Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hi Auntie,

You were very clever to have suggested this method of communication, because I indeed can't get through to Canada! I tried a couple of times and the email has been sent back both times. Please write me again when it's all fixed.

Looking forward to it!
Me ;)
Hi All!

Think my pounds have almost all come back since I partook in this quite quite exquisite dinner at Lobsterman, SS2! If you're reading this JH, thanks for dinner and I shan't forget the ice-cream raincheck!

Anyways, after dinner tonight, I realised that I have not written about a couple of milestones in my life.....namely my brushes with fame. Am I not fame hungry then? I always thought I liked attention, though am not a 'lets-pretend-to-be-crazy-so-we-can-get-attention' kinda person! Well, I must say I can't figure out how I missed it but here goes....better late than never eh!

(Here I go with my exclamation marks again - do I speak like this too?????)

Brush With Fame #1

Globetrekker - Search for the Next Host
It was a bright and sunny morning. Errolyn was talked into attending the Astro Globetrekker auditions being held on Saturday morning right after working the whole night through. Errolyn looked tired and probably didn't look very interested in the position considering Errolyn's very practical 'I won't get it' mindset.

Anyhoo, we went along and filled up all the application forms, met a bitchy gay guy who actually turned out to be quite nice who worked for the event management company with Globetrekker. Waited our turn very patiently cracking jokes and planning our topics.

I chose to talk about my momentous climb up Mount Kinabalu of course. Had this whole drama planned out but then I realised that 1 minute isn't very long and sometimes, (probably oftentimes), the judges stopped you after they had seen enough.

So, I cut my story short and got to the juicy part, talking about being on top of the mountain and how awe-inspiring it was. My piece was definitely not very factual nor was it very serious. I set myself free and being very comfortable in front of cameras, worked whatever I had to work!

Lo and behold, that very afternoon, they called me and told me I was short-listed, or shall I say, Top 20! for Sunday's Big Do in front of a public crowd.....

Gosh, was I nervous. My sister of course was very excited for me since she auditioned in Singapore too but unfortunately, the judges were not feeling very well that day and missed her razzle dazzle personality......

The day dawned, I had agonised over what to wear and how to go out there in front of a public to present myself. Had gimmicks planned of course but in the end, the physical real result lacked sorely from what I saw in my mind.

There weren't a LOT a LOT of people there but there was a fair number. We were given topics to come out and talk about for 1 minute. Work the crowd and Errolyn Tan was shortlisted again to TOP 10!!!!

It was getting on in the day and I was beginning to feel tired. That coupled with the fact that I wasn't all thatttttttttt keen on it in the first place, I drew lots for my final topic and got 'Tiffin Carrier', prepared a spiel about it lasting 3 minutes - went out, didn't do too well I guess and never got called back as the Top 3 Winners!!!!!!!!

Boo Hoo! First there was Top 15 for 3R. Now Top 10, when will i ever be TOP? Wasn't upset about losing the opportunity to star in my own episode - haven't seen anything of the winners so far until now actually - but the agony and humiliation of not being one of the placers......I resolved to never get involved in any competition like that again......We'll see.

Brush With Fame #2

Voice Over for TV Infomercial

Got a call one afternoon in the office whilst I was rushing into a meeting - that's so much work! Meetings!

Anyway, was asked to do a voice-over for this infomercial that pushed a French skincare range. The girl with the agency told me all about arrangements for coming into the studio, emailing me the script and directions to the studio - spent a good 10 minutes talking about that before telling me I would actually be paid for the job.

Well, after I heard that, I was sold! I would have done it anyway, just for the experience of it as well as for my friend - who was the director.

And then guess what, the client called me a little later in the evening, wanting to hear my voice. I read from the calendar on my desk - it had a little para describing its wares, trying to sound 'commercially' and someone talking about skincare would sound basically.

Well, God was on my side and I 'got the job'. Spent 4 hours over 2 days in the studio, got it all wrapped up and there you have it, the infomercial is now on TV!

I'm famous! Haven't caught it yet but I sure hope people aren't storming the TV station in droves complaining about it's terrible terrible voice talent!


So, there you go, my infamous self in the past 6 months.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogger is looking really weird for me now and I think it is because they have updated their look again. I shall have to wait for D to fix it I guess.....

It's been a really hectic new year. So much to do and see. I am thinking perhaps I should write a column for a newspaper or magazine. Wouldn't it be cool if I had a job writing columns like Sex in the City? Or another dream job of mine would be food/vacation spots critic!!!!

So many new things to set up at the office, some exciting, some tedious, some routine and some downright practising dancing - damn I wish I had more of that.

Don't know if I can say that I am learning alot; as I should be, what with being in a new position which requires more responsibility and more horizons and all that.....but....

anyway, I must say at the moment, there's lots going on but I've explained it, talked about it so much now that I don't wanna say anything more about work!

D's in ulu Bradford, UK. Wishing I was there of course!