Friday, August 01, 2008

Ideal Birthday Gifts....

For 46 days this month onwards I shall be the same age as JH! Heheheheahhahaha - ummm...not sure what that hahah means but well.....

I am not going to put up lists of ideal gifts cos the last time I did that, SOMEONE cheated!

Am so happy! My friends have also made a date with me to get together, my sis has gotten me something luxurious yet practical (she knows me so well!!!).... but my mum has very nonchalantly told me, "I don't know what to get you this year!"...Must be cos I already have everything, life, love, ummm...well, mum, you could give me a BIG FAT ANGPOW!!! Hehehehehahahha (again!)

You know what I'd love though - to work with intelligent, hard working people who give a fig - that's what I'd love....AHA! Let's see if SOMEONE can cheat this time around!

And guess what! I am on leave this year!!! Usually I am never on leave on my birthday. I've never really celebrated it in a big way on the day itself and the last 2 years have been alone so this year, I'm going all out! Going on leave! JH has promised me a delicious meal of my favourite chicken rice and the gift of a novel! Yippeeeeee!!! HAhhahahah!

Btw, I better start planning my holiday to HK. It's so hard to get good flights nowadays! I just wish oil prices started falling drastically and I can get decent priced flights......hold up wait a minute, will falling oil prices do anything averse to our economy? Can't think - got a terrible pain in the left side of my head - think it's caffeine withdrawals.....that's whylah, not enough caffeine - hehehehhee - trying to save money and be more healthy - drink water!!!!!!!!

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