Monday, September 20, 2010

Tony Roma's - Of Cod and Surveys

We recently went back to Tony Roma's (at the Curve) to give them another chance. I haven't been to Tony Roma's in like years cos the last time I had them, during a girl's night out at Sunway Pyramid - the food was bland and tough and a complete waste of money! The first time I tried them was in Singapore where I had the baby back ribs (pork of course) and when they were first opening up in Malaysia I was extremely excited but lo and behold, no porky here.

So, anyway, like last week, we decided to try them again and wowee! were we glad we did! I had the Pacific Cod (with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce) and a Strawberry Lemonade (recommended by the waitress - who by the way, always recommends this! as proven by my second visit with the same waitress) and JH had the ummmm....ok, I can't remember what he had. But we were both in rapturous delight with our food - a FINE FIRST for Tony Roma's in Malaysia! The cod was so sweet and juicy and it was extremely flaky, kinda like lobster! Knowing that cod was a flavourful fish on its own, I ordered the Sweet Thai Chili Sauce to go with it - didn't want to drown it.....and it was YUM-MEE!!!! The sauce comes separate so you can just try anyone you like. The second time around I tried the Kicking Sauce which was basically like butter oil which JH loved and I didn't, so we asked fo rmore chili sauce for me! Hahahahhaa.... The bread basket was good too but the butter, which looked like garlic butter and gave me that expectation didn't taste like garlic butter and I was let down. But the bread was good and warm and soft and fluffy.

I am also not one to go for strawberries but the Strawberry Lemonade was good. The second time around I had a Shirley Temple which was very cherry like and I didn't like that quite as much. (I'm used to a more orangey Shirley Temple.....) Also, the second time, my cod was rather fibrous and there looked like tiny red bits that weren't cooked so JH ate those bits....he said they tasted fishy - as compared to the rest of my cod which was still good but not as good as the first time.....expectation management huh?

Also, the point of my posting is that the second time we went, JH noticed that we could get a RM10 discount off our next visit with a minimum transaction of RM30! IF we went online to and told them how they were doing. (We're supposed to get a validation code and all that after finishing the survey). Well, today I went in and....ummmm...I don't freaking know how to complete the survey, there wasn't any particular TONY ROMA link to click on and when I entered the store code in the 'Find' section, it didn't bring me back anything so I am a bit flummoxed. Hmmmm.....what is this? The site definitely looked like where Tony Roma's just subscribed to one of those companies who made up surveys for businesses and compiled the results. I just didn't get it. I don't know how to work it, I didn't work it and I most definitely, DID NOT get any validation code for RM10 off on my next visit. Boo Hoo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

there's two s', you shouldnt have any problem at that site (:

Errolyn said...

AHA no wonder! But i am sure I checked the receipt where the URL was written......Next time!