Tuesday, August 05, 2008


So how'd you like my post below??? Well, it wasn't written by me and no it wasn't written by a ghost writer as well (though I'll bet I shouldn't say things like that in the Month of the Hungry Ghost!!!).

It was written by my helping hand - the Lazy Bloggers' Post Generator! It's so cool - everyone should try it! It saves time, gives us a laugh and manages to still fill your blog. It's basically a couple of paragraphs with a few static generic parts complimented by drop down lists of choices which explain why you are not writing. It's so cute that I tried it several times, each time just randomly 'selecting' (read as: roaming my mouse blind over the choices and just clicking) hence coming up with very very weird stories.

The one below was also randomly 'written' but you can tell how it's quite ahem ahem pertinent to me! Hahahahahaha

I only have 1 word of advice - do not expect perfect English. I guess it's a bit hard to fit in grammatical perfection when sentences can be so different…..Let's just say, I bet the originators tried to do it but ...well, there are just enough choices in the drop down menus to make one give up trying to make it flawless after some time.

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