Sunday, March 23, 2003


Yes! Raikkinen (?) won! The only reason why I even know his name is because a colleague entered his name for me in an internal HDPM (office) F1 winner Guessing I guess now I have some part of a prize??

Anyway, thanks to my beloved friend who got me a ticket to the F1 race! And such an extremely good ticket at that! No it wasn't the PAD-DOCK but it was the Tower seat which gave me an exfellent view of a corner where each driver had to slow down to take. It was fabulous though I did feel a bit sleepy some time into the race!

Another great thing that I truly enjoyed was the aerial show by TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia- Royal Airforce of Malaysia). It was such a turn on I said because the sheer size and power of those machines and they way the just manouvered and 'conquered' the skies! It was awesome and not forgetting the awe-ful noise! The only time I had ever heard something as loud was when I was young and saw a helicopter landing in a field.

Saw a very cool very nice and dvery expensive driving top from Ferrari which cost RM 120 .....didn't get it. Don't ask me about it. I don't wanna think about it. Also saw a Schumacher (Michael) t-shirt which thought I may get for mum but that was RM 100 so.....didn't get that too....not the least because it didn't actually look very nice!

All in all, it was a great experience; once in a lifetime. Don't think I will do it again unless it is a PAD-DOCK experience....the heat, the crowd just gets to me not to mention the longgggg walk from the car park to my seats.

I musn't forget to mention that part of the fun was in the morning where my friend and I made a special trip to Tesco's to buy buns and water and snacks to munch on during the F1 show! We seem to always do stuff like that. Plan picnics and all that.

Well, this coming Sat will probably be my departure date for Scotland. I will be in transit for 5 hours in Singapore (!) and then 2 hours in Heathrow London before the final flight to Edinburgh. Really looking forward to it espeially since it's my first time there and I will be there for 2 months with some very nice colleagues/friends so I look forward to travelling, exploring and learning.

Stay tuned and let me update you on my adventures in Scotland/England/Europe.....Thanks all!

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