Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Few Good Samaritans!

Yesterday after work, I ran into 4 Good Samaritans. It was a dusty, hot afternoon after work. I had just reached the end of my patience with this guy driving an old Mercedes Benz who couldn't make up his mind where he wanted to go. After spurting 3 short honks, I zoomed off thinking of my relaxing beautiful swimming pool waiting for me at home. Traffic seemed light and it was indeed turning out to be quite a good end-of-the-day.

I spoke too soon. A kancil honked as they went by and I looked over to see a Malay lady frantically gesturing to my rear right tyre and making 'flipping pancake' movements. Jesus Jones! Is it a problem with the car? A quick thought ran through my head of all the horror stories detailing how unsuspecting motorists were tricked into getting down from their car by false indications of vehicular problems. But well, this one was a lady (yes I know, no biggie) and the kancil moved on swiftly after warning me of the flat. I wonder, if it had been a couple of guys in the car, would I have reacted differently. I probably wouldn't have looked over if I (peripherally) saw a guy waving at me from another car.

So, anyway, I pulled into one of those little lanes along the main road……it was dodgy. Only at the end of it all, did I realise how lucky I was to actually be able to pull into a parking spot. The dead end road was chock a block with cars and random people. Men with their bellies sticking out just sitting around or walking around. A couple of times as I sat in my car trying to get mechanics to come on over, men just stood right in front of my car and stared in….I guess it's fine since it stopped there….so the title may have to be changed to x Good Samaritans! :)

I didn't have long to wait. A friend gave me the number of one mechanic in Damansara who spoke Hokkien so that was rather easier. Though not before she got in the barb that is eerily reminiscent of Mum - "Do you not have AAM??" Aiyoyo…..

So, anyway, Damansara was a bit further away and he said traffic would really slow him down so then I got another contact from 'someone else'. This one spoke Cantonese though, so it was very difficult for me to say, "Yes, yes, go down the road and then there is this little alley off to the left which is opposite De First Inn". In the end, I had to walk aways away to meet this guy and stood around for a good 20 minutes feeling extremely anxious in the company of men AND women who had no idea or respect for personal space!

This being not a safe part of town to boot!

Perhaps the other offer of "I can be there in 15 minutes" would have been better. ;)

(Ok, JH I know you are reading this and no, no, I really appreciate Ah Cheong - he was good and honest and prompt and efficient and now I know a mobile repairman who specialises in batteries! Really! - would I lie!!!)

So, that was my 1 adventure which ate an hour of my life but I can safely say now that I know how to change a tyre though as another friend rightly pointed out - I may have the brains but do I have the brawn???! I can honestly say I am a very strong girl, but hmmmm….maybe just that little extra dash of adrenaline or male muscle wouldn't hurt! :)

When I called mum later that night to tell her she can buy my car number plate for 4D, she capped the (mis)adventure off with "Do you still not have AAM!!!!"

Teeheehee, can't have it good ALL the way right?!

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Sue said...

Yup..get your AAM girl!