Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hi ya!!!!!...again! Have bought a whole day pass to the Internet Cafe so I won't have to rush things this time! Anyways, have got some new pics up on Besides that, there are also some on Some of yous (Scottish slang) may not be able to access the sites...don't know why since I have given full access but anyways; for those who can; enjoy!

So, yesterday (Saturday) went shopping in Glasgow the whole day and I never spent so much money shopping in Edinburgh so Glasgow is fantastic for shopping. It's more affordable and there are just so many things to buy all on that one street. Don't know what the name of the street is but...well, we didn't go anywhere else in Glasgow. Had to rush back for a night out and I willingly had drinks last night! And I didn't get drunk but tottered about on my high-heeled new boots which I bought for 10GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Glasgow! (See what I mean by shopping haven?)

Let's see, what else...this weekend I am free and easy, whiling my time away in Edinburgh but this afternoon, I will meet up with some colleagues and have home-cooked haggis! Well, I told Jenn (my hostess) that she needed to slaughter and dissect a sheep in order to YANK out the intestines and offal to cook but she side-stepped me and will be buying a store-made haggis to pop into the microwave. Aiya! But nevertheless, am looking forward to this afternoon though. Easy hanging about unlike the last few weekends where we have spent so much time rushing and sight-seeing and buying and basically just getting darn tired!

It was my dad's birthday on 23rd April and he has just told me that he has stopped smoking for 1 month now! Am so proud of him!
Also, a friend just told me about a new relationship. Congrats! Hope you will still think of me though!

This coming weekend, a colleague and I will be off to London for 3 days and we hope to take in all or at least most of London's sights as well as a musical. Les Miserables or Chicago or my favourite of all time, Miss Saigon. We'll see. And I will let everyone know about all that has happened on this site......or at least I will when I get the opportunity to write!

Am a little upset with my camera though. I didn't know when it was bought that it couldn't save the editing changes I made to my pics. So alot of times, I would probably have to edit it, save it to a diskett and then send it to the photo shop for a print. So, guys when you see the pics, don't criticise eh....cos I will be editing and printing them out for all to savour!

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