Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pandora Bracelets

There is a new Pandora counter at Pavilion Mall - very cool - I really like their charm bracelets but like I told BIL - I'm definitely not a one to wait for special occasions to buy different charms to build the bracelet - hehehehhahaha.....They've got chains and leather straps and silver/gold/precious gems/diamonds.....The charm bracelets are under their line of 'Moments' and I also like their 'Compose' line which sees varieties of composition - earrings that come apart and go with others....so cool!!!!!!!!!! You buy the hoop (first pic) and just slip on the earrings/ pendants (second pic) of your choice to make different looks!

(All pics from Pandora.net - and my background colour makes the pics look a bit weird - so look closer to see the actual item ya)

They aren't alllll that expensive too unless you buy the Gold or Diamond ones....Perhaps after baby boy is born, I'll reward myself with something from there.....though the idea of adding to my already gargantuan set of hardly used accessories is daunting! Ooooh, I love their moonstones....

The Moments charm bracelets have some really nice designs but I don't care for the Murano glass so much. Firstly choose your bracelet and then just pack on the charms! Apparently, each Asian wrist should be able to take up to ummmm...20 over charms if I'm not mistaken....



The LovePod range

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