Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Excuse Me Are You A Model?

A month ago in The Star,I read that the Estee Lauder Model Search is on again! I can't believe it's already been 1 year since I partook in that little ummm…not fiasco, not waste, not life changing (yeah, since I didn't win nuffink!)….but it was a nice little change to the scene at the time.

I've been in performances before so getting all dolled up by a professional make up artist was not something new to me. But I was happy that my internal 'evaluation' seem to jive with the 'sizing up' of the lead make up coordinator. She took one look at me and proclaimed me a drama queen fit only for the 'Drama' look - hence my eyes were all supposed to be dark and smoky. A look I love and am always trying to emulate on my own without ending up looking like a raccoon. So far, no luck - am even contemplating going to some make up bar and buying a really expensive (read: waste for Errolyn) palette of eye colour just so they can teach me how to do it right. Whether I will actually take the time to do it or not is another matter of course!

But I digress…..so I ended with a smoky look (not gothic but purpley) with false eyelashes - aiyee, I love those!!! And Warehouse promptly proceeded to dress me in a white halter neck ala Marilyn Monroe….I didn't have the gumption or maybe the panache to strike the pose though…..sigh, no guts, no glory huh!

But I've got pictures! I bought more than they were giving which was 1 miserable A4 shot…wasn't sure about doing that but I thought, since I'm here and all dolled up, might as well take the once in a lifetime opportunity - yeah, I don't plan on doing it again…..So then, I went home and took a few more of myself….just a teensy few…..ahhahahahahhahaha! I LOOK BETTER in my own pictures than in theirs, airbrushed and all!

All in all, the experience of it was fun though I can't see how the 'novelty' of it can motivate me to do it over and over again. The artistes (make up and hair and wardrobe) were good, the photographers were not very helpful - so a tip - prepare your poses if you know you're going for the shoot! The wait was veryvery long and sometimes you wonder why people bother at all but then every girl likes to feel beautiful eh….

The winner of last year's competition was quite deserving - Wan Noraishah Binti Samsudin - I think - though I think from a non-business sense at all, they should have stated very clearly that the judges were not looking for out of the ordinary faces or personalities. They chose (surprise! surprise!) a tall, slim, fair girl with long straight black hair who effected the normal grim, 'I just hate dressing up, looking pretty and having to strut in front of these base people' look. Why do models do that actually? Why? WHY? Why can't they smile? Does it make them look bad? Do they have ugly teeth?

Reminds me of a little public service announcement years ago on Malaysian tv….a little ditty that goes….

'Smile! Smile!
It isn't hard to do….
Smile for a while
Let one smile make two

Smile! Smile!
And the world ….
Smiles with you!'

(Yes, yes, I know! My mind jumps in every direction!)

So I just checked it out and apparently, they've finished and already even selected the Winner of Cycle 2!

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