Tuesday, May 28, 2002

MALAYSIA!!!! vs. brasil

Go Malaysia!!! Yes the match was quite good...had me screaming in the stands for the Malaysians to:

Keep up their good work (first half) and
Get their butts moving (second half).

It was an interesting match and I find that my patriotism comes foremost when Malaysia is pit against anyone else in any competition! I went to the match not intending to cheer for and support anyone but our fellow countrymen and I must give them the credit that for a 117th team in the world, we put up a good fight to the No.2s.

Let's not anyone say anything about the brasilians not actually extending themselves too much although they did get rougher and attacked more in the second half.

Nonetheless, maybe this World Cup 2002 will see me watching some games.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Yahoo! News - Hormone May Be Key to Long-Term Weight Loss -Study

Exciting developments in the science world. However, thinking about the suppression of appetite...does it make life good? Shouldn't you eat what you like just in moderate amounts? If we diet all our life long, wouldn't we miss out on the some of the good stuff in life....the food, the sensation, the ability to enjoy life in an aspect?

And for those who talk about feeling good eating nothing but celery and tomatoes or other 'extremist' forms of dieting, have they done it so much that that's the only thing they know and That feels good? Or have they justified it to themselves that it feels good?

"Waiter, one order of lasagne please!"
Yahoo! News - Remains Identified As Chandra Levy

Remember her? Another intern who was involved in a high-profile scandal. But unluckily for her, her jaunt into this high-powered, high-stakes world where anything can happen if you have enough influence ended in violence and death.

The police 'stopped short of calling it a criminal case', I wonder if perhaps she went looking for turtles in the park as well! Anyways, I guess we'll be hearing plenty of this later in the news unless an effort is being made to just bring the case to an end without too much ado....

Did you know that if you have a regular pattern in your daily life, it makes it easier for people to do you harm should they wish to?

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Yahoo! News - NYC Warned of Possible Threats

I guess this isn't a very good time to visit the States! But how long is this drama going to drag on? Thousands of people have died and thousands more at risk....Is the message the 'terrorists' are trying to get through, getting through? Doesn't seem to be since the States doesn't seem to be looking inward for sources of tension and contention.

I am not trying to be argumentative or subscribing to terroristic philosophies but I think parties involved need to reflect examine their histories, actions and possibly even future plans in order to shed some light on 'injustices' exacted on the world at large be it fair or unfair, called for or not.

The time has come for the halt of pointing fingers and blame assignation. It is better to sit and talk about how to resolve present problems and actually see the action plans through. Parties have to somehow let go of past prejudices and WANT to come together to work things out with no thought of personal pride but the welfare of the people who put their lives in your hands when you became the Leader of them.


Tuesday, May 21, 2002

E! Online - Movie Reviews - Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones (2002)

Ok, seen the movie, am doing the review now. First things first. I only fell asleep once and only had to be nudged awake once! Now, onwards we go.....(By the way, have never found the interest to watch Episode 4,5,6)

First thought that springs to mind: Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen were unbelievably uninspiring. Natalie, as Senator Armadillo, whoops! Amidala, had the SAME expression on her face for each scene of the movie, each sensation, each experience! What is this? This is what George Lucas snapped her up for?

Though I must give credit to her young lithe body which had to be exposed to draw the viewers attention to the fact that the Little Queen has grown up and is now attracting the attentions of men...ahem! one man. She never gets shot at during every fighting scene of the movie, gets hurt so her clothes can be ripped off and seems to be in the movie almost as eye candy even though she plays the main love interest as well as one of the most influential and conscientious senators around.

Hayden Christensen. I guess he does a good job in making people dislike him. He made me feel nothing except the fact that I didn't like him. I had real problems with his acting, ...not the character who grows up to be Darth Vader. Is he trying to become robotic and emotionless so early on? I really do not see what his colleagues, his director etc. are raving about. They say he has no idea he's so good....yeah, well I have no idea too! He seems like a real upstart who thinks too much of himself for his own good! And his mother's dying scene....nope, not a tear! From me that is.

However, the part where I came most alive was Yoda's Light Saber 'Whoom' against 'the bad guy' scene! What came out of my mouth was "Is his a little one?" with reference to Master Yoda's light saber! :) :) :) But I must say, it seemed really comic and juvenile the way he bounced about when it was a real scene about the perpetual battle between good and evil.

I am sorry Star Wars fans but your Episodes just do not bring me over to the 'dark side'. With 'great power comes great responsibility' and that responsibility does not include making people fall asleep in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I can only say Thank God it wasn't a Gold Class ticket!

I left the cinema with no particular memories of Episode 2. It seemed pretty much a non-issue with its mushy lines, pancake actors and thin plot. I do not get what it's trying to say, except the symbolism when Anakin loses his arm, and I do not feel like I wish to try to find out more.

