Sunday, March 23, 2003


Yes! Raikkinen (?) won! The only reason why I even know his name is because a colleague entered his name for me in an internal HDPM (office) F1 winner Guessing I guess now I have some part of a prize??

Anyway, thanks to my beloved friend who got me a ticket to the F1 race! And such an extremely good ticket at that! No it wasn't the PAD-DOCK but it was the Tower seat which gave me an exfellent view of a corner where each driver had to slow down to take. It was fabulous though I did feel a bit sleepy some time into the race!

Another great thing that I truly enjoyed was the aerial show by TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia- Royal Airforce of Malaysia). It was such a turn on I said because the sheer size and power of those machines and they way the just manouvered and 'conquered' the skies! It was awesome and not forgetting the awe-ful noise! The only time I had ever heard something as loud was when I was young and saw a helicopter landing in a field.

Saw a very cool very nice and dvery expensive driving top from Ferrari which cost RM 120 .....didn't get it. Don't ask me about it. I don't wanna think about it. Also saw a Schumacher (Michael) t-shirt which thought I may get for mum but that was RM 100 so.....didn't get that too....not the least because it didn't actually look very nice!

All in all, it was a great experience; once in a lifetime. Don't think I will do it again unless it is a PAD-DOCK experience....the heat, the crowd just gets to me not to mention the longgggg walk from the car park to my seats.

I musn't forget to mention that part of the fun was in the morning where my friend and I made a special trip to Tesco's to buy buns and water and snacks to munch on during the F1 show! We seem to always do stuff like that. Plan picnics and all that.

Well, this coming Sat will probably be my departure date for Scotland. I will be in transit for 5 hours in Singapore (!) and then 2 hours in Heathrow London before the final flight to Edinburgh. Really looking forward to it espeially since it's my first time there and I will be there for 2 months with some very nice colleagues/friends so I look forward to travelling, exploring and learning.

Stay tuned and let me update you on my adventures in Scotland/England/Europe.....Thanks all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Another question:

8) How can a country be so arrogant as to straight-facedly tell off a world body that "If you do not agree to do it my way, I will make you obsolete AND go on ahead and do it my way!"??
This war thing is really upsetting me. I am not trying to be flippant here but sitting here listening to the BBC debate between the Liberal and Conservative parties.....some very basic, perhaps naive questions come to mind:

1) Who made America the big brother?
2) Who supported Iraq when it was in their favour?
3) Where is the evidence linking Iraq to Al-Qaeda?
4) If Iraq is suffering so much, and have been suffering so much, under Saddam Hussein, what took America (the self-elected leader of the world) so long to take action against this inhuman murderer?
5) Why are we not boycotting American establishments and American products?
6) Why does the common man sit back and continue to live in oblivion of the perils and tragedies of war?
7) Why does no one realise that two wrongs do not make one right and the easiest, most fuss-free way would be to just get rid of one person instead of murdering (too) hundreds of thousands of soldiers (on both sides) as well as innocent, harmless, constantly persecuted, and unthought-of except when they're in use, citizens of Iraq???

Please let clarify if anyone can!

Thank you.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I hate computers.

Can you imagine, it took me one and a half hours to check my email, check out Paris, and try to get blogger on. Hence, I hate computers.

OK, on to happier thoughts.

I've almost finished packing today for Scotland. My suitcase is extremely heavy and I'm trying to pass off a duffel bag as a backpack.

I've packed my beautiful MNG knee-high boots. I hope that they will make me look smart.

I spent this weekend doing exciting things, like shopping. I was given a great gift that I shall never forget forever and ever and ever and ever - MY DIGITAL CAMERA! It's a Fujifilm FinePix A303 - I'm really looking forward to using it, especially since we seem to have made a good choice. But then, I am cautioned against being too happy at the start, but, what the hey!

Also bought a nice puffy lilac jacket (although some don't like the colour). Got a nice hat, nice scarves, nice gloves - life is sweet.

