Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Yahoo! News - NYC Warned of Possible Threats

I guess this isn't a very good time to visit the States! But how long is this drama going to drag on? Thousands of people have died and thousands more at risk....Is the message the 'terrorists' are trying to get through, getting through? Doesn't seem to be since the States doesn't seem to be looking inward for sources of tension and contention.

I am not trying to be argumentative or subscribing to terroristic philosophies but I think parties involved need to reflect examine their histories, actions and possibly even future plans in order to shed some light on 'injustices' exacted on the world at large be it fair or unfair, called for or not.

The time has come for the halt of pointing fingers and blame assignation. It is better to sit and talk about how to resolve present problems and actually see the action plans through. Parties have to somehow let go of past prejudices and WANT to come together to work things out with no thought of personal pride but the welfare of the people who put their lives in your hands when you became the Leader of them.

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