Tuesday, May 21, 2002

E! Online - Movie Reviews - Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones (2002)

Ok, seen the movie, am doing the review now. First things first. I only fell asleep once and only had to be nudged awake once! Now, onwards we go.....(By the way, have never found the interest to watch Episode 4,5,6)

First thought that springs to mind: Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen were unbelievably uninspiring. Natalie, as Senator Armadillo, whoops! Amidala, had the SAME expression on her face for each scene of the movie, each sensation, each experience! What is this? This is what George Lucas snapped her up for?

Though I must give credit to her young lithe body which had to be exposed to draw the viewers attention to the fact that the Little Queen has grown up and is now attracting the attentions of men...ahem! one man. She never gets shot at during every fighting scene of the movie, gets hurt so her clothes can be ripped off and seems to be in the movie almost as eye candy even though she plays the main love interest as well as one of the most influential and conscientious senators around.

Hayden Christensen. I guess he does a good job in making people dislike him. He made me feel nothing except the fact that I didn't like him. I had real problems with his acting, ...not the character who grows up to be Darth Vader. Is he trying to become robotic and emotionless so early on? I really do not see what his colleagues, his director etc. are raving about. They say he has no idea he's so good....yeah, well I have no idea too! He seems like a real upstart who thinks too much of himself for his own good! And his mother's dying scene....nope, not a tear! From me that is.

However, the part where I came most alive was Yoda's Light Saber 'Whoom' against 'the bad guy' scene! What came out of my mouth was "Is his a little one?" with reference to Master Yoda's light saber! :) :) :) But I must say, it seemed really comic and juvenile the way he bounced about when it was a real scene about the perpetual battle between good and evil.

I am sorry Star Wars fans but your Episodes just do not bring me over to the 'dark side'. With 'great power comes great responsibility' and that responsibility does not include making people fall asleep in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I can only say Thank God it wasn't a Gold Class ticket!

I left the cinema with no particular memories of Episode 2. It seemed pretty much a non-issue with its mushy lines, pancake actors and thin plot. I do not get what it's trying to say, except the symbolism when Anakin loses his arm, and I do not feel like I wish to try to find out more.

Cest la vie! Better watch "I Am Sam"!!!!!

P.S. Ryan Phillipe would have been a better Anakin!

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