Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Best Foie Gras this side of Malaysia

I baked a cake recently. It was a warm moist chocolate cake with a fudgy shell and nice pink buttercream icing. My first ever birthday cake, my first ever cake self-baked actually - from scratch! I even bought a cake plate and box to transport it over to JH's house on Saturday morning after slaving over a hot oven all morning long. It wasn't very pretty - I didn't take a picture of it but he took one of a half-eaten cake! Hahahahahahah…actually am wondering if I used too much butter or my oven isn't hot enough cos the centre of it was just all very moist and it looked a bit like it was a steamed cake! But anyway, it tasted nice and nobody had to run to the toilet from uncooked eggs….

I still have some chocolate and buttercream left so may try to bake another cake tonight and experiment with less butter.

It was an achievement indeed but I felt a bit embarassed towards JH cos it wasn't a very pretty cake.

Then on Sunday night (yeah, it was a birthday weekend! Hhahahahahah) we went for a beautiful dinner at Café Café KL. We were seated next to a blogger - how do I know this? Well, she immediately whipped out a camera the moment they sat down and started 'kl-ick' 'kl-ick'ing away….aiyoyo, the other day also I saw a guy snapping away at every dish at a small Ramadan buffet.

So anyway, there was a Wagyu beef offering and I told JH he could have that but he didn't want to (sigh, you know the guy loves you when he won't eat beef just because he wouldn't be able to share it with you!)….So we each settled for a set. I had the Set 89 (RM89.00) with a lamb shank and he had the Set 149 (RM149.00) with cod. We switched the mains cos apparently, Mr Pampered has cod on a regular basis so didn't want to have it no more! Ahahahahah - I was happy though.

We had a foie gras starter which was just obscenely unimaginably delicious - I was swooning with delight. No joke! It had the thinnest crispy shell and the softest lightest inside. (Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose - not something I usually like!). I need to say it again - the foie gras was to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!

We also had some crispy brie which was quite nice too with a battered crispy (fish and chips like) shell and then came my minestrone soup and his escargot. The minestrone was ordinary and the escargot was not much to my liking even though I usually love them. They were cooked 2 in a tiny 'cup' drowned in olive oil, garlic and herbs. There were 3 cups and 3 slices of bread. I prefer the garlic butter snails but without the burnt butter like most restaurants are wont to do nowadays, thank you very much!

His lamb was good enough - tender but with enough bite and my cod was juicy! I've never had cod that was juicy! As usual I didn't like the skin - rather fishy. It came with a thin melted butter and cream sauce which went nicely and didn't overpower the fish. And last of all, my lemon tart and his white truffle chocolate birthday cake with vanilla ice cream.

I didn't like the white truffle so much - thought it lent a woodsy taste to the cake that just didn't belong. My tart was tart enough and JH really enjoyed it!

So, we had a nice early dinner and then went home. It was a gorgeous night with marvellous company and the night only got better!!!

And then the weekend passed….and Errolyn's actual birthday present to JH kicked into effect - no getting angry with him for 1 month! Every slip up re-starts the clock! I am just speechless………


Sue said...

Muahaha..so how is it now...have u made him mad or vice versa...lol

Errolyn said...

It is 7 days so far!!! Aren't you proud of me?