Cest la vie! Better watch "I Am Sam"!!!!!

P.S. Ryan Phillipe would have been a better Anakin!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Am tired and sleepy. Had very good chicken pasta last night but couldn't finish it...am having another good meal tonight but today has already started out rather cold. It's Interview Day! Nope, not applying for a new job but another project. It's like I not only had to go through an interview to get into this company but also to start work on other projects within this company. Definitely unnecessary stress and nervousness. Wish me luck!

Damn those TV3 announcements with the stupid "15 days left to World Cup". Like I care...am not even interested in the 'cute men' in 'tight shorts'. It's my Spa Day like I always say!

For the Episode 2 review, haven't seen it yet. Cinemas don't seem interested in selling tickets so I might as well just pick up a copy from Petaling Street eh? :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Ok, I know it's been some time. I apologise...I have had lots of things to accomplish and ....no, why am I apologising and explaining? This is MY website and I shall write when I want to. Heehehehheeee....

Practising real hard for our upcoming dance competition on July 7th! Well, not really practising per say but thinking about execution of steps and listening to different music. It's been really cool. And one of the best things is that I shall get to shop for new dance shoes! What else makes a girl's day huh?

For the guy readers out there, here's something for you to chew on....Episode 2. Need I say more? Anybody dressing up? I have a date at the Gold Class/Normal Class/Front-Row Seat...whichever's available I think. Just hope I don't fall asleep again like the last time! I shall write a review of the movie. So check back soon...."You can't escape your destiny".


Thursday, May 09, 2002

Hi there! Feeling a little peckish, am snacking on biscottis now. So, the most exciting news recently is that I will be entering a Latin Dance Competition in July....or at least my partner and I want to! Novice Category of course but the adrenaline rush that gives me is way beyond words. I can just imagine the hours put in, the laughter, the sweat, the ARGUMENTS, the sore and 'bleeding' feet.....Well, what do you expect with the Jive???

So many things to get done, get dance shoes, get costumes (?), get routine sorted out, get flourishes perfected...., get office work done. Well, priorities priorities eh?!

Guess what I read in the papers today? A popular Singaporean actor has donated half his liver to his aspiring actress girlfriend so she won't die within the week! Let's take stock of who, in our lives, would be willing to do that for us. Would there be anyone besides our families? Let me call.....ok, got one half of a liver.....thank you KW. :)
Who would you give half a liver to?

Should you wish to write me, -> errolyn@errolyn.com

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

TODAY is a buseeee buseee day! After work, it'll be my first class of Adult Ballet at the Federal Academy of Ballet followed by my International Latin dance class. So much dance in one day, enough to make a girl's head spin....(or piroutte as the case may be).

Mother's Day is coming up guys...what's in store for our beloved mamas? It's truly amazing, when you reflect, what they have sacrificed for us. Will I be like this as well in the future with my own kids? I have a fearful notion that I may be extremely punishing with them....especially if they do not fit my idea of ideal children who will make me proud. I know that sounds horrible but it is what it is .....a fearful notion that is feared by me....geezzzz...not even into post partum depression yet but thinking like this. Somebody help me!

Life is full of endings and beginnings isn't it. (I know today's posting is rather varied or jumbled, however you wanna look at it.) People who have been in my life so long are slowly phasing out on me and new people are proving themselves more thoughtful and friendly than imagined. Is this a good thing? What will my life hold for me at the end of it all?

Om Mani Pad Me Hom

Friday, May 03, 2002

What to say what to say. Isn't it great that there are so many plays and performances to watch in Malaysia! There was Chang and Eng, there will be Fame, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (unnecessarily long cumbersome title that) and today I just saw the ad for the Royal Shakespeare Company's interpretation of 'The Merchant of Venice'. If you know Mandarin, look to try out the life story of Buddha, 'Siddharta' soon.

Dare I hope for ballets soon?

You know what....life is great isn't it? I don't mean to piss anybody off or 'make' their day but really.....no, the grass isn't greener and the skies aren't bluer but there is a certain quality to the day. Who cares if my thighs are heavier, my hips are bigger or that my nose is now stuck??!! There is at least one person out there who thinks my skin glows and that I look pretty when I smile ...they have a thing for my dimples me thinks. Anyway, yeah, the day seems Nice to me!

(When it comes down to it, the 'one person out there' can be just me!)

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Ooh! It's been days hasn't it....Yesterday was a holiday. Was a lazy day spent sleeping, watching a little tv and buying groceries. Not the kind of day one would write about. So...until something more exciting happens besides me catching the three episode special of 'Sex and the City', I'll leave you to your own 'interesting' day.

(I guess I could write about the fact that the World Cup is 30 days away and TV3 is announcing irritating little countdowns but why would I wanna get EVERYBODY else down eh?!)