Monday, December 31, 2007

Recent top showings on Astro

I’ve been dreadfully sick for ONE WHOLE WEEK and have had ample opportunity to watch Astro. Since I always give Astro a lot of flak I thought that perhaps I’d tell some other hapless, frustrated viewer that there are the rare finds once in a while.

The other night, I caught ‘Eight Below’ which is a beautiful story about beautiful huskies left, with a great deal of heartache of course, by their mountain guide owner in the Antartic (was it?) for almost 6 months during the winter season. He wasn’t heartless the poor cutie, he was quite torn up about it. But lordy, at the end of it all, when he did get anough funding to go back, he found almost all of them intact. A couple had died but the rest toughed it out by virtue of their thick luscious fur coats and their ingenuity in catching birds and tricking a leopard seal for food….though I was a bit shocked to see the carcass of a whale somewhere in that ice surrounded valley……It’s a movie that’s inspired by true events – that’s what they say nowadays isn’t it, ‘inspired’ instead of ‘based on a true story’ – I guess it gives them more poetic license.
Best Actor: All the huskies
(Note to self, buy a house, get some huskies!)

Next, I saw ‘Kinky Boots’ which was fantabulous. Those who know me, know I love a good drag queen and this one had one AND cool footwear AND the British accent, there’s no way it could go wrong…So though me meds were making me extremely sleepy, I fought through my drugged stupor to stay awake for the full nine yards. It was not a waste of time! Tells of the story of a young bloke who is left with the stolid shoe factory making (Beautiful by the way) shoes for men – oxfords, brogues etc….but with the new commercial business of ‘sell them less quality, keep them buying more’ motto of the new consumer market, he’s finding the expensive, life time guarantee shoes not selling. It’s then a matter of ‘move on or ship out’. So there on, the male protagonist branches out and finds his niche market – strong, solid, sexy boots that can carry its weight in men, so to speak….

The lead drag queen was played with much aplomb and oh, yes, it had singing and dancing in it as well – what else could make it better!
Best Line: The sex….is in the heel!
And yes, it was also ‘inspired’ by true events.

Last night, there was another ‘inspired by true events’ story on Hallmark, ummmm ‘What Kind of Mother Are You?’. Not really my cup of tea though this one. Firstly it had Nicholle Tom in it whom I hate – remember her? Maggie from ‘The Nanny’. And the mother played by so-and-so was so weak it made me want to puke. If it’s wrong to wallop your daughter and run her out of town when she leaves her five fingered imprint on your cheek and chin, then I don’t want to be right! But then again, I’m not a mum so what do I know.
Best Scene from Movie: none.

I also watched ‘Crossing Delancey’ yesterday I believe. It was a really good, happy movie. It had Amy Irving in it, whom to me, will always be Maid Marion from Robin Hood Man in Tights (remember that, Nigel??!) singing in a beautiful (fake?) voice. But well, it’s about this single Jewish woman for whom her grandmother is trying to find a man. She of course is not interested in the nice, sarky, witty, cute pickle man because she has fallen for the supposedly handsome cad of a writer she is in close circles with. Needless to say, pickle man won out but only after going through the most wonderful series of actions to win her heart – not in a soppy, common way but well, watch the movie and I’m sure you will see what I like about it.

Best Character: kooky grandmother
Best Scene: on female protagonist’s birthday, male protagonist sends her a cake and a hat – female protagonist gets the message. He’d told her she should try on a new hat and she’d get a new perspective in life.
Best Feel Good Moment: Female protagnonist finds out male protagonist did not see her for the first time at the match-maker’s, he saw her 3 ½ years ago and had wanted her ever since.
Best Pick up Line: "I have this book, I carry it around with me all the time. When I have a thought that I can see clearly, I write it down. Here’s one you’ll like – "How do I speak to Amy?" (Amy being name of female protagonist).
Best Name: Bubbie (for kooky grandmother)
Best Happy Moment: Female protagonist invites out Male Protagonist to introducce (sic) him on her friend. Friend is left sitting at the bar, waiting for the tug of the earlobe, to come over to the dinner table to be introduced…..


When will Malaysian tv be as interesting? I’ve never liked anything produced by our shores except Gol and Gincu! Most boring case in point – Mari Berdansa…..I guess a spoof of ‘Dancing with the Stars’….It’s a dancing show, come on! I watched the first 10-15 minutes of the show without seeing anything remotely close to a shuffling of feet, much less dancing! Jeeezzzzz, I don’t wanna hear anything, I don’t wanna know the history of zapin – it’s a dance show – so DANCE!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 10 ways to get over a Broken Heart

Last night I caught Marriage Camp on Astro. I don’t think it would appeal so much to just anybody but I found it really soul-searching. It basically is about a marriage boot camp held once a month for couples who find they are at their wit’s end about their marriage. They don’t know how to communicate anymore, they don’t trust anymore and everything just ends up being worse than they ever imagined it could be. On last night’s show, there was a woman who said she wanted to cringe every time she saw her husband. I think anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will be able to identify with at least 1 emotion on the show.

Each episode usually focuses on 2-3 couples who have decided to take the plunge and attend marriage boot camp. They invariably describe it as a last ditch effort to either make or break the marriage once and for all. Even the counsellors say the same thing – the process actually accelerates the process of you finding and forgiving yourself and then your partner and rediscovering the love or shows you the way to go forward is out the door.

I don’t think the show is particularly useful because it is only a half hour stand alone episode per time and you don’t actually get to see every drill and every exercise the couples go through. It does however, show you that you are not alone in feeling the way that you do and the issues that affect couples are similar the world over. If you like a good cry every now and again from entertainment then this is the show for you.

I have recommended the show to some married friends of mine, firstly because I thought it would show techniques of how to communicate with and empathise with your partner. It doesn’t, if that’s what you’re expecting. But I guess it would be good to pre-empt couples fighting and that downward spiral that you know is there. It is so easy to just slide down without even realising it until one day you wake up and think, "Who IS this man beside me?"
I have watched the show twice and I have always cried because I can remember the roller coaster I went through myself. I understand and can relate to the different things the men and women are saying – when they talk about every little conversation turning in a big fight, when they talk about trust issues and I find that a lot of Americans have had infidelity in their marriages.

One thing I cannot understand though is this segment of the boot camp where the participants stand up, face their fears and FORGIVE. They stand up and vocalise what they have discovered to be the root of their current behaviour and attitude towards life, love, marriage, partnership, kids etc. Some blame their fathers for never loving them, some blame their mothers for introducing infidelity into their lives but unerringly, everyone blames one of their parents or step-parents. Perhaps it is true, just because of the huge influence parents DO have on their kids but at the same time, I have never seen anyone blame themselves. Now I’m not saying this is a legitimate blame target, but just wondering. It could be an extension of the nature vs. nurture debate all over again for we are also, our own persons with our own personalities.

