Saturday, March 08, 2003

Yahoo! Movies: The Quiet American (2002) - Critics Reviews

The Quiet American!!!

Yes, left me extremely quiet at the end of the movie....except when my friend started going, "I thought it was very well-done".

Now, I don't want to be emotional and hasty but what the heck, it was so flat! Michael Caine was one of the least dishy old men to play the role of Fowler and Brendan Fraser didn't actually get any big opportunities to 'strut his stuff'.

Did they not realise that all the girl wanted was a safe and rich existence somewhere safe where there's no more selling herself, bombs, death and destruction?

Anyways, watch for yourself but caveat emptor!

I shall be leaving for Livingston, Scotland on 28 March 2003 looks like. Will continue to update this page and for all of you who have faithfully kept in touch with me through this page, thank you! I look forward to a long and happy dynamic relationship with you.

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