Friday, November 05, 2010

Cars for a GIRL

Mmmm....the other day I saw a Lexus - looks niceeeeeeee!!! And I came home to ask JH what brand the Lexus was....and I described the logo - you know where it kinda looks like a Hyundai's or half a Toyota's?

Yeah, well, I found out it's a Lexus Lexus....hahahahahhahha

And I also like the Hyundai Tucson lah - actually I like the Harrier and Murano but that is wayyyy to much money to spend on a car! So Hyundai should be cheaper lah. So apparently the 2.0l 2Wheel Drive Standard Spec sells for RM126,888 OTR. High Specs digs out another RM10k. The Murano is RM330,000 OTR!!! resale value right?

1 comment:

Zoop said...

Lexus is Toyota...same company or something like should have resale value..