Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starved For A Buck??

WoW! I promised myself I'd write about Starbucks on Saturday and I completely forgot about it til today! It was a normal Saturday night and JH and I ambled over to the Starbucks at The Curve. Perhaps I should have heeded the premonition when he suggested having coffee at Dome instead but…..well….

I don't know if it's the price increase or the 'conscientiousness' of the barista but my Grande coffee came Tall. Yup, you read right - half the mug was filled with whipped cream. I was so upset! I wanted to walk on over to the counter but JH didn't want me to make a scene. I mean come on Starbucks. You can afford to give your customers who pay anywhere between RM5-RM13.90 for your coffees a real coffee right? It's just shameful, I've never had to stinge on my coffee before but heck, now the bloodthirsty sharks are out for even more of my coffee….Well! your little plan backfired! I am not going to spend more money buying your coffee just because you tried to fool me into it by giving me just a little bitty coffee my first mug around. And BOY, did you screw over the WRONG coffee drinker!

So, watch your mugs everyone - is it half full or half empty?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Knot Tying...

by my cousin and lots of goodies came out of it!

The best part of the Wedding Party (above and below)

My favourite four people in the WORLD!!

The smiles are real and the heart is pure - I can't think of anything clever to say, the pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

God Loves Me Big Or Small....

I have professed to starting and re-starting and yet again, try different diets. Alot of the time I say I never diet, I just eat whatever I want to eat....but since hitting the big 3-0, I've found this is virtually an impossible method to still look the way I want to look and to fit into the clothes I like. Granted, I've never been able to get 'skinny-with-it' but at least I could look goodish.....I'm not saying that all skinny people look good and all bigger people look bad....I just wanna look the way I think I look my best...

So I found this one - an idiot proof way of losing weight! The Fat Loss for Idiots programme which expounds a calorie shifting method. Basically, it's that you eat different kinds of food (that you actually LIKE) every day for 11 days and it tricks your body into burning more calories (including fat deposits) and absorbing less fat. There's a little more to it of course, but check it out yourself! I read up a little on it and actually did the currency conversion to buy the programme online! RM128 to lose 9lbs in 11 days! The purchase gives you a food/calorie calculator which then plans for you a menu for 11 days.

I called up JH, on a manja note, to ask/tell him I wanted to buy this thing and being the person that he is, he very delicately told me to NOT DO IT! (He said, why don't you show me the site when we're together in front of an online computer honey???)

So anyway, I have continued to research it and I think it sounds rather good! The theory behind it, as much as I have read, sounds plausible and it isn't too expensive for something that can work for both of us and maybe even more! I'm so excited!!!!

Here is a review of it by an, apparently, neutral bystander reviewer. I usually am quite sceptical about reviews because yeah, they kinda usually are employees of the company touting the product! Hhahahahahah - like you usually see 'It's amazing - It's changed my life' comments......but I'm already prejudiced for the programme....

If you google 'calorie shifting' you will find a lot more to read on it. Thus far, I haven't found anyone saying anything bad about it....one site cited a 97% success rate for people losing weight - not sure if it's just water or it comes back on....etc.....

Another one, by the way, is the Cabbage Soup Diet which is guaranteed works - by close friends!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cry Baby!

Last Saturday afternoon, I watched an Astro movie called 'The Last Kiss'. I caught it after it had started and I usually don't watch shows half way through but this one seemed interesting enough. How was I to know it would launch me into a bawling fit that could only have been topped by a few others a few years ago. Gosh, it really rail-roaded me into the past. There was this scene where a mum was talking to her daughter about leaving her husband of 30 years. She wasn't happy but the daughter was being all bitchy and blaming the mum for not trying to be better, for pushing his buttons knowingly and then blaming him for it.

First sign of trouble:

Daughter: Men are easy Mom! I figured (partner's name) out in half an hour!