But I digress. The part I do not understand is the Forgiveness part. Can you, in 4 days forgive the person who’s hurt you so much and begin to live a new life? Can you, in 4 days, even begin to really be honest with yourself about what you feel and what you do? Sometimes you just don’t know! We all know that forgivenesss is important to us growing and moving on and la di da but is it possible in that short a time? Or maybe it just doesn’t seem possible to me because I’m not there going through the exercises. Does one really turn over a new leaf forever? Well, the show tracks the participants many months after their boot camp and mostly I’ve seen success cases. …not always easy but the important thing is they are trying.

I guess what makes it so so hard is that there are 2 people in a relationship – sometimes more but let’s try to make this easier. Two people where the only thing holding them together is this intangible feeling of love or what they think is love. Love makes us stupid, love makes us vulnerable, love gives the other power over us to nurture us, make us happy and to hurt us. And the worst thing is that it is usually romantic love (which, in the big scheme of things, is not that important) that gives us the most heart ache. Is it because, unlike family ties, we CHOOSE to love that person? Therefore, it equates to us choosing to give this person the power, choosing to enable them to hurt us?

Oh, I could go on and on on the subject of love and its follies. I know of men who have turned 180% into someone their partners never knew and never understood. Men are simple I think – uncomplex – because they usually go out there and take what they want. There is hardly a conscience or a heart string holding them back the way women are bound. (Yes, yes, I know there are exceptions – geez, I have to make qualifications that I do know there are different kinds of people in the world every time!). Whereas a lot of women seem to take their husbands back after adultery, after battery, after lying. I will say again what I believe – do not knock the actions of another woman until you’ve been in the same situation yourself because god help you, you NEVER know what you’re gonna do! Do not, for an instant, believe you know better if you’ve never experienced it yourself. If you take nothing from my blog, take this at least.

Top 10 ways to get over a Broken Heart

1. Write down (sms, email, letter) what you want to say to him, and then just save it because you know it doesn’t do any good to contact him. This helps because you get the raw burden off your chest but at the same time you are not contacting him still.

2. Remember all the bad stuff he did. Remember when he slammed the door in your face, remember when he shouted at you, "I don’t want you anymore!", remember when you saw him furtively making that loving call to her. Reliving the emotion you felt then gets you angry and when you’re angry, get even angrier and you won’t even be in the mood to think his name.

3. Use the mirror. See how pretty your eyes are, trace the outline of your nose and notice how slender the curve of your neck is. You are a precious person. You are important and crucial to people in your life. He may not be one of them but then who is he to you? He is just a man, he’s just one man. There is no reason to elevate him to the status of god where he can trample on you and where he can tell you you are worthless to him.

4. Talk to yourself, shout if you have to, slam your palm against your forehead! Tell yourself you are kicking him out of your life. Tell yourself you deserve infinitely more than what he is able to give. Remind yourself he is a cruel selfish man who didn’t know what he had with you. If you are getting weak, berate yourself if only to make yourself stronger – are you really that much of a loser to call him again, only to have him slam the phone down on you?!

5. Challenge yourself. You can get through the next 15 minutes without talking to him. You Can get through the next 1 hour without calling him. Celebrate your little victories because I know every little bit counts. Check it off on your calendar every day you’ve continued to live without communicating with him.

6. Recognise that it won’t take just today, not just this week, perhaps not even just this month to get over your relationship. It was a big part of your life, it made up part of or completely who you were. But now, it’s over and you WILL cut yourself that slack and realise that it may take 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, but one day you WILL wake up and realise it is such a beautiful day just because you are you and you are happy.

7. If you’re the kind of person who needs friends’ support, tell them. Tell them your plan, have at least one of them around with you and have them kick your ass if you so much as start to get that faraway look in your eyes….you know that spaced out expression you get when you start reminiscing! It helps to be completely honest with them about how you feel and what you need to do to start ‘rehab’. True friends will help you hide the body! :)

8. Do not drink, party all night long, have one night stands because they may make you forget at that point in time but they do not make you feel better the next day. It is a temporary patch for a deep rooted problem. A problem that can only be solved if you DECIDE to solve it because you KNOW you deserve to be happy. Shopping til you drop only gives you an adrenalin burst at that moment but when you get home and sit amongst your brown paper bags, you will bawl your eyes out….again. No use wasting money like that….BUT if getting dolled up and pampered makes you feel prettier and more confident, go right ahead and make sure your friends take you out that night and make sure you play hard to get with all the guys drooling over you. At the end of the night, when you get back to bed, I guarantee a smile on your face. And if you start wailing, "…but I wanted to look pretty for him……", slap yourself!

9. Change your phone number, block his email address, move! If you keep wondering why he doesn’t call, well honey, you KNOW he won’t be able to call/contact you if do the above so you won’t feel bad!

10. Sign up for Dr House’s electro-shock therapy for the brain that fries your memories. Geez, how many times have I wished for that!

Bonus Tip
Get together with girls in a similar situation and be there for each other. When the focus isn’t on yourself and how bad you feel, you get stronger. There may be epiphanies along the way!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Face to Face but not really....

It’s weird, I’ve just latched on to the Facebook phenomenon! I’ve never been interested in stuff like this you know – Friendster and the like (yeah, the only reason I only named Friendster is because I don’t know anything else!!). I’ve never given it much thought and definitely had no time for it.

But last week I joined Facebook at the behest of a friend and to my amazement, it’s completely exploded onto my scene. If you are checking out my page, you will see that my status update is that I am finally logging out after a long long time of telling myself that I will. It’s so cool and different from Friendster probably because of all the games and features I can put on it. I’ve only actually been in it half a day and I’ve practically choked up my page – I’ve got vampires and slayers (not gone into zombies), hugs, SuperPokes (I’ve chest bumped a guy! Can you believe that – CHEST BUMPED!!!), growing gifts (which are SOOO much fun, I would love to have one of those hatching eggs too and the flowers look so nice as well). I can rate other people’s personalities and ask questions for my friend’s to lend a philosophy to, but perhaps one of the coolest things is that I have a Map! A TravelAdvisor Map that tracks where I’ve been and where I want to go to. Of course, all my ‘Going’ locations are not actually plans in the making already but places I’d like to visit at least once in my lifetime. Hmmm, I still need to add Machu Pichu and Petra, Jordan!

The bottomline is I can’t believe I’ve just fallen headfirst into this thing. For the moment, I spend more time ‘personalising’ my page than visiting others’ but now that I’ve logged out for today, I remember all the ones I want to go to so let’s leave that for tomorrow shall we….although it will be VERY BAD NEWS if my office tracks me! (I love this CAPITALISATION of phrases I want to emphasise – which author uses it now, I just can’t get my tongue around the name).

Anyway, Facebook has also made me want to whip my camera out and take a picture of my nodding head doll….the thing that made me smile when I first got it. Now it just nods away in front of me and I hardly notice it. (I think my nodding head doll is ALIVE though….when I first got her, I gave her several names to which she did not want to nod to, but when my colleague suggested ‘Sweetie’ she started off and has not stopped since!

