Monday, February 03, 2003

It's that time of the year again....albeit yes I am writing on the Third Day of CNY. Although I must say I have only been spending time with my family lately. So no gambling, no clubbing, no hanging out with friends yet.

Why you ask? Cos my sister and mum are travelling to Shanghai, China for 2 weeks and it is only natural that I want to spend time with my whole family as much as possible. Since my sister will be going to work in :(Singapore:( already and ESPECIALLY since I will be moving (up, hopefully) to a job that will require me to travel! To such far-off places as Bangalore, UK, Hong Kong, US and others. Though I really don't wanna be anywhere but home should the Third World War start! .....With somebody like W. Bush at the helm of a country declaring war on another.....with missiles no's just too scarily comedic or comedically scary....take your pick.

But then, on to more happy matters. Yes changing jobs....after two years at's time to move on I guess and I will be writing (frequently I hope) to give you more updates on my new horizons. Especially those friends of mine who are far far away in locale but close in my heart!.

Salut! and Happy Chinese New Year.....Still receiving ang pows this change......

Write me if you want: (though I may not always have access to this account at know....firewall and all that jazz!)

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