Monday, August 11, 2008

Carmen Soo PSA

This evening I heard a Public Service Announcement on the radio by Carmen Soo. Yes, the pretty face. She reminds me of a beautiful actress from before the era of the many 'pre-speaking part' movies got along famously until the doom of their glory - the invention of the talking movie.....

And this was like Carmen Soo. She left me very sure she was reading from a script, a non too motivational script at that but when coupled with her monotonous reading, it was just.too.much.

She was trying to advocate being more cost conscious - environmentally friendly I believe. My brain was a bit numbed. She talked about saving water....While I applaud the message, I am certain there are many annonymous people out there who could have done an extraordinarily better job than she did. Blame the little people who only listen to 'celebrities'!

I cannot believe she acts on stage....on STAGE! Where more drama/overkill is needed than on film or celluloid or sound waves!!! Give me my money back I say!

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