Oooooh, I wanna look at people’s photos and see how they’ve grown and changed over the years. I ‘met’ up with an old classmate who now has a CHILD! Of course, she’s not going too fast, it’s me who’s going too slow……

Btw, just wanna say SALUTE! to Szup – your time on the net really pays off – she is like the Slayer Jedi and Vampire Emperor and all that – meaning she’s infected and slewn and bumped off enough other vampires/slayers/werewolves/zombies to be crowned Numero Uno. I’ve bitten some other people but don’t find it much use…..not sure what I can do with it at the end of the day, although my persona – the Catholic Vampiric Schoolgirl is way cool and you’d definitely want me to suck on your neck! Hahahahahaha

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Woe is Now.

Guess what! Tenaga N@sion@l Berh@d proudly advertises on each bill the telephone numbers to call for enquiries or complaints – 15454 and their office number – 62506020. I called these numbers today.

As I had a question/complaint about my bill, I called the appropriate number – 15454. I got to the normal menu of press 1 for Bahasa Malaysia and 2 for English. Am not sure what other languages/dialects they offer cos my choice was English.

To my horror, the Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) told me I was customer No. 16 and to press ‘1’ if I wanted to wait. Anyhoo, I waited. Surprisingly, it was quite fast when I got to the customer executive.

Also surprisingly, he spoke to me in Bahasa Malaysia. Surprisingly he asked me for my name (not how to spell it mind you and Errolyn is not an easy name if you’ve not seen it before), surprisingly he asked for my full address. This despite me asking him at the beginning if he wanted my Account Number since he hesitated and seemed at a loss as to how to start the conversation. Not surprisingly though, he spoke as if he was in a deep slumber.

After giving him my address, he told me, "Brljsdfjk Sdfliu wkg eoowo elsmfL."
"Telefon nombor enam dua lima…"(Call the number six two five….)
"Then, number 15454 ini untuk apa?!" (Then what’s this 15454 number for?!)
"You nak tanya tentang billing, ini untuk kerosakan." (You want to ask about billing, this number is for faults)

I was fuming at the ears! So much so that I said ok and hung up the phone to call the other number. It was 4.05pm by that time and I was afraid they would not answer the phones anymore, it being so close to quitting time…..TNB is now privatised right – that means their working hours should be until 5pm but yeah I’d rather not take the chance. Even though, usually, logically, call centres are 24x7!

So I called the other number and guess what! Surprisingly, the operator did NOT answer the phone, I had to call again to get the right department, upon which nobody answered the phone and the IVR asked me to sms my problem or email to m-e-s-r-a-k-djbf@zfkgbfkbg.

There was no repeat of either the telephone number or the email address. Now, I am timing the years until I get a response.

Having worked in a Call Centre environment before I can’t imagine how any Call Centre can be set up with these sorts of procedures and Service Level Agreements.

1. Staff do not speak appropriate language
2. Staff do not practise active listening
3. Staff are not energetic and helpful, instead, worst! They are a hindrance
4. Instructions for contacting the company on the bill and on the phone calls are unclear or perhaps staff are not trained to appropriately manage queries or calls that come in on correct channels
5. There are unsuitable procedures for call taking
6. There is much opportunity for improvement in their process flow of call taking

It is a disgrace contacting them and perhaps it is a tactic so that customers do not even bother trying to query any bill/service level/service/personnel.

You know this kind of service and organisation makes me sick! Sick to the core that there is a monopoly in this country that promotes growth and proliferation of attitudes, values and service promises like this. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could do better, without even thinking too hard about it!

This smacks of what Obama talked about – the twins – Corruption and Incompetence! Instead of sending angkasawans to space (at the cost of proper roads, transport systems, education systems, fair and broad based aid for all Malaysians, clean public toilets, safe neighbourhoods, social graces training for our ministers in the dewans, crime reduction etc,) let’s focus on what is near and dear and important.

I do not complain about the keris brandishing – it is your culture, live with it, be proud of it, but don’t let brandishing it be the first and last step. We are slowly sliding down the slippery slope to being a fourth world country! I don’t want to say we’re better than Iran or Iraq or Mongolia or Cambodia. I want to say, "We aim to be where ‘Switzerland’ is now; and this is how long it’s going to take me and this is what I will have to do - a,b,c."

This many years after kemerdekaan, we are STILL lamenting the racial differences. No! We don’t just lament, we shamelessly MAKE IT AN ISSUE! We BRING IT UP, we SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT on the fact that you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Melanau, Kelabit, Serani and what not. I don’t reckon there is a multi-racial country without any issues but for heaven’s sake, do we need another 14 year old girl to tell us that we are all humans who happen to live together in one country, so let’s make the best of it?

I wonder at the state of our civic consciousness and our sense of responsibility. We have an angkasawan who after burning up RM100m, has the audacity to voice his desire to SHORTEN his contract so he can get MARRIED! No, not to research how to cure cancer, not to save the rainforests, not to learn how to reduce our energy footprint, but to get MARRIED! By George, I would have preferred to have heard him speak up before zooming off! I’m sure Captain/Major Faiz would have been happy to take his place!

On top of that, we’re BUYING that hunk of metal that he zoomed up in? I suggested the other night that our gofermen should have negotiated with Russia to land the shuttle next to our ‘Eye’ at Lake Titiwangsa! Besides that, I can’t think of anywhere else to store this white elephant – warehouse next to Muzium Negara????

Can we please grow up! It’s not about teh tarik in space, it’s not about warming up in London in a spanking new facility for the sake of the Olympics. It’s about the people right here, in this country, struggling under the cost of tolls (on roads that lead away from and towards new jams), monstrous crimes against little children (where our agents fly to America to learn nothing) and even education where the teachers give answers by recitation to students during class!

God Help Me, I can’t speak anymore.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Picture is Worth A Hundred Words....when it isn't a very good pic that is.

It’s about time I uploaded my pics – well, I’ve gotten D to help me with them so you can check them out here. There are firstly pictures (some nice, some not, some fat) of me from when I took part in the Estee Lauder Model Contest. Needless to say I am the silent annonymous winner! :D

I am definitely not catwalk material – too short and too curvy but I WILL have you know I have been approached to do photography work before! So there! (Several times!!!!)

Anyway, there are also pictures of my house in its virgin state – the kitchen, the yard, the hall, the bathrooms, the rooms and then pics of when renovation was in progress. As you will see from the pictures, I only did minimal work – adding electrical wiring, a wet kitchen and kitchen cabinets. The rest of the house is still untouched! No plaster ceiling, no cornices, no built up feature wall, no hacking down of walls. My skills with this little camera of mine in tight enclosures with no tripod leaves much to be desired but for those of you who just want a quick run-through, you’ll see everything you need to see.

Forget the last few pics – just stuff I wanted to sell off.

