Monday, September 20, 2010

Free Range Chickens for Sale!

For those of you who want to find out where to buy Kampung Chicken or Free-Range Chickens, fret no more! I thought it was a matter of typing on a few keys and there would be people talking about where to buy genuine Kampung Chicken but no.......- don't believe me? Google it! I couldn't find anything anywhere that told me where I could buy these pure free-range chickens that when double-boiled, would give me real goodness and not a cocktail of hormones and chemicals! Yup! Trying to make my own Essence of Chicken!!!

So finally, I chanced on Allo Expat and found DQ Clean Chicken. I was so happy I went screaming down the stairs to my MIL that I had found allegedly pure grass-fed chickens! in KL! AND they DELIVER!!!!! Just sms or call them or email them and get an order for yourself! (I haven't tried it out yet so not sure if their process or customer service is as good as their website).

So, it's RM3 per delivery regardless of number of chickens ordered and DQ actually suggests that you pool your neighbourhood chicken orders to save on delivery cost! I'd prefer if they were free but what to do right? Everyone needs to make a buck. Maybe they should say that if I buy above a certain amount or an accumulation of a certain amount, then they provide free delivery for a couple of times....... :)

So, anyway, for those of you who are looking for clean chicken and convenience, then check out DQ Clean Chicken! However, caveat emptor! I haven't tried them and and I don't promise anything so don't complain to me if service/quality is not up to your expectation!

Yippee! I'm going to be able to double boil my own essence of chicken - they even provide the technique and some recipes!!!! Good good! Sets my mind at ease abit with the fact that I haven't been fortifying my body with herbal goodness......

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