Sunday, January 10, 2010

OSIM Is Customer Friendly

I recently transported my OSIM massage chair to my parents' house in another state. I must say that I had quite a hard time looking for relocaters who knew how to handle the chair, knew how to unhook and hook it back up as well as be responsible enough not to 'lose' it over the course of the long journey. I have no idea why I went through all the trouble looking for an honourable transportation company when all the while, the answer was right at my fingertips!

I called OSIM and yes, of course they have a relocation service. Damn! I WAS surprised - but it makes sense right? I mean this is not an easy to handle piece of equipment - it weighs 130kg and has sensitive parts.

So, anyway, they transported it for a VERY Reasonable price - that's the second reason right there why I love them.....Sorry - the third - the first is that I love their chair first of all.

But I would say one of the biggest reasons why I love them would be that upon arrival and test checking, we found that one of the arm massagers wasn't working anymore.....And guess what, they made it all ok - they replaced the sensitive part - all without COST! Now I know many of you out there would say that yeah that's what they HAVE to do since they moved it and caused the fault in the machine. But the thing is that, they did it without any fuss, without any issue to me about even paying a portion of the cost or labour charges, ANYTHING! And the thing actually cost quite a bit!

All you need to do to contact them is to write in to them via their website - and they'll call you back soonest.

So there you go - FIVE Major Reasons Why I Love OSIM.

1. It's easy to contact them
2. They are professional and efficient
3. They understand the services you require as an OSIM 'shareholder'
4. Their chairs are expensive yes, but they do also offer reasonable pricing for other services.
5. Their chairs are DA BOMB!!!!!!!!

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