The house is rather different now, with the wet kitchen fully done up, the rooms done up, the sofa in, the curtains in and the dining table as well. My wardrobe from Signature Kitchen will be installed on 17 Nov and then I shall be able to really unpack and for the second time in my life – will no longer have a Winter and Summer Wardrobe Collection.

My little joke with my ex-colleagues from HSBC – I had insufficient wardrobe space for all my clothes so half of them were packed away in suitcases and bags and half a year around, I will switch. So there you go. The first time of my life I didn’t have a half yearly wardrobe is when I lived at home and had to depend on daddy to buy me clothes….hehehehehehehe

Now I depend on ECC – Eon Credit Card! Hahahahahahaha

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Baby Blues

Oooh, Sookie is pregnant! It’s so exciting – I finally have a close friend who is here in Malaysia when the process of growing the baby is happening right in front of my eyes.

Last night we met for dinner and she is really unaccustomed to ‘not seeing her toes’ as I put it, but truth be told, the bump isn’t all that big yet, she’s just not used to not being skinny! :)

I love feeling baby bumps – and they really feel different as compared to just a big tummy. They are more taut and just that little bit harder. Of course, my dad’s tummy is hard too – wonder why…..

But I digress, the main reason why I’m so excited about this baby is because it’s happening for the first time to her and I love her, she is a very close and dear friend ….or maybe I’m just ecstatic cos it’s novel….Anyway, she is experiencing all the tiredness and lethargy and nausea that usually plagues new mothers. I never knew it was so tiring but I can hear it in her voice and I can see it in her body. She goes home after work and sleepssss, I never knew new mothers did that.

She has gained some weight, or so she says but doesn’t quite have the appetite – the poor girl couldn’t even finish her dinner! I reassured her that after the first trimester, she’d probably stop throwing up and eating everything in sight!

I wonder what it would be like to have a child, to have a baby growing inside you. I have sometimes put my hands on my round belly, trying to visualise and emote. I think it’s a miracle cos it’s something you and your partner made together – a true symbol of love and commitment (yeah, let’s forget the ‘accidents’ though I know a lot of you will say, "A child is God’s gift" but honestly mate, not EVERYONE thinks so, so let’s be realistic here ya!) And then the carrying the baby for months, developing it and then out it pops! Yes, I AM simplifying it somewhat….

But basically that’s the part that is alright, the part that scares me is when the child starts growing up, turns 2 for example, I really have no idea how I would educate a child, how do I teach him manners, compassion, kindness, honesty, consideration, empathy, joy, responsibility, style,….

It is the largest job in the world and so many people can so easily/do so easily get it wrong. There is such a fine line between education and pressure but sometimes a little pressure is good. There is a fine line between giving and spoiling but sometimes a little spoiling is good. So how do I know I’ve got the right mix and the right stuff? Does daddy’s style clash with mine, do I always have to play the disciplinarian? I know for sure my style would have been different from my ex’s and I wonder what that would have brought about – but then I also thought we would have talked it out and decided together on a course of action/strategy/technique. But who knows????

This is a fear I always have, what if your son grows up and turns into a Mat Rempit, what if your daughter is one of those hanging out with Mat Rempits at Damansara Uptown at 2.30am in the morning? How do you bring them back to the right side? It’s way too difficult and I am not sure the ROI is good!

I think I will stick to feeling friends' bumps for now!

P.S. Last night I had banana leaf rice and after dinner, with my hands on my belly, I seriously felt as 2 month pregnant as my friend! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Heart is Where My Home Is

Well! In March/April I ‘boasted’ that I was very free and was able to post entries almost every day! Then I ran into a patch of work which kept me busy til now!

And the patch of work was/is…….…….my new house is ready!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I bought a condominium in KL and waited for handover of keys, and waited for defect rectification and renovated and cleaned and delivered new items and moved in!!!!!!!!! Ahahhaahhaha!! Can’t believe it – I have been living in for 1 month now and am still very enamoured with it. When I do think about it, I get this swelling feeling of pride that ‘THIS’ is mine, all mine, bought by MY hard earned money and furnished by mine and some other people’s hard earned money! Hahahahahahaa

But it’s just gorgeous, I so wish I could take pictures and show everyone – it’s like a gorgeous resort with palm trees and a beautiful façade and a completely breathtaking pool! I have a unit facing the pool so each morning when I have time before work, I stand on my large balcony and look down at my awesome cerulean blue pool drinking my lovely glass of OJ!

This is the LIFE! And my mattress – mmmmm….I didn’t buy a REALLY expensive one, only RM1900 but god damn does it do its job. It is wonderfully supportive yet tender (much like a man should be) firm and soft in the right places. And of course my crazily expensive bed linens (bought at sale time from SOGO yet costing me RM800 for 4 sets) just add to the enjoyment. I’m telling you, there are some very very nice designs while my Ikea bedsheet that costs RM89 for only 1 piece of bedsheet is so silky smooth – those of you who enjoy these things in life should definitely get that one!

My curtains are sewn by Kamdar but I didn’t use their contractor to put up the curtain rods cos that would have set me back a cool RM1k!!!!!!!! Blame me for liking the look of metal rods instead of cheaper aluminium tracks. So grand ole’ mummy put them up for me! Yup – you read right, My mum lugged down her friend’s drill from Penang and gamely installed all curtain rods for the house in 2 days! (Rods bought from Ikea!)

And of course, mum said of dad that only at his daughter’s house will he land a hand on a broom and mop! That was dad’s forte, sweeping, mopping and cleaning the windows! And dear sis of course was a mighty organiser. I was confident in leaving to her the most important task of getting some contractors to put up my big big bathroom mirror. It wasn’t easy cos of course when I put up the stickers denoting the spots for the screws into the TILE(!!!!), I hadn’t measured and I forgot to tell her, so my eyes are a bit cock-eyed I guess cos the screws came out a wee bit senget! But she handled it – gave them a wonderful suggestion and they got to it!
Only during my house moving, have I ever given any Malaysian a tip in my life. It was also during puasa month so the poor Malay boys and men were really tired out I’m sure though they didn’t show it. There were some of them who complained to me about the strict security about them entering, parking, unloading…..well, I guess they don’t understand that THAT’s what any owner would want! Strict Security! I am not paying so many hundreds of ringgit a month for any ole’ axe murderer to walk in!!!!

For those of you planing to renovate and move house, please note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expenditure is sure to burst your budget unless you have, UNlike me, researched for years on end and know the exact price of each item.

Timelines are sure to burst your project plan NO MATTER how much you plan. (Moi had a Gantt chart and a checklist – good theorectically but still didn’t ensure the deliverymen came on time/or in some cases, came at all!!!!!!!)

If you get the two above straight in your head, you’ll be fine, no false expectations anywhere!

