Saturday, October 23, 2010

Civic Consciousness in Malaysia

I was stuck in a jam to work recently (what's new?) and I saw this Brabus Mercedes driven by 2 men of local origin. I thought ooooh, a Brabus - how much does one of those babies cost anyway? And then I saw ooooh, passenger man unwound his window and threw out a cigarette bud onto the road - it was still smoking away...My final oOOooh thought about the man with the man was "Oooooh, big car could mean big money could mean big career/business but sure as heck doesn't mean big socio-consciousness" And I can just imagine what will continue to happen if there were children in the back seat. Sigh! It will never change will it?

A little further down the road, I saw again this giant truck thing - an Arena but more tough/manly...HAhhahhahah (yeah I know my luxury cars but not my trucks - except for the ummm..., what is it now....the Triton), where the driver, stopped at a light, opened his door and spat out onto the road. I didn't expect much different from a man driving a truck like that (I know kinda stereotypical huh) but it just goes to show - no matter what strata of society you may be from - civic consciousness doesn't come with it. (AND I AM NOT SAYING POOR PEOPLE DRIVE TRUCKS AND RICH PEOPLE DRIVE LUXURY CARS - THIS WAS THE SITUATION I SAW AND I DREW ONE CONCLUSION FROM IT)


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