Monday, January 01, 2007

For She's a Jolly Good Fellowwwww....


It’s the year of the Fire Pig and apparently very good for the Fire Dragon – in case anybody is wondering – that would be moi! And my friends – Lisa, Thinki, Melin and Szup.

I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year to start and that should be Feb 18 2007! I must say looking back on the year of the Dog, the very antithesis of the Dragon, it wasn’t a very bad year – sure it wasn’t as smooth sailing as it could have been, it wasn’t as dry-eyed as it could have been and I sure as hell wasn’t as happy as I could have been, should have been, would have been but all that is in the past and I am extremely gung ho about the new year.

New Year = New Life!

I finally feel like I have exorcised some demons and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long. I have only just read Amber Chia’s revelation of August 2006 in The Star Online, that she had broken up with her boyfriend of 9 years and that took her 5 weeks to get over and 6 months to announce. I cannot believe it takes one 5 measly weeks to realize there is life after the demise of a 9 year relationship. I am not, repeat not!, bashing Amber. It’s just that my experience with it was tremendously different and I can only wish I woke up 5 weeks after my break up to think, hey man, I’m ready for a new man, a new love, there is life after all! I don’t think I felt that after 5 MONTHS!

Anyway, to each her own. She’s probably stronger, emotionally, than me.

I have learnt lots last year, it was a great year at work – I became a wonderful people manager which again is a vast improvement from 2006; but I have an extra special feeling about 2007. I really do! I think its time I caught up with life again – after having wasted more than a year of precious days not really being all that I could be. As my sis says – When you walk through hell, you’ll be stronger. I love that – I think I will print it out and frame it up.

The frequency, or should I say infrequency (if there is such a word), of my blogs, demonstrates my crazy work schedules and lazy weekends. It’s been madness at work. I have met some new people (and yes, by that I mean men) this year, who have all been nice but somehow we have not clicked. Do I not know what I am looking for or Do I know TOO WELL what I am looking for? Anyway, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for a new relationship, heck even for men! But now, …….I’m thinking it could be nice to meet somebody worthwhile again…..I know! I’m blushing!

A big fat shout out to all the people who have made a difference in my life this past year – without some of you, life and work would have been duller and less meaningful. Tibet was crazy, China was fun, my diamonds and sapphires are beautiful, Taiwan was great for shoes AGAIN!, gorgeous hairstyle, fabulous friends, tempting food, striking eyes, tight and toned body and a few more experiences I can’t really talk about on the blog !

Get a move on – time’s a running!

P.S. Auntie Irene, I have not checked my email in 3 months – yes I am THAT busy!, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Uncle Ram and the family.

P.S.S. I have just gone back to read some of my old blogs. Apologies for all the mis-spellings, I sometimes type too fast for my own good and am too lazy or too out of time to re-read and correct.