Other notes:

Do not expect a perfect house – there will ALWAYS be defects, now how anal you wanna get about defect rectification is up to you but do ensure that big costly important defects ARE handled by the developer to an acceptable level of quality. However, do note that if you want everything to be perfect, expect that your house will be handed back to you in 3 years time, with some defects STILL in place! Or….new ones I might add!

Also, I practised the philosophy of not screaming and shouting at contractors who know Mafia guys who could target me or my unit or practise black voodoo on me!

DO know who to complain to cos barking up the wrong tree just wastes time and makes you enemies – actually make friends with them! I seem to have had the good luck of having a good maintenance office manager. So far, he’s never let me down! I also must have been good in my past life as the developer’s contractor actually told me to call on him if I needed anything else done. I like to think it was because of my pretty face………hahahaha, no. I’d like to think it’s because I treated them with respect and understanding. That DOES NOT go though for the big money grabbing companies (read developers) – those you have to rant persistently and follow up with official legal letters! DO NOT let them walk all over you.

I do have one gripe though – irresponsible residents. God knows the number of times I’ve seen people drive up the wrong direction on a car park ramp just so they save on driving around (time and petrol)….and it shames me that a lot of "I will please me" behaviours come from P plates – as in Penang drivers!

Another example is of course that some people can’t be bothered to open up the lid of the dustbin to actually dump their garbage in, cos’ what’s the floor for if you actually use the dustbin?????

But otherwise, so far everyone’s quite friendly, some are a little TOO friendly cos no, I don’t wanna tell you my floor and unit number!!! Duh!!!! But generally good!

Although – I still prefer a steam room to a sauna! ;)

Friday, August 03, 2007


Right, it most definitely is too long to go without writing when I don't even remember my username and password. Well, actually I remember my password but the username (because Blogger changed it to Google Account some time back) is the one I couldn't remember.

It's been really hectic for me and especially so now. In June 07 I got the notification that my house keys were ready for collection so I was ecstatic! My own place! Ahhhhhh! This notwithstanding the fact that I had told my chief tenant that I was moving out maybe March or April 07 since the sales person told me the keys would be handed over in February 07!

Nonetheless, better late than having to service the loan for ages on end with no end in sight. So after key collection, my house gave me my first little surprise. And it was a 'little' surprise indeed. The hall and dining area was huge BUT the rooms and bathrooms were tiny! To cut things short, quite a few of my dreams and ideas for the house like a luxurious bathtub flew out my gorgeous bay windows!

But anyway, after some time, the shock wears off and I was really active on my condo online forum, sharing ideas, complaints, dreams......Defect rectification started and after 40 days, it was completed. According to Lillian Too's calendar, Aug 3rd 11am is a wonderful time to begin renovation so my guy - Ah Weng, went in and drilled the first 'almost' hole at 11am! Yippeeeee! I am anxious about the renovation going well as well as thrilled!

All electrical works should be done by this time next week, including another contractor coming in and putting in grille work. Then the last contractor comes in for kitchens. Next Errolyn gets all creative and starts a painting. Only a few walls so I reckon I should be able to do it. I have a lot of offers from friends to help, but, wonder how many will actually come through! Anyway, better to rely on meself huh! AND THEN I CAN MOVE IN!!!!!!!!!!

Another little note, wonder why Damansara Utama Uptown has been so clogged up recently. I have been wanting for the past 5 days to go buy my usual Yong Tau Foo there but can't drive smoothly through and can't find parking. Aiyoyoyooooo, missing my Yong Tau Foo!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Civil Servants get Highest Raise Ever!

My parents are richer now thanks to our level-headed, quiet and unassuming but nevertheless charming Prime Minister. I have always had great respect for the leader of our country – I’ve only known 2 Malaysian Prime Ministers in my lifetime (ever since I’ve been old enough to remember) and both of them have had different personalities, characters and strengths. In my opinion, our former PM is like fire – passionate, hot and frenzied while our current PM is like water – quiet, mysterious and slowly carving his path between rocks.

So, anyway, that was a little digression. So my parents are now richer thanks to the increase in civil servant salaries and pensions. Dad no longer works but mum does, as a Commissioner for Oaths. Once in a while, I do chastise her about smiling more to the people who walk through her door. She has a pretty kind heart as it is but I think I have a softer one and when she gets frustrated or upset with some of her customers, I tend to remind her that these are people who come to you because they need your help, they need your service and they need your expertise. …plus they are willing to pay for it!

I can’t quite say the same thing to Civil Servants nationwide, in the sense that the customers who come to them don’t directly pay them at every touch point of service, however, they are ‘servants’ of the country as it is the country who pays them their monthly wages. People usually think they’ve got it good when they get a position with the government; they seldom fail to realise that it is usually a thankless job that still requires you to give your best and smile at the same time! In the olden days, my grandfather would have said, it is an Honourable Job, you do lots, get paid little, endure spitting and still you get the job done.

When you are in a service industry (regardless governmental, NGO or corporate), it is your utmost responsibility to provide the most efficient service you can in the best manner possible. Now that usually encompasses the following criteria:

Prompt and efficient service/advice

What happens when the civil servant/service provider is caught in a traffic jam to work and ends up clocking in late? What happens when a customer gets upset and screams at them? What happens if their child fell ill this morning? What happens if they had a big ole drawn out fight with their spouse? What happens if they didn’t strike the lottery?

Prompt and efficient service/advice
- I’m hungry, I want a coffee, I’m having a coffee.
- Without me, they can’t do anything, let them wait.
- All my life I’ve never had to move faster than this, why should I change now?
- Nobody pays me enough to go through all the work I have to go through
- The bugger on the street honked at me this morning, therefore do unto others what others have done unto me!
- They pay me to do the job, not to mind my p’s and q’s.
- We’re all here to work only, I don’t know you and I don’t like your face.
- I only smile at people I know.
- What can a smile do? Don’t waste my time and work my facial muscles even more!
- They don’t pay me enough to work, now you want me to SMILE????
- It’s raining, I’d rather be in bed.
- My child is sick, my problems are bigger than yours, I don’t care about you wanting this piece of work NOW!
- I keep my enthusiasm for makan times and clock out times only.
- You don’t pay my salary, I don’t have to put on a show for you!
- I do the best I can, what else do you want from me?
- Nobody pays me enough to care so much.
- My boss will take responsibility for my work. That’s what he’s there for!

So, it’s usually about the money. I’m not one to only point fingers at our civil servants. If the corporate world also presents customer service agents who are atrocious albeit making more money (or so believed), and receiving more training, then it MUST be justified for our civil servants to provide us with the shoddy service we sometimes receive.

I’ve had customer service agents who speak through the phone as if they have not yet woken up. I have spoken to others who are unaware that they are being paid to represent an organisation, sometimes an international one at that and there are those whose only purpose in life is to talk to me on the phone and make me wish I could squeeze the life out of them so that God doesn’t have to waste a brain on a non-entity as that!

