Sunday, March 02, 2003

Just started my new job for one week and last week we were in induction. My work hours now are 10am-7 pm but in the future I may have to work shifts. Actually, I WILL have to work shifts and they are following the UK hours and those are usually 3pm-12 mindnight or 4-1am or 5-2am.

No overtime.

I will be travelling to Bangalore, South India sometime early March/late March or early April.....
But they say Bangalore is nice cos garden city of India, pub city of India.....Anyways, I will communicate through this email/ cos I can't write at work and got no external email there. Can call me still in my handphone except when I go travelling. Then I will give you my temp number but I don't think you guys will wanna call melah....hehhehehee....Anyway, thats all for now....

I am an AM in Training. Anyhoo, take care over there in EDS or wherever you are. And write to me either here or ya!

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