Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tao Japanese Buffet

Tao has opened in Sunway Giza!! It's great!!! RM58.90++ for buffet lunch and dinner on the weekends and a wee bit cheaper on the weekdays! It's great - it's come from Penang, so of course it's great!

There is plenty of choices and the quality is superb I would say - the decor doesn't hurt the eyes too! I betcha they have affected Ichiban Boshi's business. Ichiban is good too but now that Tao has opened....ummmm.....the hubby's gonna wanna eat there all the time now! :)

They've got a 10% Opening Discount now (til further notice) cos they just opened on 10 April. They were due to open in Feb or Mar I think and we were getting quite antsy about it.....and finally! AHA! Our first visit was on 11 April and it's become JH's new favourite place! Like seriously, I love Sunway gives me a good feeling, not least cos it's not so jam packed and it feels homey plus it's close to home....hehehhehehehe.....

The Italian restaurant there is GREAT too! d'Italiane I believe it's called. Decor is quite minimalist but cutlery and dinnerware looks like much thought was put in and food mmmmm....yeah!!!!!!!

This one gets the JUER Award!!!!

Remember this now, we have the Sakai Award which means URGH - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY....or SOMETHING REALLY PISSED US OFF BAD AT THIS PLACE!

And then there is the JUER Award which means MISS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

(I think I need to build an award list on the sidebar!)

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fung-yen said...

yo! actually i wanted to say something but decided that this wasn't the proper place to do so, anyways, you know what i mean and ain't it cool that you get the weekend as a bonus! er... well what's left of it anyways. cheers :)