Fast forward a few scenes. This guy - let's call him Nick - is seen calling a random girl and making plans to meet up with her after work. Now, I don't know if I'm a big time pessimist or I've just watched these kinds of movies too many times now but I knew immediately that this Nick person is Daughter's partner! Because when you declare that you know it all - that's when they ambush you isn't it? That's called PLOT! hHahahhaha - Ok, it's actually called Crisis but.....Crises make up the Plot! Anyways, what the hell! I'm right!!!

(Draw parallel to Titanic - "This ship is so strong, even God himself could not sink it!")

So Nick tells Daughter he's meeting with a friend after work - to help him get through a separation.

Second sign of trouble:

Daughter: Oh gawd, everybody is falling apart around us!

Luckily, we're half way through the movie so I immediately get to see Daughter suddenly coming upon an emergency and calling Nick (in this case, someone's dad died). Friend of Nick who was supposed to be Nick's alibi decides, "I won't lie for Nick" so Daughter is suddenly in a frenzy trying to find out where Nick is. Nick, meanwhile, is canoodling with a young college slut - dancing away at a sophomore party, you know the kind - at first Nick seems uneasy, perhaps even guilty but then his MANLY instincts take over and his hands start wondering. Long story short - they end up kissing. Movie director tries to keep the Climax for later so Nick goes home 'chaste' ("We kissed once." qhich then morphs into "We kissed several times"). Daughter is furious, screams at him of course and demands that he leave. He does, only to wind up…..in the arms of College Girl. In bed. Naked. Climax.

I am telling you - the writer, the actress (who plays Daughter) has definitely gone through heartbreak before because I could see the emotion, that's why I said the movie RAILROADED me back into the past…..I could feel what she was expressing, I could feel the whole kablooee.

Several things she said after that were poignant:

Scene: Daughter gives Nick a chance to explain because, wait for it......she loves this filthy cad! Don't we always?

Daughter: Were you telling me the truth last night? That you didn't sleep with her?
Nick: Ummmm....
Daughter: You lying S**.Of.A.B*tch!!! Get out!
Nick: But I was only trying to be honest with you! Don't you see that????

Ahhh! The good old times!

Daughter: How could you do this to me? How could you hurt me like this?

Another one:

Daughter: I could feel a pain in my heart.

So true! I know it sounds BAD but it IS true!

Now this one I like:

Nick: I would do anything to get her back.
Father of Daughter: Anything?
Nick: Anything!
Father of Daughter: Then it's easy. Just do whatever it takes.
Nick: Whatever it takes?
Father of Daughter: Whatever it takes.

I wouldn't be surprised if this Nick guy repeated his infidelities seeing he likes repetition! :)

And then of course, he camps outside the door of Daughter, day in, day out, (sing with me now) Sun Rise, Sun Set, Sun Rise, Sun Set…..Rain Come, Rain Go….then Daughter got a bit soft hearted - AIYA, I tell you all us girls are just soft hearted suckers!!!! We always do this - we think the guys mean something when they do stuff like this. When are we going to learn, it's all a means to an end and their end is NOT always the same as our end!!! Anyway, when I watched the parts where the Daughter dropped blankets for Nick, dropped a sandwich for Nick, I got a bit furious. If we sat outside a guy's door like that, he would come home from a date and bring the buxom blonde in!!!!! That's what they would do. So I was understandably angry with women-kind for being the mushy beings that we are.

I am not sure what the point of my post this time is but to tell all and sundry that I cried my eyes and heart out on Saturday and I think that has purged me of old ghouls once and for all! So…..Yippee!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I Wanna Give SOMETHING!!!

I can't believe it! I wish we had the Something Store here in Malaysia. There are loads of things I would send people. This is just right up my alley, my kind of thing. I love these off-beat, weird things....I also think people have come to expect them of me.

Like for example, if mum suddenly received a weird something from an annonymous sender, given 3 guesses, I would be in there! Hehehehehe and it pleases me to no end to do something like that for people I love and like.

Basically, just surprising them and introducing them to something so new and funky and fun!!!! Arrrggghhhh - can I get them hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!