“Oh, I’m so sorry” and used his hand to wipe away at the errant 3 drops of wine on my thigh.
“Let’s drink”

And so we did.

And then the night went on. At goodbye, he clasped my hand and the first thing I thought was “Damn, his hand is rough”. I like it when a man is a man and the rough hand and confident, almost cocky attitude, made me think terrible thoughts! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

So there you go, W and P, such different styles but applied with just the right amount of nerve and sincerity that it comes across as perfectly enticing and heart-warming. I don’t advocate that men go out on the town and do this to every girl they come across, of course – unless they want to get the girl!!!!

Another thing that is wonderful, is when P held my hand at goodbye and would not let go even though I was trying to get my phone to put his number in!! He did the ‘no one else in the room’ look again and I giggleddddddddd!

Sorry though, it won’t work for every guy – because sometimes the girl is just going to go: get your bloody hand off me!!! But these guys had it perfect and I just had to share the knowledge around because so many men these days do not know how to get it right!

Some men just don’t inspire you at all but are comfortable so you continue to hang out with them sometimes, some make you feel all sexy and it seems like all you do is flirt outrageously and some just make you understand why they are still single!!!!

Oh by the way, of course, the disclaimer goes for P too.

And if W or P is reading this - thank you guys for a wonderful experience!

And oh yes, P definitely invaded my space but for some strange reason - I enjoyed it!

P.S. For the men who are still blur - the italicised phrases are the actions that got to me!