It’s all well and good when there are numerous newspaper reports and interviews and public comments reminding the civil servants to work harder, not take bribes and to realise that they no longer have to behave ungraciously to the public because they ARE getting their higher salaries, but it’s no use. For those who have behaved in this manner in the past, it is because their mindset and their work ethic dictates that they do. As such, short of a brainwashing, nothing is going to change their actions. Not money; but….hmmmm….. perhaps compliments….(never underestimate the power of a good word) and then an elimination of those back-biters who will call them names for trying.

There are of course, those who work very hard and smile in spite of problems but those are few and far between. I count myself very lucky if I happen to meet on of those – can buy Lottery! Then I can move to an island where I wouldn’t have to smile too.

But let’s give this the benefit of the doubt, let’s cross our fingers and pray that more money means the public get what they want = better service, more graciousness, more courtesy and more expertise. For a simple example, just look at Astro – for higher subscription fees, you get more and more channels – oh, but I did just read a ‘Letter to the Editor’ that vehemently states that the writer ‘didn’t ask for the channels, so why make me pay more for them???!!!’ I hope more money doesn’t just translate into more expensive coffee at coffee breaks!

Finally, I would also like to observe that in all the war movies I’ve seen, army men, soldiers, army pilots, national sercurity/servicemen, all always work for the country and die for the country. It is a matter of honour to serve the country. I’ve never heard any of them say, "I’ll defend this country to my bank account in Switzerland, so help me God!"


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weird things that occur to me at work...

Makeup, shoes, outfit, …why is it that women are more interested in changing these than their hair?

I have been at my new place for nearly 1 month now and nobody’s hair changes! Men are out of the equation, the poor beings, because there isn’t much they can do….but the women! The first time I styled my hair differently to the office, my colleague came in and didn’t know how to say ‘Good Morning’. People leave a lot to chance with their hair: a swipe of a brush, a pin/barrette and they’re done. It’s been boredom (with my hair) this past year that has made me change my hair style and colour so often but I guess it doesn’t bother anyone else!

Lately I have been having trouble with my Chinese name – or rather how I would write it in Mandarin. My Chinese name is very complicated – well, the first 2 characters are ok but the third one has the dubious honour of being one of the characters that uses the most strokes in Chinese history – of course there are simplified versions now but I happen to like the look of the old one better.

Anyways, I don’t speak Mandarin so I always warn others that my pronounciation of my name could be off (which is fine) and my writing of my name could be wrong (which is not). All this time, well-meaning Mandarin speakers have tried to teach me how to write my name – but the versions they have given me are Incorrect I have found out. Does nobody listen to me when I say my grandfather (who gave me the name) said that my name means ‘the steps to the Emperor’s throne’??? They gave me versions that meant gold, they gave me versions that meant warmth, you know there’s even one that is ‘ling long’ (like the bell)!!!!

I have therefore, come to the obvious conclusion thatttt…. my grandfather must have told me the wrong meaning or I must have misunderstood; because there is no way soooo manyyyyyy Chinese speaking people cannot show me the character of my name! And dear old grandad is happily puffing that big opium pipe in the sky so he can’t show me anything anymore……

Well, I’m sure I can get through another 30 years without the Chinese name being of life and death urgency right? …….Of course now that I say this, Mr Kind-Romantic-Witty-Intelligent-Billionaire is going to walk through my door and propose……..on the condition that I can write my Chinese Name correctly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Day in the Life of Errolyn's Office (yes the horoscope included in my morning read)

"If the status of a relationship isn't very clear, you should try opening your eyes a bit wider. If you're not seeing things the way they really are, it could be because you're afraid that the picture isn't as rosy as you want it to be. But you're dealing with your own happiness and future -- and knowing the truth is better than living in blissful ignorance. Seeing things as they really are doesn't always require courage -- sometimes it requires only a bit of self-respect. Besides, things are not as bad as you think!"

Courtesy of

What does a girl do when her horoscope states the obvious? Do I leave it all up to fate or do I blindly challenge the stars?

And the more important question, do I fight it when it rings so true?

It isn’t always easy navigating through life but I happen to think I’ve got a pretty good head on my shoulders and that I usually make decisions that are at least well-informed, well-researched, or guided by gut instinct. Operative word here is ‘usually’ or should I say ‘99% of the time’.

The remaining portion are the times when I seem to throw caution to the wind …..only I don’t. It looks terribly irresponsible, stupid perhaps, to some people when I do the things I do and I can’t explain them. I only know it’s not really throwing caution to the wind – it comes with a lot of soul-searching and hard-thinking. Self-preservation runs the race with the romantic notion of living for the here and now because tomorrow is not promised to you. The gun goes off and even before the runners are out of the gate, romance has won the day. It has happened before and it will happen again. When will I learn or will I ever learn? Am I naturally, intrinsically predisposed to behave this way (as my stars have it!) or perhaps I just don’t know pain as yet (touch wood!).

Is it sado-masochism or is it love or is it karma…… or maybe I just am so used to being a certain way with a certain someone that I don’t know any different.

When it comes to love, I have experienced the kaleidoscope – the selfish, possessive, it’s all about me type, to the let’s work it out because we are mutually respectful, to the I would give my life for you. Thank god I have not reached the take me and squeeze everything I’ve got out of me type!

I keep saying I am not strong enough – but I am, I know I am, I must be.

So what is keeping me here in this position?

What is it?


Today at office, we talked about the arrangement a certain RICH man has with his wife and his (ex) girlfriend. Apparently 2 months out of the year, he will spend with his girlfriend alone – and his wife has no knowledge of where he is and what he does. All the married women in the circle exclaimed their disbelief, "What! His wife should let the girlfriend have him for 6 months instead!"

(Actually I’ve heard a variation of this story – instead of 2 months a year, it’s actually only 1 day…although I believe the reaction from my colleagues would remain the same.)

Is this what I will feel too when I am married? Instead of trying to find more time to spend with my beloved, will I actually be seeing the light when someone else wants him? What is marriage then?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Live Forums are So Much Fun!

I have just joined my first online forum and it is so much fun! I get this wonderful feeling where everyone is so helpful and forthcoming with their bits of information. There is such a sentiment of belonging that it makes you want to go out, actually do the research and then feed information back into the forum just so you can be a useful member of the ‘community’.

The question this leads me to is why can’t we engender that same kind of loving feeling in the mass community? It isn’t impossible, it’s obvious it can be done and is being done, so what is it that’s lacking. The most obvious ingredient that’s missing in a mass community is that unifying factor of ‘us against the world’ or ‘1 for all and all for 1’, ‘we are in the same boat, so if I help you, you can help me too’…..the smaller the group, the easier to fan the flames and keep them burning bright because there is usually a stronger feeling of loyalty and less chances for escape from responsibility.

The only thing is that citizens of the world do not see themselves as belonging to the same club, hence no unifying factor. Some out there think, well, if others are already lobbying to reduce reckless use of exhaustible fuel sources, I’m not needed, or worst still, the hands-off ‘too many cooks spoil the soup’ anyway argument.

