Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was a Good Day, It was a Bad Day

Sunday 10th Feb was mummy's birthday! And what a joyous occasion it was! Except for when little ole me discovered that my swanky diamond ring was missing a diamond!

Jesus Mary and Joseph! You read that right - I LOST a diamond! From my favourite diamond ring!!!! ARRGGGHHHH! I don't know how it happened, I don't know when it happened and I don't know why it happened except that it must have slipped the setting, that morning when I was preparing to come back, to KL, to make way for an even BIGGER diamond!

Must let go to make way for something new mah!

So, there you go - me fabulous diamond ring is now missing one of its kecik diamonds. My beautiful diamond ring which has seen me through ups and downs - happiness and lost love. I will always remember when my dad asked me how much it was and I said, "2.7" which he thought meant RM270! Sacrilegious - as if I would wear a diamond ring that cost that! I spent ages admiring this ring, just it sitting on my finger in its gorgeous setting of little diamonds by the side building to a crescendo of a large one sitting right at the top.

This ring I used to wear at first on my middle finger, then later on, when I went through this 'marriage phase' kept wearing on my fourth finger whenever I went out to suss what it was like if I was married. Even though it was something I bought myself, I fantasised about it being from the man I was with - he never figured it out though.

This was the first thing I thought about when I discovered the diamond missing - this was the ring that I wanted to think of as being the symbol of love and fidelity and forever with this man and now, something has happened to break it - break the train of thought, make a change. It is a concept lost forever. That is sad, even sadder than ET losing 'a diamond'.


fungky said...

to all eligible candidates, take a hint! anything under "2.7" would be sacrilege ;)


Errolyn said...

hello! mana ada diamond engagement ring under 2.7????

ummmm, at least not the ones that I look at lah!