Thursday, May 09, 2002

Hi there! Feeling a little peckish, am snacking on biscottis now. So, the most exciting news recently is that I will be entering a Latin Dance Competition in July....or at least my partner and I want to! Novice Category of course but the adrenaline rush that gives me is way beyond words. I can just imagine the hours put in, the laughter, the sweat, the ARGUMENTS, the sore and 'bleeding' feet.....Well, what do you expect with the Jive???

So many things to get done, get dance shoes, get costumes (?), get routine sorted out, get flourishes perfected...., get office work done. Well, priorities priorities eh?!

Guess what I read in the papers today? A popular Singaporean actor has donated half his liver to his aspiring actress girlfriend so she won't die within the week! Let's take stock of who, in our lives, would be willing to do that for us. Would there be anyone besides our families? Let me call.....ok, got one half of a liver.....thank you KW. :)
Who would you give half a liver to?

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