Monday, September 08, 2008

Top 10 Things That Cheer Me Up

1. Panda bears
2. Beautiful intelligent looking dogs
3. Gorgeous fiery Diamonds
4. My card holder from aquaria klcc with a red clown fish floating on a sea of green jelly
5. Carl's Jr. chocolate malt shakes
6. Finding out I am 45kg light
7. Finding out I've come into a whole s*itload of money (without anything bad happening to anybody)
8. Listening to my old podcasts (which are GOOD!)
9. Looking out my office window and looking Far Far AWAY
10. Knowing that someone I like (in the sense that I have a good opinion of) likes me too (in the sense that he/she has a good opinion of me too).

Leave you with a cutie and a pretty:

(Kiss the fish to win your dream car!!!)


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