Not sure why I am lamenting the fate of the world when I would like to see the citizens of Malaysia get together a bit more – no more spitting publicly, no more rolling down your car window and dumping used tissue, no more non-flushing of public toilets and stealing anything removable that’s in a public place! How does the government educate its people? How can it be done? Civic Consciousness is a phrase that is overused in Moral Education but rarely practised, of course neither is Common Sense usually. I refuse to believe that there are people out there who do not flush their toilets at home….so why do you change your standards, practices when you are out in the public eye? If anything, I thought one would behave better!

It is not my job to change the world, I do not assume I can change the world (granted, I am not THAT proactive as well) but I would like to make an impact on the people surrounding me. I would like to make them see that littering is bad (you know who you are) and jumping queues is wrong and shoplifting is criminal! If I can change the few people close to me and they can change the few people close to them, my work is done. Break it down into small manageable pieces, then you’ll see the work to ‘Change The World’ is so impossible after all!

I like to say to myself, whenever the urge to take the easy (but wrong) path is: ‘If you do this now and you know it is wrong, it WILL come back and bite you in the butt some way or another, some day or another’. And that keeps me on the straight and narrow!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When's there's nothing else, there's always Writing...

I am frustrated! Frustrated by the lack of civic consciousness, love for the environment, lack of corporate social responsibility and sheer waste of it – paper that is!
Currently, I am obligated to print and print reams and reams worth of my work. Nobody here at my workplace reads off the monitor and nobody amends and critiques off the computer. Here’s the process flow:

1. You do the work
2. You print the work
3. Boss reads the work and amends
4. You make the changes (do the work)
5. You print the work
6. Boss reads the work and amends/finalises.

(This is by no means a criticism of my work mates, merely a lament at the way time and resources are not as efficiently managed as they could be)

The last time I have had to undergo this vigorous never ending cycle was when I worked at The Garage, Penang where my boss wasn’t always boss and didn’t carry a laptop that we could send him documents on. When he came into the office, he would, more often than not, be happy enough to sit at the desktop and read through the work, then change it as he likes it (which happens more often than not because he was a man of his own mind and his mind didn’t always concur with mine). Even then, my colleagues and I were very conscious of the fact that the company was a new start-up and the boss was already spending millions on the building. Hence we penny-pinched all the way – gosh, we cut up the card board that came with your stockings/panty-house and used them as filofax cards to write our clients’ contact details on! (Btw, on a little detour – you can’t buy loyalty, pride and ownership like that in employees anymore)

Then of course I went on to a more corporate, proper, professional career in a consulting MNC. We printed what we had to, we did always endeavour to stay within the budget, even though the personal phone call bills could run up high, especially when you’re calling Penang during peak office hours from KL…….I MUST stress I wasn’t the only Penangite on the team! The work came and went but I was quite quite happy there. Until 2 years later when I joined the foreign bank of yore that I left to join this local bank of present. Many wonder a thunderous ‘WHY???’ but heck I had a good feeling about it and I wanted more banking experience – which I didn’t feel I was building up in my ex bank (actually a global service centre subsidiary of the actual bank). Which brings me here, at this point in my life, feeling frustrated and sad that I am not doing my part in saving the trees!

I have always been a frugal person (except when it comes to shoes and diamonds and items that I really love and must have (usually high-ticket, go figure – I don’t choose them, they call out to me)) (I seem to always look up from a rack of clothes and see ‘ New Arrival, No Discount’ or ‘Normal Price Merchandise’ when all around me, I am mocked and inundated with signs of ‘50% Off’, ‘70% Off’ and ‘Buy 1, Free 5’’!!! But I digress – I have always been careful with resources that are not limitless – paper, money, dogs…..

And in my ex-bank, this attitude was amply satisfied and rewarded. We were very cost-conscious and printed double sided, recycled non-sensitive papers, printed 4 or 6 slides to one page…..Now coming here, nothing is recycled but printed again and again and they use good quality paper!!!!! I am SO SAD! I have just been on the intranet looking for avenues where I can suggest a recycling campaign but can’t find the proper avenue. I guess I have to find another way.

I guess all big bosses don’t really think about saving cost, they’ve got more important decisions to make while lil’ole me is too busy focusing on the little things to change the world.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little ole' non-technie me downloaded some screensavers and wallpapers into little ole' non-technie me's office computer....and now, there may be some problems!!!! Oh my god! What do I do!!!!! I hate technology - when I buy my own laptop in the future I am going to be so afraid to do anything on it.

Damn, I think I'd better go send some important documents and presentations to my external email. Not sure how the back up works here.

And the stupid thing is I keep trying to uninstall the screensaver and I can't seem to get rid of it!!!!!!

Btw, read why energy-saving bulbs are kinda bad here....

Friday, February 23, 2007

I have no idea what to call this post!

This year I told my well-meaning, ever-inquisitive relatives, friends and neighbours that I am going to tie the knot come next Chinese New Year. The irony is that they don’t seem to believe me even though this is the very piece of information they asked for and sad to say, they don’t seem to be very excited. The past years, I’ve always managed to smile bashfully and quietly mumble something along the lines of the time not having arrived yet, needing to meet a man first etc and now, the first year I actually am able to spew something positive, they don’t run around the room jockeying to help me with wedding duties!

Go figure!

So I had 1 week of fun-filled Chinese New Year in Penang with good food and family and friends. It was not as hot as normal and even the traffic jams were not as bad – this harkens back to the old days of Penang as I remember from when I was 8 years old. Near my alma mater, Convent Green Lane, there was a large monsoon drain between the school field and the main road; and around the monsoon drain, there grew these giant trees. They would drop their pretty yellow and red flowers down on us and we used to make little crowns and bracelets with the blooms while waiting for our school bus.

We would also dare each other to cross the monsoon drain by walking over the slim bars of concrete, placed across the drain for heaven knows what. That was quite dangerous, that, since the drain was deep and wide but then we were fool-hardy, fun-loving children who thought we were invincible – well, no actually, I was quite afraid of feeling pain! This is quite weird seeing as I am morbidly fascinated by road kill and gore and violence but the imagined pain of any suffering affects me deeply. I think it’s because I can visualize and internalize the (assumption of) pain, therefore, I can feel my hair curl. The worst thing I have ever seen must be via ‘Faces of Death’ or ‘Shocking Asia’ or some video of that ilk, where a young African boy is caught shoplifting. He gets stretched out with a man each holding his hands and feet and another comes along with a small, yet wicked looking, knife. He proceeds to slowly saw off the boy’s right hand as a deterring punishment and a warning to others. The boy shows not a glimmer of pain nor utters a moan of despair. However, the silent look of hopelessness in his eyes speaks volumes. Such is the life of the hard core poor where they expect and accept whatever punishment society inflicts on them because they think they deserve no better.