But sometimes the beginning is also the end.

Anybody who's got European (especially France, Ireland, England) travel tips please feel free to educate me...

... I don't know what else to say. It's especially hard when someone else is typing. I shall return.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Ok, does anybody have any idea what digital camera is good for an amateur photographer who just wants to take nice pictures?

There are so many to choose from and I don't have the resources at hand to research, experiment with, question, doubt, endorse, pick any which one in particular.

Olympus or Nikon or Kodak???! Which one is the best for my needs? Someone help!

By the way, Scotland here I come from 28th March til 31st May 2003. Then, when I return, anybody that has a nice room in a secured apartment or condominium block can offer to rent it to me!

I will miss all my friends and family here but I can't help just being so excited about the whole episode! It's always been my dream to visit Scotland. I've always had this image that it's beautiful beyond words and now I will get to live my dream! I just can't believe the good luck of it all!

Although on other possibly more important issues is the fact that the world is rushing headlong into the lives and deaths of potentially tens of thousands of people. Some choosing to do it, some having no choice but to do it and even worse, some who have to endure it and 'live' with the consequences come what may...through no fault of their own. What can be done?

I have a friend who has decided to stand his ground against the almighty use of might and power by some parties. He has decided to impose a self-ban on all American brands/foods/outlets etc. It takes discipline and great faith to carry this out I think because so many times, so many people start out with a 'mission', but get side-tracked along the way without completing their objective.

Is this the only way we can get a message across? I heard too that the sale of Coke somewhere has fallen by 50%. Great! But who are these other people still drinking Coke? Well, to each his own. This is not something I want to Force on others.

I just hope something can be done in time before tragedies take place just because mankind has contracted a bad case of swollen head!

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Yahoo! Movies: The Quiet American (2002) - Critics Reviews

The Quiet American!!!

Yes, left me extremely quiet at the end of the movie....except when my friend started going, "I thought it was very well-done".

Now, I don't want to be emotional and hasty but what the heck, it was so flat! Michael Caine was one of the least dishy old men to play the role of Fowler and Brendan Fraser didn't actually get any big opportunities to 'strut his stuff'.

Did they not realise that all the girl wanted was a safe and rich existence somewhere safe where there's no more selling herself, bombs, death and destruction?

Anyways, watch for yourself but caveat emptor!

I shall be leaving for Livingston, Scotland on 28 March 2003 looks like. Will continue to update this page and for all of you who have faithfully kept in touch with me through this page, thank you! I look forward to a long and happy dynamic relationship with you.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Dear All,

Of course, it's been two weeks since I've started my job. Everything seems ok so far. Although there is an update now....I have been confrimed that I will be going to Livinston, Scotland instead of Bangalore......well, we'll see.

Anyhow, Thursday night, I took the train down to Singapore and watched Sir Cliff Richard's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Met up with my sister too who's just started her 6 year pay-back bond. So it was a cool weekend there and I just took the train back today.....Quite romantic the train....good to share with people you love.

Hey, am quite ashamed at myself for spending quite a lot of money in Singapore.....bought clothes....there was a sale there! Not my fault but most of those who know me, would know how I feel about *this*.
Just started my new job for one week and last week we were in induction. My work hours now are 10am-7 pm but in the future I may have to work shifts. Actually, I WILL have to work shifts and they are following the UK hours and those are usually 3pm-12 mindnight or 4-1am or 5-2am.

No overtime.

I will be travelling to Bangalore, South India sometime early March/late March or early April.....
But they say Bangalore is nice cos garden city of India, pub city of India.....Anyways, I will communicate through this email/ cos I can't write at work and got no external email there. Can call me still in my handphone except when I go travelling. Then I will give you my temp number but I don't think you guys will wanna call melah....hehhehehee....Anyway, thats all for now....

I am an AM in Training. Anyhoo, take care over there in EDS or wherever you are. And write to me either here or ya!