Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Scrub/Massage Place in KL

Today I am on leave - yeah, after a whole weekend of working at the MATTA Fair - it's time for some R&R. This is a post on where to get the best massage and scrub from my recent experiences. Since I had them all within the last 2 months, everything is quite clear in my head - so here's hoping, they'll be some help to you.

I recently had a free voucher to Jojoba Spa for a free spa experience. They have several outlets and I picked the one at Royale Bintang Damansara. First of all, I made an appointment at like 11am (?) the time they open....I arrived (my fault) at 10.55am so they weren't open and I had to amuse myself around the little pool area of the hotel - STRIKE 1.

The place looked pretty good when it opened up but then I was led to this small tight cramped room with 2 beds right off the reception area - with only a small curtain at the doorway....so here I am lying there, ummmm..., naked, right off the reception area - with only a small curtain at the doorway....STRIKE 2!!! Cramped as hell! STRIKE 3!!!

I have a scrub, a shower and a massage. They asked me if I wanted to buy more time for a longer massage than the 1 hour I got for free but somehow, instinct told me to hold off of that! Me, the massage connoisseur who only goes for 2 hour massages....and boy was I right!

The masseusse' technique was so bad.....she very noisily and very crudely 'scrubbed' me, it didn't feel relaxing, I didn't feel clean, she wasn't very thorough. Sigh - STRIKE 4! And the massage technique was even worse - completely unrelaxing. When I was asked for feedback after my session, the receptionist had the cheek to tell me that the masseusse had to work fast to finish within the hour!!! GEEZ - if you don't have enough time, just don't spend so much time at each section of the body - it doesn't give you the license to shish-shash-shish-shash to an allegro pace! So - Jojoba Spa - I would NEVER visit again!

Then JH treated us to an Anniversary Day at the Spa at the Energy Day Spa....yikes, what a mouthful! He had earlier wanted to do the Spa Day at the award-winning Mandara Spa but at RM780 per person for 2.5 hours, I most definitely had something else to say about it! So off to the Energy Day Spa we went - at Great Eastern Mall. We had lunch first at the Cosy House Restaurant or something like that - I remembered it to be quite tasty and always full - well, it was full but not so tasty - so whatever, I was really looking forward to the Spa.

The place is quite nice with a nice big changing/shower room. We changed into robes before going off to sit near a window wall on deck chairs, overlooking the trafffic and roads below. Contrary to what I just described, it was quite quite nice. I wish I had a room like that in my house! Very relaxing!

So first off, we got a Foot Bath, and had a bit of a drink. Then we were shown to our couple room where we got our Scrubs...Ummm...it was ok. Then off to shower and came back for a Massage - the massage had me falling asleep and I kinda didn't feel my back massage - What A Waste!!! And then we were shown back to the Glass Room and got a great drink - Sparkling Grape Juice with Ginger! YUM!!!

And today, I treated myself to a 2hour massage at my normal place - BioMax at SS2. It's a veryvery simple place, but their massages are great! I've been going there for years now, not just because of their strong/firm massages but also cos they have fantastic prices and they do not hard-sell me anything! The last one who hard sold me something discovered very quickly that they lost me faster than they can say, "How about......"

Yati 'did' me today and she was strong and dedicated and really got out all the knots....UMmmm..., the last 4 nights of sleeping at a hotel had my body all whacked out but Yati made me all better again....heheheheheeheeee.....

So All in All - my conclusion is - BioMax is the best massage place for me - cheap and good! YEAY!

Best scrub I have had was the one for my Girl's Day Out before my wedding at Chakras Spa.

And there you have it - E's Top Massage and Scrub in KL!

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