Another horrid incident I have watched on the same video is where a physically challenged man is trying to cross a rather wide city road. He hobbles across as fast as he can when there is a lull in traffic. You see him, halfway across, holding up 1 hand as a gesture to ask the oncoming vehicle to slow down. No sirree, the big bus does nothing of that sort and proceeds only to slam on his screeching brakes AFTER you hear and SEE the thump of the poor man against the front grille of the behemoth.

These two scenarios never fail to leave a bitter taste in my mouth as they demonstrate the (possible) cruelty of the human kind and the utter bleakness you can fall to in life.

As such, appreciate your life – good or bad, there is always someone worse off than you out there. If you think about the tragedy of millions dying of AIDS, the unreasonable deaths of babies and children due to starvation and poor hygiene, and the unimaginable horror of (the raison d'être and method of) ethnic cleansing; just a few of the heartrending milieu that has visited Earth and Man; who cares if your daddy didn’t give you more money to buy those Aldo shoes, or you don’t get to buy that Roadster you had your heart set on!

This New Year I am making a promise to myself to be happy with my life because it’s all UP TO ME! If I give myself lemons, I’m making lemonade with a cheerful umbrella and funky straw. Buddhism says that there should be no ‘I’! It’s true, I have to learn to stop thinking of me and my pride and more of how I can make it better for someone else!

I’m growing up!

So for all my friends out there, I am thinking how to make the wedding more fun for you! I shall give everyone duties where I can be sure they will excel in so they can make the more efficient, effective use of their god-given talents and hard-won expertise!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wow! It’s the start of the New Year! The New Year according to Feng Shui (- I was going to say according to Lillian Too but some readers may not be too happy about that.) AND Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

I’ve been a real bad girl this year and not bought any new clothes to celebrate what is only going to be the ‘Best Year of My Life Yet’! I mean I have some dresses I bought before and have not worn, god knows, if we’re going down that path, there are a lot of new clothes I can just throw on on the first day! But I must, I don’t have any new shoes! I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about buying shoes this last year. I told myself no more shoes because I’ve got too many already but I did go to Taiwan and China last year so……couldn’t leave them countries without a few of them on my belt.

So, why is 2007 the ‘Best Year of My Life Yet’??? Well, the time of the Dragon has finally come around, after 2 years of down time, it’s about time I started being on the UP again and it certainly reads like a fantastic year for us dragons if you believe the websites and Lillian and Joey Yap and all that.

The eerie thing is that the moment the new year rolled around, I felt happy. I didn’t go out and get drunk and kiss 10 random guys…..and girls!!!….but I had a major shift in emotions and I didn’t even realize it until a few days later, when I thought, Gosh! I haven’t felt this consistently happy for a long time now! So there you are, the planets and stars moving around does make a difference! :)

So, it’s felt like a wonderful start to the new year and I can’t wait to get things moving and shaking. I am going to do crazy things this year and I’m definitely excited about all the life changing NEW things!

(No it’s not another tattoo! Oh yeah, for those of you who didn’t know what my life changing action was mid last year – I got a palm sized tattoo – of a BEAUTIFUL peacock on my back. It’s got a bit of colour, some pink and some purple and it looks so elegant. The part I love most is its tail. It’s gorgeously intricate and it makes me take my hat off to my tattoo artist ‘Ah Sui’ (Water) from Sungei Wang. He’s excellent! After we finished the tattoo in 1.5 hours, he told me, “Well, now only your special someone will see the best part of the peacock…..and me of course!” Hhahahahahaa…..funny man! And no, it didn’t hurt!)

A note of caution for the new year though, it’s festive season soon so be careful when you drive. The cops are out and hungry so caveat emptor (me taking poetic license that). I was stopped for ‘speeding’ along Sri Hartamas on Sunday. The man who had sworn to protect me and country asked me, “Nak saman kah nak saya tolong?” (Want a summons or want my help?). Not the first time I’ve been shocked and most certainly not the last I’m sure. Disclaimer: Not all of them are bad or corrupt or flirty, just the ones I’ve encountered who are like that!

….And you thought it was going to be another boring self preservation drive safe campaign from me! Of course not, you yourself know whether you wanna live a long healthy life in one piece or not. Now THAT is not for me to comment on!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

For She's a Jolly Good Fellowwwww....


It’s the year of the Fire Pig and apparently very good for the Fire Dragon – in case anybody is wondering – that would be moi! And my friends – Lisa, Thinki, Melin and Szup.

I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year to start and that should be Feb 18 2007! I must say looking back on the year of the Dog, the very antithesis of the Dragon, it wasn’t a very bad year – sure it wasn’t as smooth sailing as it could have been, it wasn’t as dry-eyed as it could have been and I sure as hell wasn’t as happy as I could have been, should have been, would have been but all that is in the past and I am extremely gung ho about the new year.

New Year = New Life!

I finally feel like I have exorcised some demons and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long. I have only just read Amber Chia’s revelation of August 2006 in The Star Online, that she had broken up with her boyfriend of 9 years and that took her 5 weeks to get over and 6 months to announce. I cannot believe it takes one 5 measly weeks to realize there is life after the demise of a 9 year relationship. I am not, repeat not!, bashing Amber. It’s just that my experience with it was tremendously different and I can only wish I woke up 5 weeks after my break up to think, hey man, I’m ready for a new man, a new love, there is life after all! I don’t think I felt that after 5 MONTHS!

Anyway, to each her own. She’s probably stronger, emotionally, than me.

I have learnt lots last year, it was a great year at work – I became a wonderful people manager which again is a vast improvement from 2006; but I have an extra special feeling about 2007. I really do! I think its time I caught up with life again – after having wasted more than a year of precious days not really being all that I could be. As my sis says – When you walk through hell, you’ll be stronger. I love that – I think I will print it out and frame it up.

The frequency, or should I say infrequency (if there is such a word), of my blogs, demonstrates my crazy work schedules and lazy weekends. It’s been madness at work. I have met some new people (and yes, by that I mean men) this year, who have all been nice but somehow we have not clicked. Do I not know what I am looking for or Do I know TOO WELL what I am looking for? Anyway, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for a new relationship, heck even for men! But now, …….I’m thinking it could be nice to meet somebody worthwhile again…..I know! I’m blushing!

A big fat shout out to all the people who have made a difference in my life this past year – without some of you, life and work would have been duller and less meaningful. Tibet was crazy, China was fun, my diamonds and sapphires are beautiful, Taiwan was great for shoes AGAIN!, gorgeous hairstyle, fabulous friends, tempting food, striking eyes, tight and toned body and a few more experiences I can’t really talk about on the blog !

Get a move on – time’s a running!

P.S. Auntie Irene, I have not checked my email in 3 months – yes I am THAT busy!, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Uncle Ram and the family.

P.S.S. I have just gone back to read some of my old blogs. Apologies for all the mis-spellings, I sometimes type too fast for my own good and am too lazy or too out of time to re-read and correct.