Tuesday, May 07, 2002

TODAY is a buseeee buseee day! After work, it'll be my first class of Adult Ballet at the Federal Academy of Ballet followed by my International Latin dance class. So much dance in one day, enough to make a girl's head spin....(or piroutte as the case may be).

Mother's Day is coming up guys...what's in store for our beloved mamas? It's truly amazing, when you reflect, what they have sacrificed for us. Will I be like this as well in the future with my own kids? I have a fearful notion that I may be extremely punishing with them....especially if they do not fit my idea of ideal children who will make me proud. I know that sounds horrible but it is what it is .....a fearful notion that is feared by me....geezzzz...not even into post partum depression yet but thinking like this. Somebody help me!

Life is full of endings and beginnings isn't it. (I know today's posting is rather varied or jumbled, however you wanna look at it.) People who have been in my life so long are slowly phasing out on me and new people are proving themselves more thoughtful and friendly than imagined. Is this a good thing? What will my life hold for me at the end of it all?

Om Mani Pad Me Hom

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