Friday, September 30, 2005

Effective Usage of 5Ws and 1H and others….

What, When, Where, Why, Who and How.

What do you do when your world’s been turned upside down?
When can it ever be the same again?
Where can you find the strength to even pretend to be happy and a-okay?
Why does the one you trust the most always end up being the one to betray you?
How do you find the time to forgive and forget in the midst of all the confusion and pain?

What makes a someone special think they have the right to hurt you?
When does the switch happen from one emotion to another, from one person to another?
Where can you begin again when all your beliefs have been challenged and smashed?
Why do the questions never end?
How can you ever trust your instincts again?

What did you do so wrong to deserve this?
When can you be friends again?
Where do all the shared dreams and hopes, break ups and make ups go?
Why did it have to end this way?
How can I still feel the way I feel?

In the absence of any other empathy, is self-pity allowable?
In the absence of a confidante, is the inner mind allowable?
Effective Usage of the 5W and H.

What do you do when you've been betrayed?
Why is it always what you least expect that happens?
When do you find the time to forgive and forget in the midst of all the confusion, tears, sleeplessness and thoughts amok in your head?
Who has the right to do this to any one person - least of all the person they profess to care for?
How do you recover when your world's been turned upside down and inside out?

What is the truth?
Why does the one you trust suddenly lie and cheat?
When can it be beautiful again?
Who decided that friends was not good enough?
How do you summon up the courage, the cheek, the gall, the heart to slander and humiliate the one you love?

What is next?
Why do I still feel this way?
When will it end?
Who can I turn to?
How do I get through this in the end?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hi All,

I'm going through a very roller coaster time right many things are happening and I am definitely not getting enough sleep! Now what can drive a girl to lose precious beauty sleep?

Is it Work?
Is it Money?
Is it Men?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Merdeka's just passed and I didn't celebrate.....not saying in the least that I am ungrateful for the fact that Tunku Abdul Rahman (to paraphrase a recent Edisi Siasat) 'menitik darah' for our Independence, but I thought I'd stay home and pay tribute and custom to the many TV shows that were being aired about the Kemerdekaan Celebrations......I mean somebody's going to have to watch them right?

Anyways, was catching, while reading, the 8TV Quickie with Rena, Marion and Adam......they were very happy and fun and I must say they are very good hosts in the sense that I never get irritated watching them, I never hear bad grammar or just bad English and I actually sit through their Quickies....which is something I rarely do with Malaysian TV......

Then, whaddayaknow! They have little VoxPops (Voice on The Street) where people say why the Like Living in Malaysia or Why Malaysia is Great or something to that effect....and what do I see on National TV on the Day when Malaysians of all creed, colour and race are celebrating in 'perfect' unity????

There is a musical group - the role models for our leaders of tomorrow.....saying, and I quote, "Malaysia is great because of the way it's spelled! M-A-L-A-Y--S-IA!" No mistakes have been made with the hyphens inserted between the letters - just imagine the spaces to denote timing and rhythmn.....Now, tell me what that means and tell me if I am paranoid.