Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ludicrousity is a Word?

You know, I hate it when people use their religion or religious practices to infringe on others or to demand certain privileges.

I just heard a Muslim lady on the phone shouting at the person on the other end, "Eh! I'm fasting you know today, you cannot speak to me like that!" I would prefer to say, "Excuse me! I'm human, please treat me with respect!". (The joke is that she isn't even fasting today, making it all the more abominable that she is using this as an excuse).

And there are those who cannot seem to fast without ridding themselves of all temptations (sight/smell/sound of food and water). I mean if you fight the temptation and conquer it, isn't it all the better? Forgive me but enlighten me. I fail to see how a fight without any real effort can claim a meaningful victory.

I don't eat beef. I do not go around proclaiming that eating places or cafeterias or offices need to NOT SERVE BEEF. I just don't eat it. I make myself responsible for what I do, not make others responsible for ensuring that I don't do what I'm not supposed to do.

I think it's another thing that is ridiculous!

Obviously there are a lot of earth princes out there who think they own this land and I am a 'pendatang' because of my name. Trust me, if I wasn't born here, I wouldn't want to be here!


Errolyn said...

Nolah! I like it here - I love the food and the and the non-existence of natural disasters.....and the friendliness.....Really! I DO!

Errolyn said...

My excuse was that I was just frustrated with that Silly Muslim Lady that day!