Tuesday, August 26, 2008

iPod Nanos are Fun(nily Heart Attack Inducing!)

Did I tell you I got an Ipod Nano for my birthday? Well, I've gotten around to working it and am so chuffed with it. Earlier JH had already given me the use of his Sony Mobile Player (or whatever it's called) but then he got me the Nano and at first, (you know melah), I was like, "Aiyo, why you waste money like that??? I can use the Sony mah!"

I tried to use the Nano anyhow - tried to put some songs in ….of course I also went away for my birthday so I didn't get around to fiddling with it til later…..JH and I set up an iTunes account only to find out that the Malaysian site doesn't actually sell anything cos it's cheaper to buy the ahem ahem ones anyway! Sigh! So again, I began my quest to find music on the Internet that wouldn't break my bank…..And it was bad news all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy…..Having no computer of my own and being by no means a techie, I was deathly afraid of breaking JH's machine but then also very very frustrated at not being able to get what I want…..So I kinda gave up on it for a while. The only good thing was that I successfully downloaded a movie trailer! Ballet Shoes (of which I have the BOOK!) and I also started to download my old podcast - The PPS (Project Petaling Street) Review Podcast!!!!

Now it's almost the end of August but with very fortuitous events like JH buying another laptop and giving me exclusive - download-all-the-viruses-you-want access to his old computer, JH finding the Ipod Nano manual on the Internet and asking me to read it and me just being intelligent problem solver, worry-at-the-problem-til-it's-solved me, I now have 99 songs on my Nano…..hmmm, I should name it. Maybe Mano the Nano (it's a he since he's got a black rubber casing - hehehehahahHAHHEHAHHA!!!) I think I should go exchange my casing since I don't think it is in perfect mint condition…..Apple should be good enough at after sales……but will still get a black one again lah since you know what they say…..ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU CAN'T GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, among other bad things that happened with the Nano was that I couldn't just switch the songs from the Sony, geez louise! And I couldn't find songs to download…..Finally I did manage to wreak 'magic' and converted all my Sony songs to wma to put on the Nano and realised (quite late actually) that they were taking up far too much space! Hey! IPods are not supposed to be this useless! So back to the drawing board…….And then in the end, I just restored default settings to it and Mano was born.

I started to Limewire the music I wanted (last night!!!). Got some Daughtry, some Duffy - man she's good! Abit jealous that the moment she started playing, JH turned around, distracted from his new gaming laptop and asked with a voice full of wonderment and awe - "Mmmm, who's that?" ACK! Ummm, let's see who else I got, of course some good old COUNTRY!!!! Alabama, Kenney Chesney, Alan Jackson, even got a song of John Turner - oklah him……I tell you Country is the way to go man! 'Seven Spanish Angels' from Willie Nelson and Ray Charles and some others was a special search from me to Mano.

Got some Celine too of course but can't seem to get a good copy of my cry-inspiring song 'The Colour of My Love'.

So I picked all my downloads out and then I let it run….I tell you both of us were just stuck at the computers and I joked that we will probably grow so glued to them that we will sooner or later, start Messaging each other instead of turning around to talk!

I couldn't sleep of course, the way I normally can't when something exciting is happening….and woke up at 5.15am to check my downloads. Yeay! Converted all the mp3s to AAC format and fed them into Mano. I tell you the way I do it - it would look chaotic to anybody else cos I try to be efficient and fast and it would just confuse the heck out of a lesser (mad/anal) being! Hehehehahahaha…..

So, half an hour later, crawled back into the warm comfy bed and snuggled deep….Aaahhh Contentment! Now my 10 hour train ride to and from Singapore is going to be a little bit comfier!

This is what Mano looks like now. When he grows up, I'd like him to look like this! but with velcro would be better then I wouldn't be pressing a button onto his face all the time!
In his active times, I'm gonna make Mano a suit like this but with a sweat band.

Since Mummy and Daddy have not gotten First Princess a birthday pressie, I guess we know where the above are coming frommmm!!!!!


Hey! Does this mean JH fathered Mano??????

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