Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nary A Second To Spare

Is it my imagination or has traffic doubled in the past 1 week? Is it due to the petrol price reduction from RM2.70/l to RM2.55/l or is it just cos it's Puasa and everyone wants to drive for convenience or it's just that everyone's as fed up with our public transportation system as our PM is….but whatever it is, it is inconveniencing the heck out of me! Seriously man! I was going to a friend's house yesterday and it took me half an hour to get from Tesco to Sunway Damansara!

I mean really! I always cannot understand where the traffic is going if everyone is stuck here!

Are our road systems ok? Can road and development planning be improved? Are the traffic police anywhere? Yeah - that brings me to another matter close to my heart. So many times I have seen traffic police who are joking with each other, talking on their handphones, sms-ing…everything but managing traffic. Our police are so out of shape that I cannot fathom how they can ever successfully catch up with a perpetrator. They look like politicians! Hahahhaha - isn't that the old joke? Politicians sit on their asses all day so they get fat?

Aiya, I better not say anymore since I myself also getting fat! Better get married soon - the license to get fat! Hahhahahahahahaa…..yeah yeah yeah - to all of you out there who are going to tell me I have to be slim and beautiful to keep my husband - I will do for him what he will do for me too! Besides I have other Special Skills! Hehehehhahahahaha….

Ok, back to my original rant - traffic is ridiculous, political state in the country is ridiculous (actually it seems like all over the world, people are unhappy with politics - except, SURPRISE! in America where there seems to actually be a good contender for the leader of a country, which is more than I can say for a million other places on Earth!)

I also am upset about the fact that time seems to slip through my fingers each day, each week, each month. God knows how the year has come to September without me moving an inch! I feel it - I feel each hour of the day slip by, vanish forever, in the way the morn morphs into evening and I am sitting in front of the tv once a gain trying not to fall asleep. I can feel it in that I have so much to tell JH before I yawn and words become incomprehensible. It has come to a stage where I already cut down what I file away to tell him….I wasn't one to relate every second of my day anyway but this is getting crazy!

The weekends whiz by and even when they don't, they kinda flutter and jizz and then again, they fizzle out in a wee second. It's depressing and sometimes when you have meaningful life conversations, you wonder what to do so you don't fall into the trap of falling into the trap! I don't want to end up regretting not spending enough time with my family, my good friends, my Siberian HUSKY(!!!!!), my hobbies, my self development….just last night someone was telling me that as a mum who works, there is hardly any time with the children and yes, there is hardly any time with the children but what about my spouse. I want to spend time with him too! I didn't marry him just so he could provide the sperm for my kids - if I am going to have any that is! So how do I do it? How do we keep everything in perspective and accord each facet of our lives the value it deserves?

Food for thought? Yeah! Lip service? Most probably. I yearn for the day I can be more disciplined about enjoying life.


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